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  1. I use elastic bands.
  2. nigelg

    Hi from Cambridgeshire

    Hi Jon, Not sure where in Cambridgeshire you are, but Peterborough-as.co.uk meet at 7.30pm. on the 1st. Thursday of the month at Sacrewell Farm Wansford. Nigel
  3. I found this web page helpful for choosing the filter for various targets https://www.prairieastronomyclub.org/filter-performance-comparisons-for-some-common-nebulae/ Nigel
  4. nigelg

    mesu 200 -sgp and phd2

  5. nigelg

    Tim Peak's Soyuz

    It's coming to Peterborough Cathedral. 11th. August until 5th. November
  6. nigelg

    SGPro Flats sequencer

    Hi Ray, Here are the instructions from the Sitech Help file. Nigel
  7. If you are using Eqmod. Why not use a WiFi gamepad instead of the SW hand control? Nigel
  8. nigelg

    Atik Horizon - Horizontal Banding

    Have you watched the youtube demo? Steve Chambers showed this on the video, you just need more subs to get rid of the lines. Nigel
  9. nigelg

    Mesu200 PHD calibration

    I have the same results with my Mesu 200. Although the number of steps is 2 to 1 I accept the calibration. The guiding graph for a 6 hour cession @ 4 sec exposure Sunday night was +/- 0.25 pixel. I read in another thread that someone had the same problem with Eqmod, so it looks like it maybe a PHD2 problem Nigel
  10. nigelg

    mesu 200

    Hi Harry, Not sure which files you need, the ASCOMCalls.txt and SitechDebug.txt files are in ProgramData/Sitech/SitechExe Nigel
  11. nigelg

    Star Discovery Problem

    Hello Shaun I notice you are based in London, so you are close to the Meridian. Have you checked that you have the correct East/West settings. If you have an Android phone or tablet, there is a free app called Synscaninit. This will display the settings you need to input in the correct order. Hope this helps Nigel

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