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  1. Astrokev

    JamesF's observatory build

    Good to see you posting again James. I was beginning to think you'd sold your scopes and turned your observatory into a beer shack extension
  2. Astrokev

    Warm Room v Telescope Storage

    Following this thread with interest, as it's very similar to the question I posed several days ago in my thread "warm room ventilation". The replies I received were suggesting using a dehumidifier, but I'm tempted to agree that keeping a flow of air is probably better than sealing the room and then having to deal with trapped moisture. I think the bigger problem may be the moisture you put into the warm room yourself through breathing, rather than moisture entering from outside.
  3. Astrokev

    50/50 Roll off build

    Great stuff. I like the pano !
  4. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    The Moon looked very tempting last night, so I decided to set up my scopes. This meant emptying the scope room of tools and general debris, as I could hardly get in it, and putting the NEQ6 back on the pier. Fortunately, the warm room makes an excellent store area . So, after finishing the lining out this morning, I eventually made it to the DIY emporium and picked up a few lengths of timber to frame the window. Didn't have time to finish it though - I really don't know where the afternoon went today - so I'll finish the window off tomorrow, then it's time to start on the internal door.
  5. Astrokev

    Urgent pier height help

    I had the same plan to run data and power through a single conduit for my pier (similar pier to yours). I was recommended not to run power through the same conduit as data as this could risk signal interference. Please don't think I'm preaching here, as I'm no expert, but several folks said the same thing so maybe this is something to consider before you're too committed? Following the advice I installed a second conduit for data.
  6. Astrokev

    Urgent pier height help

    Looking good. I presume the white pipe is a cable conduit. What cables d'you plan to route through this?
  7. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Well, finished lining out both rooms. Glad to get that completed. Going to try and get the window in this afternoon, although that requires yet another trip to the DIY store....
  8. I understand that a ROR is perhaps unsuitable for your situation, but have you considered a roll-off hut, where the whole structure rolls away on tracks that can be hidden at ground level? There are quite a few observatories of this design on the forum, some with tiny footprints. The advantages - doesn't look like an observatory (may be more appealing to your other half) and will be hugely less expensive than a dome.
  9. Astrokev

    Pier height recommendations

    The OCD part of me would try and get the mount and base level - indeed that's what I did with mine. But I too am sticking by my guns . Star alignment is used to ensure the GOTO system knows where the scope is pointing, so it can subsequently find targets. If the mount is accurately polar aligned, by whatever method one uses, in theory star alignment is then only a calibration in RA. How level the base is is at that time completely and utterly irrelevant. Any base, pier, tripod, or whatever, serves the simple purpose of holding the equatorial head in a fixed position, so that polar alignment does not drift and lose accuracy with use. How it achieves this doesn't matter. The key is to achieve accurate polar alignment, as Gina stated. Perhaps we're going to have to agree to disagree on this!
  10. Astrokev

    The Obsey

  11. Astrokev

    Pier height recommendations

    If the RA axis is set to point accurately to the pole the scope will track accurately, regardless of the angle of the base. You don't need the base to be level to get the axis aligned with the pole. You could nail the mount to the side of a tree - it makes no difference providing you can align the axis with the pole. Star alignment just improves the accuracy of polar alignment, so obviously has value. I like the pier by the way. Top job!
  12. Astrokev

    Pier height recommendations

    Isn't that what Gina said, but in fewer words
  13. Astrokev

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Few more bits of ply put up this afternoon - no pics taken though. Didn't spend long out there, partly because I've run out of insulation, and partly because I need to prepare an early dinner this evening. We're off to see Prof Brian Cox tonight in Peterborough. Woo-hoo!
  14. Astrokev

    Sky Camera Recommendations Please

    Ah ok. I'm no expert on that type of lens. I'm sure someone will be able to advise though

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