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  1. Nice Image wasnt aware of AS3- download Beta version
  2. Thanks galen
  3. APT, Dss for dso , AS2 for video registax for wavelets & Startools for processing
  4. i have no idea , nice job though
  5. Jupiter 23.4.17 - sw200p qhy5l-11 - 2X TAL Barlow- Firecapture -AS2-Registax6 Camera=QHY5LII-C Filter=L Profile=Jupiter Diameter=43.86" Magnitude=-2.44 CMI=37.5° CMII=13.5° CMIII=136.9° (during mid of capture) FocalLength=1400mm Resolution=0.56" Filename=Jup_000642.avi Date=240417 Start=000511.065 Mid=000642.292 End=000813.519 Start(UT)=230511.065 Mid(UT)=230642.292 End(UT)=230813.519 Duration=182.454s Date_format=ddMMyy Time_format=HHmmss LT=UT Frames captured=8489 File type=AVI Extended AVI mode=true Compressed AVI=false Binning=no ROI=352x400 ROI(Offset)=128x96 FPS (avg.)=46 Shutter=2.741ms Gain=49 (49%) USBTraffic=30 Brightness=0 SoftwareGain=10 (off) Gamma=1 (off) AutoHisto=69 WRed=75 WBlue=75 HighSpeed=on Histogramm(min)=0 Histogramm(max)=184 Histogramm=72% Noise(avg.deviation)=n/a Limit=none
  6. Posted on a yahoo forum earlier and worth sharing enjoy
  7. cheers pete
  8. Nice capture andy
  9. Wondered what OSC stood for 👍 Every day's a school day ☺️
  10. Cheers Pete osc assuming that's colour
  11. Pete any chance of posting the FC log file for those captures cheers dave
  12. Nice work pete very nice
  13. Nice find
  14. apparently not