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  1. HEQ5 vs NEQ6 physical size

    No experience with the HEQ5 ,i have the EQ6 pro it is a heavy piece of kit ,manageable just with head and, tripod collapsed ,
  2. Mars or Jupiter this morning?

    Check with Stellarium it may have been Arcturus, stellarium shows Jupiter low down
  3. Jupiter flash

    Iridium flare possibly
  4. baader film

  5. baader film

    Just thinking i have a solar film cover i made for my scope, how long does the film last and how regular should it be replaced ? ,i haven`t used it in a long while but it must be a good 4 years old i would assume it has only a certain shelf life and after a certain time may start to break down .
  6. ASCOM: Driving me to despair.

    Make sure you use a FDTI chipset , the Yahoo eqmod forum is a good place for answers and queries . regards dave
  7. Setting up the HEQ5

    It`s not hard ,visual you don't have to be critical ,AP the more spot on it is the better but don't lose sleep over it, it`s called a learning curve ,there is plenty of info on here and youtube videos ,and i'm sure a society member will run through it ,give you the basic info then a matter of honing your skills .
  8. If funds allow https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-az-eq6-mount.html though may be called another name in usa,
  9. James O’Meara books

    Three books off Amazon all used in great condition for less than £40 the cost of one book new , Best Buy was The Caldwell objects £8.94 bargain 👍
  10. Astro Imaging Christmas Present

    If you go on to the App Store iOS or Android type FreePrints app , download and open from there you can access your photos from Flickr , google , Dropbox etc there’s quite a list , of my memory serves me right it’s 45 6x4 free a month only pay delivery charge
  11. Astro Imaging Christmas Present

    Get the Free prints App 45 6x4 a month free only pay postage usually only a few pounds delivery
  12. Eqdir leads problems

    If they are the old ones send them back more trouble than they’re worth , I had the hidecastro one tbh wasn’t impressed with the build quality , use another make now .
  13. Mice!

    humane trap, plug all gaps under doors no gap bigger than 6mm ,less the better
  14. APT & All sky plate solver

    I had wanted to get plate solving working in APT , after getting a bit puzzled by it downloading both plate solving applications ASPS -all sky plate solver and platesolver2, finally deleted PS2 and managed to configure ASPS and solve an image posted on APT forum ,so in theory this is ready to use within APT ,i found this article on APT forum which you may find useful if you fancy giving it a try http://astropetros.eu/wp/?p=669 just tried solving an image i had ,didn`t have correct path for ASPS so sorted that ,retried and success it solved .
  15. Just Joined

    Welcome maybe you could make a trolley so the scope is always setup and push onto the patio all set up ,lock the wheel and ready to go,As for the power tank ,usb sockets have their uses you can never have to many power sockets