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  1. First Proper Light QHY168C

    very nice indeed
  2. Pier project

  3. Pier project

    Thanks , it just finishes it off nicely .
  4. Pier project

    Bolted down
  5. So, you're thinking about having a Pier?

    Did you paint your pier yet? i just had mine powdercoated only cost £30 top finish too worth doing rather than hand spraying
  6. i was under the assumption that the newer ones wouldn't be visible like the old ones
  7. SW Newtonian Mirror Washing

    screws will have corroded
  8. Pier project

  9. Pier project

    Pier back from powder coaters
  10.  Diy-pier now in the spray shop being powder coated 

  11. Places to visit - Astronomy related

    Norman Lockyer observatory if your near sidmouth , check their website for info or if going in the summer they have a astro fair type event on in August so you may be able to plan your hols to coincide if your going Devon ,
  12. Astro related retirement present.

    +1 for a Mova globe they look so cool
  13. Wife asked a question

    Closet astronomer 😉 Best keep an eye on her for other symptoms developing lols
  14. NGC7662 Blue Snowball

    i took this once before goto took me ages to find it so small ,chuffed that i found it ,well done
  15. Future upgrades

    I sold my eq5 tp @John78 im sure he made a goto system with stepper motors ask john he may be able to help