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  1. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Thanks Ray. Feels great to be adding some height now that I've finished the base. Just hope I haven't made the walls too high! Kev
  2. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Thanks smudgeball. So long as you don't hold your breath at the same time! Kev
  3. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Braver? Not sure about that. More stupid perhaps ;-) As you'll see from the first post, I started back in the summer, but the weather's been dreadful for most of the year after the mini-heatwave back in July/August. If I waited for warmer / drier weather I don't think I'd ever get it done. So, doing little bits as the weather allows. I don't mind the cold, it's the wet that I hate. Thanks for following my thread Kev
  4. Observatory damp proofing floor

    Thanks Roger for the thorough reply (and other folks for your helpful suggestions). I'll give this some thought. I've a while to go yet before I lay the flooring, so plenty of thinking time! Kev
  5. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    First chance for a while to work on the observatory. Today I started on the walls. I decided to change the design and use fence posts for the corner posts. These were positioned vertically using temporary 45' bracing, and then built the wall frame between the posts. This is starting to look more and more like YesYes's fabulous build of a few years ago! I had to pack up before completing the end wall as it was getting too dark to continue. Next job will be to insert noggins and corner bracing, so I can remove the temporary 45' bracing.
  6. Hi All Those following my obsy build thread - Astrokev's ROR - The Build, will know that I've now completed the floor framework. This is made from standard floor joists, and I plan to use ply boards to form the floor itself. Due to the wet weather of late, I've used polythene sheeting to keep the joists dry, but I've noticed the underside of the polythene is often wet from condensation. This is making me wonder whether I need to insulate underneath the ply floor boards before laying them, to stop condensation forming which may lead to rot. Please can you advise whether I should do this, and if so, what I should use ? Thanks, Kev
  7. Finally Complete

    Nice job there. Well done! I hope you get lots of use out of it. My obsy is still some way off completion sadly! Kev
  8. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    It took longer than expected but I managed to finish the joists and noggins this afternoon . Just need to douse them with preserver the next chance I get (I put preserver on the undersides before I installed the joists, so just the top and sides to do). Didn't have enough time to check the wall heights, but I did manage to get the EQ6 onto the pier. Pleasing to find that I got the dimensions of the pier bolts correct! After dark I attached the Esprit 100 and enjoyed "First Light" through the new scope. This was Capella, then M31 and the Pleiades. The mount wasn't aligned so had to content myself with undriven views. Sky was rather washed out by the Moon, but the stars were pin-sharp. I think I'm going to like this scope! The fourth joist from the left is double - this will support the dividing wall separating the warm room and scope room. Roger - I haven't checked the levels yet. it was getting dark by the time I'd finished the noggins (and I was cream-crackered). I'll do this next weekend.
  9. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Managed to make a start on the floor today. I used double joists around the edge - partly for extra strength since these will be load-bearing, and also to provide a wider base to support the floor panels. The double joists were simply bolted together. Corners were braced with 90' brackets, and the joists were screwed to the brackets I inserted into the corner blocks to stop the whole obsy shifting - or worse still - blowing over should we have a hurricane! The joists were insulated using squares of rubber pond-liner and strips of plastic DPC laid onto the concrete blocks (bit overkill there I think, as usual!). Rest of the joist-work will hopefully be completed tomorrow, weather permitting. May even try and put the mount and scope on the pier to check the planned height of the walls. I'm wondering whether I need to make the South wall with a drop-flap to give easier access to lower altitudes. My SketchUp drawings tell me I don't need to, but I'm nervous and want to check this out before I commit to making the walls.
  10. Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    A while since I've posted - mainly because work on the observatory has essentially stopped of late, due to family commitments, a short holiday, and a delay while I ordered and awaited delivery of my first batch of timber. So, to restart things, I did manage to tidy up the site during a break in the horrid weather we've been having lately. The floor joists arrived the other day, so praying for some dry weather this weekend to make a start on the main building!
  11. Hi All Just received my new Esprit, and what a lovely scope it looks! Weather has been cloudy since I got it, so haven't had first light under the stars yet, but have managed to test drive it in daytime. I don't want to break it before I've seen my first astro target, so thought I'd ask this (possibly stupid) question - The finder is quite good, but I have a larger Altair finder that I'd like to use. This doesn't quite fit the Sky Watcher dovetail shoe, so is it possible to remove the existing shoe and replace it with the shoe that comes with the Altair? The design of the shoe is basically the same; my question is really about being able to safely remove the Allen machine screw that attaches the existing shoe to the OTA. Many thanks kevin
  12. Damp proof membrane

    Thanks to all. A few more pounds saved there then! kev
  13. Damp proof membrane

    Hi All For my obsy project I need to install a DPC underneath wooden joists that will be resting on concrete blocks. Traditional plastic DPC would be the normal choice I guess, but I've just discovered a load of EPDM rubber membrane left over from a pond build earlier this year. I presume this would work OK? thanks kev
  14. How do I edit my account profile?

    Brilliant thanks David
  15. ...and thanks Ray. This forum is great for finding answers fast!