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  1. Possibly a bad connection, I did the power plug mod on mine , you could unscrew the panel and see if anything obviously loose or corroded on board connection.
  2. Presumably a power fault how are you powering mount ?
  3. Those type of led panels are lit from one edge so give an uneven light field I filed mine in the bin .
  4. I use Siril via scripts mainly as it’s a lot easier and gives good results though have used via sirilic too ,Startools for processing , reasonably priced easy to understand does a very good job available in various iterations Linux , mac , Windows, Android , free to try for as long as you like no time limit.
  5. Give Startools a try , free trial no time lock easier to learn than some others .
  6. Nice image, what capture program did you use .
  7. The article I posted basically states three things need to cool to an equilibrium, mirrors , ota and ambient air temperature so once all three are close to the same temperature then you should get better results , would encasing the tube in the foil bubble wrap stuff you get from diy stores work in keeping the tube temperature more stable ? , and adding a fan purely for cool down prior to imaging on to the scope cover end cap .
  8. Came across this this week interesting read 4parts http://www.acquerra.com.au/astro/cooling/ don’t think anyone posted this link .
  9. Take @1parsec aka mr Rowan astronomy , advice email him with your problem I’m sure he will be able to help and advise accordingly.
  10. Are you sure your lynx cable is the eqdirect cable version as they have different wiring if it’s the cable to the handset then it will be wired differently, I use a lynx Astro cable fdti type on my EQ6 never had a fault with it .
  11. Maybe @Johannes if you answer the peeps responding to your questions in your previous post regarding this mount you may be nearer to solving your issues your having , yes it can be frustrating but peeps will help you ,work through the questions and you may just resolve all your issues . Regards Dave
  12. I use Nikon D5300 an excellent Ap camera and supported by APT not encountered any issues.
  13. No i got 40 teeth gear off ebay had not heard of hpc gears belt is 87 teeth
  14. Finally got round to fitting an autofocuser to my 127mm Mak wip at moment awaiting a spacer from lasermaster to fit on focus tube adapter as thickness of plate needs accounting for as screw on adapter is not hitting threaded screw focus tube which spacer will account for all seems to work well hopefully next week I can test if we get a clear spell .
  15. Wow well done awesome ,picks jaw off of floor
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