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  1. Other than reinstalling cdc after unistalling cdc , seems odd ,sounds like cdc is using simulator thats why mount not responding to commands , if you can move mount via eqmod interface then everything is installed as it should ,have you tried a different planatarium program
  2. When you open cdc are you letting it open Eqmod or are you opening Eqmod before, best let cdc open Eqmod so should open when you press connect telescope
  3. In cdc where you choose mount connections as last screen shot I think one says simulator
  4. In cdc where you choose mount connections as last screen shot I think one says simulator
  5. Double check your not in simulation mode in cdc I did that before and does what you described
  6. Try a different planetarium software see if that works like http://skytechx.eu/
  7. try changing to poth mount connection and see if that works ,your not using the handset in the mix aswell are you
  8. Have you tried rebooting pc just incase of a glitch
  9. So if you put say m42 in search box and click slew what happens in cdc window
  10. Are you connecting via eqdirect cable to mount or st4
  11. in box in cdc that red show it is green to confirm it is connected or is it still red
  12. in cdc >connect telescope >Select > is ascom eqmod heq5/6 selected
  13. In cdc >telescope >telescope settings > is use ascom ticked
  14. As paul said in eqmod does it say port found ?
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