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  1. There’s a setting in DSS cosmetic tab that causes halos with the D2 if ticked think it’s hot pixel will check later
  2. when you plug camera in do you get a sound notification you plugged in a usb device ?
  3. So opening up APT and BEFORE plugging camera to pc what, choose camera and pressing connect will bring up the camera dialogue box what camera is marked up as the chosen camera ? .
  4. Go to tools bottom of screen >object calculator check you have selected correct camera just incase you swapped back to your nikon ,
  5. Nice my local picture framer does special glass can’t remember what they called it Art glass something like that ,seemed anti reflective and gave an impression of more depth and clarity .
  6. If you have a shed ,if not why not make a small water proof enclosure big enough to hold sockets ,12v psu then get a sparky to run armoured cable to that , then run 12v to pier via conduit underground , personally I would avoid 240v to a weatherproof socket open to elements , put it in a decent weatherproof insulated dry enclosure .
  7. I run dew straps ticking over in damp weather under my telegizmo cover
  8. Chop the serial plug off cut cable and rewire accordingly or ask @flo if they can get a custom length made up
  9. I’m sure mine was 5m usb 3 active , Green was the make .
  10. @tooth_dr Trigger on detection , it was more that I have the qhy laying about after upgrading guide cam , if there’s no freeware about that can be used with qhy then probably won’t bother for now .
  11. Came across meteotux Pi https://sites.google.com/site/meteotuxpi/getting-started now I happen to have a pi4 , has anyone used this software before .
  12. what free meteor software is there for a windows machine that will work with a qhy5L5-11C, i have heard of ALLSKYeye https://www.allskeye.com/ any other free ware ?.
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