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  1. Unscrew long barrel this will leave you with a 2” connection
  2. Thanks I’m awaiting APT 3.90 release which will allow me to run indigosky ON PI4 via APT , wondered if N.I.N.A. could do same thing .
  3. Out of interest can N.I.N.A be run from a pi4 and controlled from my laptop.
  4. To connect camera to the skywatcher 150pl you need one of these https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/skywatcher-dslr-m48-ring-adapter.html now the skywatcher has an eyepiece adapter that unscrews from it’s base which is 2” here you unscrew the top piece , you need bottom part , this will then screw into the adapter in link , so once connected to camera you can connect to telescope focuser you do ,you do not need Barlow lens using camera this way you will achieve focus .
  5. Don’t think the 750d is a good Astro camera maybe @Alien 13 can clarify
  6. Have a look at secondhand camera sites such as Wex , camera jungle , mpb.com as opposed to eBay here you can see condition how many clicks and you do get a warranty rather than buying blind , canon seems to be the main make of Astro dslr, 600d seems a good dslr which I was going to get I have been using a 1000d canon , but instead I went for Nikon D5300 red version 24mp mint condition 1800 clicks for £275 body only it all depends on your budget .
  7. I’ve had that on my 200pd before put it down to moisture in atmosphere
  8. Your images look like good data ,Once Ivo has your imaging setup he will soon have you on the right path as your in Norh Wales then I’m sure you have good skies , Startools is a very powerful program don’t be fooled by its ease of use as ever there is a learning curve
  9. Are you using gel coat on tube ? If so give the joint two or three coats of gel finished article will only be good as the plug so if there’s any scratches it will be mirrored in final product , I have to say your doing a splendid job , at work when the moulders do infusion they use a spray glue on dry glass to keep in place .
  10. I use an El panel 12v , though looking a daves link I would go for that as it runs on 5v easy to power from a battery bank
  11. Got to the bottom of this conundrum using APT , basically you can’t run a flats plan in A mode using D5300 to use a flats plan in apt using Nikon D5300 due to cameras capabilities, I can measure exposure by turning camera dial to A mode, note exposure needed for my light panel , return to manual mode and edit flats plan in APT , note in APT >Tools >settings >Advanced , there is an Advanced flats/bias make sure this box is ticked , you can now choose and run a flats plan in M mode thanks to @Yoddha for getting to the bottom of this . .
  12. Update, I can use aperture priority via camera to measure exposure of light source but can’t start flats in Apt in A mode (AV mode ) unless I switch to Manual mode at least knowing what the exposure should be is fine as I use light panel so once I know what the setting should be I can edit Flats plan and not need to use A mode . update, Ivo has gave me a Solution to try tonight which should hopefully solve issue .
  13. Meant to say using via APT ,Update, after posting on APT forum Ivo thinks av mode should be working now I need to hook camera back up to pc and recheck something tonight .
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