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  1. Works great through APT so easy best gadget I have bought highly recommend , I use with a DSLR and have just been doing once at Start of session, don’t know if the sequence differs with ccd and filters , maybe others can comment that use a ccd and apt with a auto focuser, maybe @Yoddha can help there with info , I know Pavle @sunka uses it with a zwo ccd and sgp ,
  2. bottletopburly

    Sky at Night: Urgent request for NGC1977 image

    Awesome astronomy
  3. First successful outing guiding sw200pds , canon1000d modded , deepskydad autofocus, dithered subs via APT - Orion approx 9x120sec ngc225 -approx 42x130sec both dithered , 25 x bias as darks and flats frames .
  4. bottletopburly

    130pds focuser replacement?

    I will have a better look at mine
  5. bottletopburly

    130pds focuser replacement?

    Why not change the the adapter 2” m54 to a compression type I use it on my 200pds with a mpcc111 can’t say I have noticed any tilt I got mine from modern astronomy has lasting screws , FLO one has metal screws
  6. bottletopburly

    Receive an item from service or a reply at least

    Great news , funny coincidence that, getting an email.
  7. Another project here https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/594658-pnp-focus-the-simplest-ever-arduino-focus-controller/
  8. Have a look at www.deepskydad.com auto focuser small and light uses a Nema 14 stepper motor , costs around £120 ish or make your own plans on his website, best thing I fitted focusing so easy I use APT , holds rock solid .
  9. bottletopburly

    Receive an item from service or a reply at least

    Pity his service doesn’t reflect the image he portrays in his advertising, promises mean nothing until it’s delivered, I had a similar experience with another company in the end I had a Friend do a 200mile round trip stripped my Eq6 completely, sort the issue and reassembled in two hours on my pier in the garden, hopefully you’ll get your mount back ASAP with a sincere apology and a reduction in the bill to reflect a goodwill gesture . good luck
  10. bottletopburly

    Autofocuser ordered

    If i am correct this will be on the new autofocus unit yet to be released
  11. bottletopburly

    APT - Auto Focussing Help

    Here is how i do it with a Deepskydad auto focuser -APT -configure autofocuser - Shift and left click to configure assuming you have installed autofocuser and drivers -open Auto focus aid and Focus aid -click setting on autofocus aid these are my settings in screenshot - shoot a 10 sec image ,you need to have set on bulb - double click image this will be 1:1 ratio -frame a star with a sat 1 or 2 in the focusing aid window -press run in autofocus box ,this will now run through the process of taking images and adjusting star with autofocusser ,i use HFD mode,once completed bottom left of screen will say once complete ,i use it on a sw200pds ,double click image to return to normal view . If you can't connect to focuser check it connected to the right port and always use the same usb port to plug into or else you need to change it ,ask me how i know ,this is configured in the settings in the focuser window.
  12. bottletopburly

    FlatsTub : A Rough & Ready DIY Flats Solution

    Nice job , colour is irrelevant though
  13. bottletopburly

    PHD2's Polar Drift Alignment routine

    +1 qhy mini guide scope very small and light ditch oag , works with sharpcap PA .
  14. bottletopburly

    HEQ5 grinding noise and bubble level

    Yes take it back , it’s known synta Qc not the best , reject mount for a different one , I wouldn’t worry about the bubble level , use a small boat level on spreader bar to level .
  15. bottletopburly

    My 3d printed eq6 pro pier mount.

    Nice job ,

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