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  1. Thanks, that's interesting. I thought StarTech were supposed to be a reliable brand. Time will tell I guess!
  2. Just been out to have a play. To make it easier to visualise what I did, I've attached a pretty annotated picture - I plugged everything in as shown in the diagram. The 120 was detected fine, the 174 was not detected (this was good, as it replicated the initial problem). I then tried plugging the 174 directly into laptop with the ZWO cable. Both cameras were detected fine. This suggested the problem was either - the hub, total cable length being too long or faulty connection between 2 and 5m cables. I then plugged the 174 back into the hub, and plugged the hub into the laptop with just the StarTech 1m cable, taking the 5m cable out of the setup. 174 and 120 both detected fine by ASICAP software, suggesting the hub was OK. This pointed the problem to either - the 5m Lindy cable + 1m StarTech cable run being too long, or the connector being faulty (I did not have the hub powered at this point). Having established the hub was OK I reconnected everything as shown in the diagram. Surprisingly, both cameras were detected fine this time. This suggested the problem may have been a poor connection between the 1m and 5m cables. I unplugged everything and reconnected as shown, making sure the connections were sound. Everything seemed to work. So, problem solved (?). I'll be monitoring with interest once I use it for real.
  3. Thanks. The hub is powered, so I was under the impression that this removes the cable length constraint (to a degree)?
  4. Thanks Rusted. That doesn't sound too encouraging then - maybe I won't be able to get it to work through the hub, which will be a bit annoying since that's the whole point of having a hub! This puts me in a bit of a dilemma. I'll check out shorter cables with the hub, just to confirm whether it's a cable length issue, or whether the hub is just incompatible for some other reason. If I can't get the hub to work, I'll need a direct camera to laptop cable of about 5 metres to be safe. Can you get reliable USB 3 cables of that length?
  5. Thank you, that's helpful advice. The StarTech hub is a good quality one, which was recommended by a knowledgeable IT expert, so I'm pretty sure that's fine. I will check the cables though, and see if it's possible to get a shorter and/or better quality one, at least to test that this is the cause. Thanks again. Watch this space!
  6. Hi All Hoping someone can help with this frustrating problem - I've just bought a new ASI174MM and used it yesterday for the first time. I plugged it into a StarTech 7 port USB 3.0 hub on my pier. The hub is connected to my laptop in a warm room. The cable is approx. 4m long. ASICAP did not detect the camera. However the software can see my ASI120 camera which is plugged into the hub, without problem. When I tried plugging the 174MM directly into the laptop, it was detected straight away. I tried plugging it back into the hub - no joy. I then tried powering the hub, thinking this may have been the problem. The 174MM was still undetected. I tried different ports in the hub, and tried unplugging other devices from the hub but this made no difference. I was able to use the camera by plugging it into the laptop directly and it worked fine like this, but this is not how I want to use it since it means moving the lappy into the warm room doorway to allow the cable to reach. Please can anyone suggest why it's not being detected? Thanks for any help Kev
  7. Thanks Dave. Was reading your response to my other post on this when this arrived! Looks good. I need to do more research on which adapter to get. I've seen another Altair Astro model that may suit, so a few to choose from.
  8. I'll check that out. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the plug James Yes, I used 1" thick T&G. You have to shop around as process vary hugely, and most of the familiar outlets tend to only stock thinner boards. I'm pleased that mine are really solid. I attached them with stainless ring shank nails (which, by design and experience, are a pain in the neck to remove if you need to!). For roof material, I went for EPDM from Rubber4Roofs. No complaints at all. I got a sheet with plenty of spare as I had 2 sections of roof to cover and I didn't want to risk being short. Expensive but worth it as it shouldn't need replacing as long as I'm still around!
  10. I haven't, but the tilt option seems to me (who knows nothing, I should add) to be the preferred solution for dealing with the root cause of NR's, rather than the symptom
  11. Not sure where to post this question, so have posted a related question on the imaging forum also! I have a Quark for my SkyWatcher refractor, and need to get a tilt adapter to eliminate Newtons Rings when using my ASI120MM. I'd be grateful for recommendations, and also how to attach the adapter to the Quark/camera. I've read a little about the Rowan adapter, and the Altair Astro, but it isn't clear to me whether I'd need to buy yet more adapters to attach the tilt adapter in my imaging train, as the tilt adapters seem to have threaded connections on both sides. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi All Wasn't sure whether to post this in this forum or the Equipment.... I recently bought a Quark. As expected, when using my CMOS camera I'm getting Newton's rings. I know a tilt adapter can fix this. I've been looking at the Altair Astro tilt adapter, but I'm unsure how this attaches to my scope and hope someone can help. I use a SkyWatcher diagonal, which push-fits into the focusser and has push-fit connections on the Quark/eyepiece side . As far as I can see, the adapter has M48 threads on both sides. How does the adapter attach to the diagonal and how do I connect the Quark to this? Thanks for any help Kevin
  13. yep, normal weather systems and seasonality are totally screwed up. I seriously worry that amateur astronomy in this country is becoming a waste of time and money
  14. ….to be followed by the wettest March, and cloudiest Spring and Summer.....
  15. Still need to get some LED strips for my scope room. To be honest though, the weather's been so cr*p for the last few months I begrudge spending yet more money on something that's getting no use whatsoever!
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