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  1. QHY- Polemaster freezing

    Try deleting the ini file , go into the pole master folder you will see a file that’s a ini file delete , camera will make a new one on booting up
  2. What is the OD of a 300pds OTA?

    I’m sure the measurement you want is 318 mm my 200p is 218 giving a 2mm gap around the outside if it’s for the fan base diameter
  3. What to get water jet cut or laser engraved/cut?

    No I’m going to use heavy duty Velcro to stick onto bottom of ota
  4. Out of stock

    Theres a lunt just come up on east midlands stargazers https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/14132-lunt-ls60tha-solar-scope/?tab=comments#comment-145039
  5. What to get water jet cut or laser engraved/cut?

    A cooling fan base
  6. Wiring a dc socket

    @RayD @Davey-T@Ronclarke @Gina all done now
  7. Any tips for planning sessions?

    Take a look at https://dso-browser.com/
  8. Another Massive Price Rise

    There’s nothing to warrant such a high increase and makes you wonder if they have finance problems , vote with your wallet buy from another manufacturer or buy Used .
  9. Sometimes its hard to decide what to sell....

    Sell nothing , unless you keep tripping over the 12”F5 ornament in the living room
  10. Wiring a dc socket

    Yes ,i have some in the shed if i remember correctly
  11. Wiring a dc socket

    i can get my mate to check tomorrow seeing as im now not in a hurry to do the soldering grrrrrrrrr
  12. Wiring a dc socket

    no ,now on hold as the brand new soldering iron i have never used just popped first time i went to use it
  13. Wiring a dc socket

    Thanks if theres a puff of smoke i got it wrong lols
  14. Wiring a dc socket

    so one on left is pos and one in mid is neg looking at photo
  15. Wiring a dc socket

    Currently making a cooling fan for a Newtonian picked up a 2.1mm dc socket from maplins how do you know what terminals are what , one seems to have a neg icon but no positive icon anyone enlighten me