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  1. You could have a faulty panel I would drop an email to manufacturer
  2. Some info here Ivo Jager Startools developer @jager945 talks a bit more about gpu in the thread
  3. Put a claim in against delivery company for a new one or get funds back from seller it’s their courier
  4. A set of wind chimes may work close to your neighbours bedroom
  5. Probably not a lot it can’t do @jager945 Startools developer could tell you if there’s anything it can’t do that pi or ps can do
  6. I use a qhy mini guidescope 130mm fl with a 200pds not had any problems with flexure , though Williams optics just released a mini guide scope too , maybe oag better at a longer fl can’t see your guidescope being a problem .
  7. I believe the total rms needs ideally to be under 1 your at 2.25 , check pa and balance , go east heavy on balance , run the guiding assistant before guiding on your target , post your phd2 guide log on another thread others may be able to help Hone your settings , how do stars look if they’re round then yay , try and stick to one target and get at least 4hrs of data your images will look less noisy try and get 12hrs on a target , well done getting a clear sky and well done imaging a good nights work .
  8. I have bought a few items over the years good seller never had a problem they were the first supplier i ever saw with BST eyepieces , been tradiny for quite a few years .
  9. Could be at kelling maybe, Andy still does it as far as I’m aware or there’s Juan Fierros at https://www.cheapastrophotography.com
  10. I wouldn’t worry camera needs connection then you will find all is well , I pa first then take an image say 5 sec using shoot button setting iso at 1600 , blind solve from home position, some say not to and move scope to another part of sky , I never really had a problem personally, sync mount then use the objects via go to++ making sure the sync coordinates are in the re/dec box on go to++ before choosing your target then choose target and watch the magic happen , platesolving is magic go to++ is even better it leaves target on the centre and if you need to move centre to suit use the aim button then you can save those coordinates as a custom target for net time .
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