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  1. Well all I can say is hopefully it can be resolved amicably, and mesu take on board an criticism .
  2. If I’d shelled out 6k I would want updates if anticipated date wasn’t realistic.
  3. Nice article here I just got my lad to do a spreadsheet based on a formula posted on Apt forum https://www.myastroscience.com/calculatedithering
  4. My original calculation sheet https://aptforum.com/phpbb/download/file.php?id=2672 download and open in a spreadsheet and rename file you should be able input values that’s what I did for yours
  5. Yes change dither distance to 6 for a maximum dither of 16 see how that goes
  6. I think a customer is entitled to be kept in the loop irrespective if he’s a one man band if you tell your customers may then why would you expect two weeks into June and not have received an update, sorry in my book it don’t wash , quick to take your monies all to do with communication, they say a promise means nothing until it’s delivered.
  7. It’s quite simple if a manufacturer has the materials then he can roughly gauge his delivery date , if on the other hand he is missing a part then he can’t so if the customer is informed of this and given honest info as to what the problem and be realistic then customer can decide if another 6 month wait is acceptable or not , with regards the trident mount that is totally unacceptable if on the other hand he was told it’s a three year wait then that’s acceptable , one month to two years that’s called lying about a realistic date knowing full well it’s not happening.
  8. If a company stipulates a date you will have it then that when you expect it if it’s not happening then inform customer at earliest date too many people roll over and get led up the garden path on dates a week turns into 2 then 6weeks just be honest .
  9. Mulling over getting an Astro camera but which camera would be a better suit for a 200pds fl and a technosky AG 70 350fl is toying with a 533mc zwo or Altair or is there a better match ?
  10. Seems mr Mesu needs a reality check , he offering a high end product you’d expect his service to match that too just be truthful to the customer if there’s a problem just say so give the customer the option to cancel or wait until anticipated date .
  11. That’s poor service, looking on modern astronomy they’re taking deposits for a batch of 200e mounts due July , hopefully you get your money back soon, they say a company is only as good as it’s service and this doesn’t read well does it .
  12. Apt dither of 7 should give you a dither of approx 18pixels ,6 will give approx 15 pixel dither .
  13. What’s your guide scope Fl , imaging scope fl, imaging camera pixel size and guide scope pixel size ?.
  14. What programs are you using to dither out of interest
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