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  1. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    A while since I've posted - mainly because work on the observatory has essentially stopped of late, due to family commitments, a short holiday, and a delay while I ordered and awaited delivery of my first batch of timber. So, to restart things, I did manage to tidy up the site during a break in the horrid weather we've been having lately. The floor joists arrived the other day, so praying for some dry weather this weekend to make a start on the main building!
  2. Hi All Just received my new Esprit, and what a lovely scope it looks! Weather has been cloudy since I got it, so haven't had first light under the stars yet, but have managed to test drive it in daytime. I don't want to break it before I've seen my first astro target, so thought I'd ask this (possibly stupid) question - The finder is quite good, but I have a larger Altair finder that I'd like to use. This doesn't quite fit the Sky Watcher dovetail shoe, so is it possible to remove the existing shoe and replace it with the shoe that comes with the Altair? The design of the shoe is basically the same; my question is really about being able to safely remove the Allen machine screw that attaches the existing shoe to the OTA. Many thanks kevin
  3. Damp proof membrane

    Thanks to all. A few more pounds saved there then! kev
  4. Damp proof membrane

    Hi All For my obsy project I need to install a DPC underneath wooden joists that will be resting on concrete blocks. Traditional plastic DPC would be the normal choice I guess, but I've just discovered a load of EPDM rubber membrane left over from a pond build earlier this year. I presume this would work OK? thanks kev
  5. How do I edit my account profile?

    Brilliant thanks David
  6. ...and thanks Ray. This forum is great for finding answers fast!
  7. Thanks Dbswales. I was also torn between these two. The indecision was finally tipped by chatting with a friend at Kelling who uses the 100. He takes great images and I respect his opinion. The 120 also has a longer focal length which obviously isn't so good for wide angle work. That said, I haven't tried my scope yet, but I'm confident it'll be great.
  8. Thanks Ray. I guess I'll have to wait for the FF to arrive - currently out of stock and should be here at the end of Oct. On a totally different topic - do you know how to edit the footer at the bottom of posts? Years since I've edited mine and I'm blowed if I can find where to do this. Is it the "About Me" box in Edit Profile? If so, why doesn't this show my currnt footer so I can edit it? Sorry if this is a dumb question! Kev
  9. Probably a stupid question but - I've been a member for several years. I want to update the footnote at the bottom of my posts, but I can't remember how to do this. Do I do this in the "About Me" box in Edit Profile? If so why doesn't this show my current footnote? Please help!!! thanks kev
  10. Hi All I've just received an SW Esprit 100, and beautiful it is too! I have a matched SW field flattener on order. In the Esprit manual it mentions I need an 8mm ring spacer (also referred to as an extender tube) to be able to attach a DSLR adapter to the flattener. This did not come with the scope. I don't know whether this will come with the field flattener, or whether I'll need to purchase it separately. Please can anyone who has this scope advise? I've looked on the FLO website but can't find the 8mm ring spacer. Please can you help? Thanks Kev
  11. Mini Observatory for Astrophotography

    Lovely observatory Dave. Great build photos - quality job! Hope it gets lots of use. Kev
  12. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Had a great time at Kelling. On returning home I couldn't resist taking down the props and removing the block cover. Amazed to find that the pier didn't fall over! Actually, it's absolutely rock solid. Probably way over-engineered, but that's the way I tend to do things. Top of the pier needs a little tidying up once it's completely dried, so will worry about that later. Next job is ordering the wood and building the floor.
  13. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    A few more pics....
  14. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Big weekend - despite having to dodge several torrential downpours, I managed to finish my pier. Hooray! 36 bags of ballast. Thank heavens for the electric mixer, which made light work of it. I supported the air-con tubing with stud-work attached to pegs driven into the ground. After filling the hole, I screwed MDF sheets to the frame around the hole to prevent the concrete being forced out by the weight of the concrete in the tube. It was really satisfying reaching the top of the pier tube and "topping-out"! The pier top-plate is 16mm aluminium. I attached this to a temporary piece of MDF to act as a spacer and to cover the entire top of the tube to keep the concrete level, using stainless steel threaded rods. This went into the concrete easier than I expected, requiring only light taps with a lump hammer to get it to touch the top of the tube. The white tape at the top of the tube has a reference line which I matched with a similar line on the MDF, to indicate approximate true north. I'll leave this a couple of weeks to go off. Next week I'm at Kelling so won't be tempted to remove the supports and MDF prematurely! Glad the concrete work is finished. More enjoyable woodwork from now on .