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  1. Saw the his on Eqmod forum I’m impressed, technology these days
  2. Yes you can adjust phd2 scale to suit to get right calculations
  3. dither of 4 gives you maximum dither of 19 pixels with phd2 scale set to 1
  4. If back yard calculates same as APT then download my spreadsheet to calculate dither , download and edit to suit your equipment you need a dither around 15 pixels https://aptforum.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3157 look down the thread for download
  5. You can make a bias and dark library take about thirty of each and change every quarter so don’t use one taken in summer and use in winter so the ambient temp is roughly the same , so on your imaging night all you need is lights and flats , take say 120 sec subs if you can depending on your setup not sure if you can dither with a star adventurer I think you can .
  6. More data definetley try for at least 4 hrs of data ,Dither between frames to eliminate walking noise if you can and most important take flat frames ,a lp filter may be helpful too .
  7. Try Startools it cost nothing to try for as long as you like only difference is you can’t save file though you can screen shot, have a read on Startools website at Ivo Jager’s @jager945description of what Startools is capable of and full version is around £40 https://www.startools.org/
  8. My pier is 5m away from my imaging pc win10 in the shed so I get it all running then log onto the shed pc from my laptop in house , I have internet access in shed via a power line adapter .
  9. use a powered 12v hub at mout usb3 should be fine mine is .
  10. What do you have pulse guide settings at ,default in Eqmod are 0.10 up them to 0.60 for both Dec and Ra
  11. I just read a post on Startools forum and thought worthy of a share a chap with colour blindness finding using Startools rgb colour check finally allowed him to process his images giving him correct colour so if your colour blind this may be helpful to read . https://forum.startools.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2118&p=9427#p9427 @jager945
  12. Get setup with guiding in phd2 then you can use sharpcap pro to polar align , get platesolving setup in APT , tutorial below,makes life so much easier then use pointcraft to find your targets bang on using go to ++ in Apt
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