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  1. Had something similar caused by diesel fumes from a cement mixer when I done my patio , cleaned it still couldn't budge finally used neat white vinegar dampened on a very soft microfibre and lightly dragged over surface , drastic I know did the trick ,then rewashed mirror
  2. Like this
  3. Ebay for the hand wheel bolt try a m10 bolt first to see if it fits
  4. No , PA will sort it check now and again my base is 600 sq x 900 deep
  5. I am going to weld a top onto tube then drill and tap pier adapter down access through an owl hole , pier base will be level so pier base will be as level as I can get it , though doesn't have to be dead level using an equatorial as polar alignment will take care of that so no need for a birdcage
  6. i am currently sourcing parts for a pier ,though i am only making mine the same height as the tripod,(750mm ) 139x5mm tube at its lowest level as thats what i use it at with my sw200p , pier adapter i have picked up a secondhand one , a 300mm x 10 mm disc with a 55mm hole in centre laser cut for the base plate , pdf drawing for the pier adapter EQ6 if you make yourself attatched eq6_dimensions (1).pdf
  7. Worth the effort looks superb
  8. I wanted to know if the pre drilled holes are at the correct centre spacings thought someone may have their 200p fitted with this bar if it does
  9. sounds normal ,though Saturn will delight
  10. does anyone know if the revelation 13" bar fits a skywatcher 200p
  11. camping mat ,10mm thick foam stuff cut a narrow strip
  12. How long to print /complete project
  13. Fair point but for someone starting out in AP or on a budget it will do the job and this little booklet will come in handy 👍
  14. I got a copy of Dave Eagles guide to Deep sky stacker , £7 plus delivery £1.50 Easy to understand ,step by step, guides you through from start to finish ,pamphlet style of book 36 pages nicely presented ,good for a quick reference covers all you need to know to stack your photos , tells you all about the settings within DSS ,covers comets too ,highly recommended ,okay you can find plenty of info on the web but it's nice to have a book at hand for quick reference.
  15. There is this in your area not sure on make you could always enquire on make and model £50£50/1240727845 then google reviews or ask on here