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  1. Hi Tom, welcome from Barnsley.
  2. Sorry i Just seen Your post. I bought one allready
  3. Thanks John. I cant wait for first view.
  4. Thank you for your help. As always, your opinions are invaluable. I wonder how John's test came out. Regards
  5. Hello again, I have another dilemma. Delos6mm appeared on the Market at a good price. Initially, I had to buy a Pentax XW 7mm , what is the difference between the two?
  6. Yes, i did it. My next questions are, leser must be loosely inserted during collimation? should it be tightened with screws?
  7. I found, 3 holes silicone covered. I try sort it out today
  8. Hi again Collimation is my next problem. Together with the telescope I got a laser ... I put it in the focuser, I circle it around and the laser point also comes full circle. I need something good that you recommend? Ps. Sorry for off topic . If IT is nessesary ,move to right place.
  9. Thanks You, but no party. New Year in bed as well.
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