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  1. bottletopburly

    Lindy CROMO USB Cables

    Doh my mistake , drop @flo an email see if they can get it made in silicone cable
  2. bottletopburly

    Star Tools Has Hit!!! 😂

    In the startools folder there is a txt file John it has your workflow saved after every session so you can look at it .
  3. bottletopburly

    Lindy CROMO USB Cables

    Try this link https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/lynx-astro-silicone-power-cable-for-sky-watcher-az-eq5-az-eq6-eq6-r-mounts.html
  4. bottletopburly

    Star Tools Has Hit!!! 😂

    Give it a try startools is free to try for as long as you want , you just can’t save final image until you pay for the licence , though you can screen shot ,
  5. bottletopburly

    Star Tools Has Hit!!! 😂

    I love startools John I’m a believer some peeps don’t get it but it simplifies processing , I didn’t get on with PS so much faffing about for me don’t be fooled by it , it is extremely powerful, great images ,by the way take a look at Ecuador’s tutorial http://astro.ecuadors.net/processing-a-noisy-dslr-image-stack-with-startools/ probably the best tutorial I have seen on startools , startools forum has good info and Ivo Jager is extremely helpful , and cost wise it’s not going to break the bank .
  6. bottletopburly

    Lindy CROMO USB Cables

    FLO sell lynx silicone eqdirect cable superb build I have one highly recommend and fdti .
  7. bottletopburly

    Dismantling a Pulsar dome

    Yes they’re fine farecla products used in marine industry they’re just cutting compounds you just need a fine compound there are other makes bit like Tcut but finer , last product is a polymer cleaner use it on my car doesnt contain wax though water just beads off
  8. bottletopburly

    Dismantling a Pulsar dome

    try something like this product using an electric polisher https://refinishsystems.com/product/farecla-g3-glaze-gloss-enhancer-1l/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqeC6mPqe2wIVbZPtCh00vAn5EAQYBSABEgKCn_D_BwE and protect with this with this https://www.croftgate.uk/product-page/quick-n-slick-250ml
  9. ratio of 1:5.05 is that good ? +1 for a traffic light on the result figure
  10. bottletopburly

    Phd2 first time

    I was getting star trails before guiding that I do know , all a learning curve, kit was 200pds , canon 1000D Eq6 pro baader cc , will have a second crack using guiding assistant .
  11. bottletopburly

    Phd2 first time

    Cheers guys I will try the guiding assistant
  12. bottletopburly

    Phd2 first time

    Set up pier for the first time and tried phd2 screen shot of my graph no idea how good or bad it was any ideas /comments test sub from first guiding 300sec sub
  13. bottletopburly

    Problem Streetlight. Result!

    That’s definitely the wrong fitting looks like a bollard type fitting , are all the streetlights like that
  14. bottletopburly

    Problem Streetlight. Result!

    Great result

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