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  1. bottletopburly

    Who Makes The Best Binoculars?

    Now that’s a beast WOW
  2. bottletopburly

    COMPLETED - Making Every Photon Count

    Now SOLD to Maz
  3. bottletopburly

    COMPLETED - Making Every Photon Count

    Sale pending to Maz
  4. bottletopburly

    How to power HEQ5 Pro

    You need to decide first what your objective is ,work out what you need and plan ahead ,small steps first others will be along to advise
  5. bottletopburly

    How to power HEQ5 Pro

  6. Try a usb 3 powered hub i think that will resolve your problem . and you will benefit from a SSD drive cheap as chips at the moment even if it is only a 240gb drive
  7. bottletopburly

    What's happend to Alignmaster?

    A 12mm cctv lens a fiver off ebay works well with my qhy5l-11 using sharpcap for PA and guides too in phd2 .
  8. Making every photon count 3rd edition good condition £15 delivered , payment via PayPal buyer pays fees
  9. You just need to have the laser spin evenly around the polo mark so irrelevant how far the laser is out of collimation .
  10. Spin the laser in the focuser so the red laser spins around the polo mark on the mirror then adjust secondary so laser spins evenly around polo mark , does it that make sense
  11. bottletopburly

    Startools help

    Have a read of this tutorial for startools , this is the best guide you will come across to get you started https://astro.ecuadors.net/processing-a-noisy-dslr-image-stack-with-startools/ also a useful video by a sgl member
  12. bottletopburly

    Care to see an unusual mount?

    That looks crate , can’t see it wheelie catching on ,
  13. bottletopburly

    What did the postman bring?

    got this to finish off series
  14. bottletopburly

    My Best Saturn of August

    Outstanding Astrovani
  15. bottletopburly

    Deep space scope recommendations

    Why not take her out to a local club see what others have and gauge her reaction.

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