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  1. Astrokev

    EQ6 power supply

    Hi All Stupid question time - Please can anyone recommend a simple mains 12V power supply to feed my NEQ6 ? I've read that EQ6 electrical problems can result from a poor supply. Am I being paranoid? Thanks kev
  2. Astrokev

    Pier & Observatory

    I've used the same approach: 28cm diameter air conditioning tube filled with concrete, embedded into a 75cm cube of reinforced concrete. My NEQ6 mount is attached via an Altair Astro pier adapter which is itself fitted to a homemade square of thick aluminium plate bolted to the top of the pier. I've built an obsy around this (or am building - take a look at my build thread) , but it could easily be used as a stand-alone pier covered with a heavy duty cover (Telegizmo 365 appear good, as mentioned by others).
  3. Astrokev

    NEQ6 altitude bolts

    Yes, I'm trying to get my head around how this works. Seems very expensive for what it is.
  4. Astrokev

    NEQ6 altitude bolts

    Ah, I see on the Modern Astro site that the kit shown in the video is no longer available - too expensive and prone to issues if not setup correctly !
  5. Astrokev

    NEQ6 altitude bolts

    Thanks Anthony. Really helpful. Removing the mount from the base seemed a struggle there, and I wonder how easy it is to get it back between the forks if the base and get the plastic washers aligned with the bolt hole. The new system he's showing off looks good. I think he said this was in 2014. Unless I've had my head in the sand, why haven't we heard more about this new system since then? Is it commercially available? Pricey I imagine, which may be prohibitive.
  6. Astrokev

    NEQ6 altitude bolts

    Yeah, thanks. Looking at these now.
  7. Astrokev

    NEQ6 altitude bolts

    Yeah, cheers mate. I actually found these last night and have sent the seller a question. The reviews seem mixed. Some say the bolts are too long; some say they're too short, so I've asked how long they are! My RA axis is really stiff (in fact I can't budge it with the standard bolts on the mount). This is a worry. Have you experience this and how did you resolve it? I could try and remove the round covers so I can loosen the axis bolt a bit, or lubricate it, but some folks say they are likely to break.
  8. Astrokev

    SW Esprit tube ring screw sizes

    Hi Daz These are what I got and they're fine. I went for cap headed sockets - they do other styles also. The length will obviously depend on what you want to attach and which tube-ring hole you want to use. This site is pretty good - lots of different pack sizes etc. Hope this helps cheers, Kev https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stainless-Steel-UNC-Imperial-Socket-Caps-Allen-Bolts-1-4-x-3-4-10-Pack-/360177310426?hash=item53dc3d9ada
  9. Astrokev

    NEQ6 altitude bolts

    Thanks. I've had a look on fleabay but could not find any of the right length. Maybe I should have another search. Have you been able to find any? can you please send me a link?
  10. Astrokev

    NEQ6 altitude bolts

    Thanks but I am looking for the bolts with the ratchet handle to give more leverage when adjusting. My RA bearing is really stiff and the handle on the standard bolt cuts your fingers to ribbons!
  11. Astrokev

    NEQ6 altitude bolts

    Hi please can anyone recommend a supplier of the replacement ratchet adjustment bolts for the NEQ6 ? many thanks
  12. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Haha, LOL. Well spotted! That was our old roll top Victorian bath from a few years back. Took it out when we had the "new" bathroom extension, though I'm tempted to restore and reinstall it! I've given up hope on getting anyone to sort my showers out. Decided to rip it out myself, assess the damage, then see if I can get someone to fit new. I suspect they may be being put-off At the moment by not knowing what may be lurking behind the tiles . I must check the background in future pics just in case
  13. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Thanks. Yes I was thinking of drilling. Had previous bad experience with shiplap! I decided on the 2.65mm SS nails in the end. Will try a single nail so the board has some room to expand slightly which will also help reduce risk of splitting (and is cheaper on the nails ).
  14. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Yeah thanks. I'll certainly leave it for a while. I've still got to do the door lining and a few other bits first. Although it's treated, I'll probably treat it again on the reverse side and let that start to dry off before I put it up.
  15. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    All worked out in SketchUp and then added a contingency, so I hope so! There are a few duff lengths so hopefully can hide these in places that won't get noticed!

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