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  1. bottletopburly

    Celestron Motor Focuser SCT

    A deepskydad autofocus unit is also another cheaper alternative ascom compatible https://deepskydad.com/
  2. bottletopburly

    I need a collimating tool!

    FLO sell a collimation cap for about a fiver , and I find a 1.25 compression adapter works good for holding laser snug just turn to hold snug but so you can spin it , so turn it so laser creates a circle around primary ring that way if laser is out it doesn’t matter .
  3. bottletopburly

    SynScan Alignment using Plate Solver

    Assuming you use Eqmod I would highly recommend using APT , and get the platesolving set up in it , so PA in sharpcap as normal slew mount to target area take a picture , then platesolve using BLINDSOLVE in APT , sync >then slew to your target it’s very accurate I don’t even use a finder scope anymore , you can still see on carte du ciel where your mounts pointing .
  4. bottletopburly

    NEQ6 Tuning - What all should I have done?

    If your belt modding then it’ is worth the effort to strip down clean all components, check bearings condition and regrease , skywatcher aren’t known for good QC , my mount was bought second hand (2008 model) few of the bearings were worn new bearings all bar the main dec bearing if memory serves me well , turned into an expensive job but hopefully will serve me well now . dave rose at Rowan astronomy uses recommends this grease https://transair.co.uk/aeroshell/aeroshell-grease/aeroshell-grease-64/aeroshell-grease-64-400gm-cartridge-mil-g-21164d-def-stan-91-57
  5. bottletopburly

    What did the postman bring?

    Me too, sweated pressing the buy button I’ll tell ya
  6. bottletopburly

    What did the postman bring?

    If your area has led lights which most uk counties are rolling out won’t the cls filter be as much use as a chocolate tea pot , if you haven’t then it maybe beneficial but for how long , the idas D2 is the only one I know of that works for led (I have one on order wether it works yet to be seen )
  7. bottletopburly

    NEQ6 Tuning - What all should I have done?

    What’s the mount casing reprofile? Heq5 has a casing profile Eq6 doesn’t, well mine hasn’t ,
  8. bottletopburly

    What did the postman bring?

    Deepskydad autofocuser for the 130pds now fitted,xmas money wisely spent
  9. bottletopburly

    What do I have here?

    A bargain that looks a good mirror ,im sure someone will know on here
  10. bottletopburly

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Great that has saved me a job how much did you extend the stop by I’m assuming about 6mm
  11. bottletopburly

    Imaging with the 130pds

    I wasn’t sure if doing that the camera would reach focus , I assume it does then ?
  12. bottletopburly

    Imaging with the 130pds

    lol yeah that was me , I got another draw tube but not smooth enough, I think I may have sorted it I only need 8mm may have enough on replacement tube to knock a bit of end .
  13. bottletopburly

    Imaging with the 130pds

    (NOW RESOLVED HOPEFULLY)Help required I’m after the offcut that gets cut off of the end of the draw-tube ,i inherited a 130pds but too much was cut off literally 6mm too much ,looking to have offcut tac welded back on to stop focuser slipping off draw tube rollers, so if anyone can help, pm me please.
  14. bottletopburly

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Be careful I think 15mm is the max or else the end of focus tube will slip off the two rollers before it hits the stop , I inherited a 130pds when I bought my 200pds it had I think 20mm cut off and would slip off , best double check
  15. bottletopburly

    How to make the club more appealing

    Probably point three , or outreach at summer event , solar viewing , viewing late evening along the promenade whilst kids are with their parents, most kids or is it just mine log on at weekend 8.30am and you have to prise him off 12 hours later , they just aren’t interested in getting out and climbing trees these days , it is quite hard obviously you need it dark for them to see the wonders in the sky ,

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