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  1. Astrokev

    A dream come true

    You ain't kidding Gina (unless you're @LeeRich of course who can get it done in no time at all )! I've been working single-handed on mine for over a year, on and off, (more off than on from last autumn through to spring) !! These things are to be savoured and enjoyed...….
  2. Astrokev

    A dream come true

    Excellent @LeeRich.
  3. Astrokev

    JamesF's observatory build

    Interesting James. I'm just at the £2,500 point, but that includes absolutely everything. Surprisingly (to me at any rate) is that the ironmongery - screws, nails, brackets and the like - is currently 11% of the total. The cladding came in at 16%.
  4. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    House-chores soaked up most of this morning and then some enjoyable time with my daughter and lovely little grandson, who popped over to see us. So, only managed some time on the observatory in the afternoon, but was pleased to have finally started work on the roof covering. A few pictures of todays progress. Tomorrow is weekly shop day, but I'll hopefully finish off the gaps in the roof ready to start doing battle with the EPDM
  5. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Thanks mate. Feel free to pop over anytime - apart from Wednesdays (when I'm on grandad duty ) and this Thursday morning - otherwise I'll be out the back playing in the shed.
  6. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Yeh, know that feeling. Once my roof is on I'll be happy. I have a make-shift board to cover the outer door, so life should get easier once the roof is watertight.
  7. Astrokev

    The Tardis Observatory gets a refurb

    Just seen your refurb - brilliant!
  8. Astrokev

    JamesF's observatory build

    …. and I've just taken the dog out in the garden, and guess what . The ground is soaking wet so we've obviously had a shower this evening. My BBC weather app forecasts a 13% chance up until 11, dropping to 1% at midnight. I knew I should've left the tarp on. Grrrr!
  9. Astrokev

    JamesF's observatory build

    Good ol' weather forecast strikes again! It always amazes me that the 10% chances around these parts seem to happen on >50% of the occasions they're predicted! Perhaps I should start to do the lottery...
  10. Astrokev

    JamesF's observatory build

    Sounds good. I will definitely be putting barge boards on the west and east sloping ends of the ROR. I haven't decided how to finish the south and north ends yet - options are to wrap the EPDM right round the edge of the roof and secure with a batten underneath, secure it along the edge with a batten or roof tacks - or maybe just leave it if it looks secure enough with just the adhesive, but I suspect I'll need something. Need to think that bit through some more - probably on the fly.
  11. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Thanks - yours ain't so bad either . I just wish I was a quicker worker! I'm in no great rush, but I have to say I'll be really pleased when it's finished now, so I can use the thing. There's lots of other jobs around the house mounting up!
  12. Astrokev

    JamesF's observatory build

    Ah that's good! Yes, the contact adhesive is 'orrid. I've just thrown the brushes away at the end of each stage. Not looking forward to using it on the main roof but it does a pretty good job of fixing the edges. That said, I may still use battens, or similar, around some of the edges where I think there's a risk of it coming loose with time.
  13. Astrokev

    A dream come true

    Ah, that would explain it! Still very quick work though! Perhaps when yours is finished you can come over and help finish mine - it's taking me an age
  14. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    We decided to go and see First Man at the local Vue cinema this afternoon (highly recommended if you haven't already seen it!), so I only had a few hours this morning to plod-on with the shed. De-tarped the roof, and got soaked in the process due to some hidden pools of water lurking between the roof joists. Then put up the south end ROR cladding and the fiddly-bits around the corners of the roof. In so doing I discovered that the two north-end corner pieces catch slightly on the ROR rail support posts . I guess when I made the corner pieces I obviously didn't fully open the roof to check that they didn't catch. So, off they came, trimmed them back, re-painted and re-erected. Not really enough time to start cutting OSB so I decided to add another cladding strip to the north end beam of the roof. Not really needed, it just gives all four sides of the ROR a more even finish. In the pics, you can see the final gap between the ROR and the south wall, which is about 3-4mm. When fully closed, the ROR overhangs the south wall slightly, so I'm happy that no rain can enter through the gap. However, I'll probably still seal the gap on the inside once the ROR is finished. Reading @JamesF post in @LeeRich thread also prompted me to ponder on how much I've still got to do on the build to get it finished - OSB and EPDM the ROR (hopefully this week). Install flooring. Put up internal wall boards to make it look pretty! Insulate and board out the warm room. Make the outer door and inner door to the scope room. Install anti-vermin netting around the edge of the foundations to keep inquisitive mice/rats at bay. Install guttering. Install electrics - although I'll probably run my kit from an extension cable in the first instance (I want to run a ring around the whole garden, to include my son's shed, my tool shed, and the garden cabin. A bigger job that can wait till the observatory is operational). Plenty to be getting on with then! EDIT - You may also notice that the paint on the south wall has bubbled up in places. I think this is where I applied knotting solution before painting. So, either this wasn't fully dry before I painted, or the solution has reacted with the paint in the heat of the sun. Later in the build I will sand off the affected areas and repaint. A faff but hopefully quite simple job to put right.
  15. Astrokev

    A dream come true

    Your doing great @JamesF I'm sure yours will be well usable, if not fully up and running, by winter. I'm aiming to get mine usable well before winter sets in, though now I've seen your list of things to do, my list still feels quite long when I think about it!

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