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  1. Open Devise Manager and check all devises unchecking Power Management. I have had it closing down a device during a long exposure.
  2. Hi Graham, The ones I found helpful are Light vortex and this one from The Astro Imaging Channel, which has PDF instructions.
  3. Steve, Edit Script, right click on the script header, insert DragScript. This adds a block at the end of the script. Click on the + to expand the block. Sorry Steve I have just downloaded the events file and I can't get it to work either.
  4. I will be on Yellow 174 using The Ioptron CEM40 and Voyager acquisition software if you would like to have a look. I'm there from Thursday to Sunday. Nigel
  5. You have not checked Day light saving in commander Nigel
  6. Just received my replacement Blocking filter from Bresser. So others should be getting theirs shortly, if not email a reminder. Nigel
  7. This is what I have found to be very useful, as it does not leave any sticky residue Tape Nigel
  8. Received an email this afternoon from Bresser, they have run out of the filters and not expecting the next batch for about 2 weeks Nigel
  9. I use elastic bands looped around the connectors. I don't like spending too much money on astronomy...……. (Ok I lied)
  10. Or you could open the Horizon tab in the configuration window, and add horizon points directly into Sitech. Nigel
  11. You will need to leave a gap around the edges as these tiles expand quite a bit (if we ever have a summer) Nigel
  12. Hi Gav, I hope you have got the Mesu 200 behaving it's self. I noticed in one of your posts yesterday that you had Equatorial Mount checked, I am wondering if this was a mis-type because the Mesu is a German Euatorial Mount. which gives you extra options. Nigel
  13. Hi Jon, Not sure where in Cambridgeshire you are, but Peterborough-as.co.uk meet at 7.30pm. on the 1st. Thursday of the month at Sacrewell Farm Wansford. Nigel
  14. I found this web page helpful for choosing the filter for various targets https://www.prairieastronomyclub.org/filter-performance-comparisons-for-some-common-nebulae/ Nigel
  15. It's coming to Peterborough Cathedral. 11th. August until 5th. November
  16. Hi Ray, Here are the instructions from the Sitech Help file. Nigel
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