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  1. I wish you a happy birthday. I heard too about the Takumar lens. My problem is that my tracker (NYX) is a barn door design. I cannot go more than 18 seconds of exposure (2500 divided by 135mm, rule of 500) if longer star trailing begins. That is why I need a fast lens...if that make sense But if at F/3.5 is what I supposed to get I will start my hunt for that as well. F/3.5 at 135mm is better than F/5.6 at 300mm (for my 70-300mm Sigma lens). Ebay here I come!
  2. I am shopping for a 135mm myself these days. I have the 50mm f1.8 prime and a 70-300mm f/5.6. I found that a lower fstop is better (light wise) for images. I wonder if the 135mm f2.8 (any brand) would be a chellenge. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks!
  3. Awesome thanks for the answer! :) This is the one I got so far. D3200 NYX tracker, no filter, darks and lights.
  4. Nice picture of M8, beautiful. Can I ask how many lights/darks/flats did you use for the Nebula? Do we need equal amount of darks and lights ? Thanks !
  5. Question. I have tried to shoot M31 with a DSLR and a barn door tracker. Here are my settings: 600 lights (5 sec exposure), 60 darks, 60 bias. What would you consider for a good ratio for lights/darks/bias. I use Deep Sky Stacker for the image (and finish up with Photoshop). Thanks in advance! Chris
  6. Love my dob! Never had a scope that big before. My wife built me a custom shroud and I thank her for that! Want to see more this summer.
  7. I took a 6 min video with my D3200 Camera through my Meade Lightbridge 12 inch no tracking and used PIPP for the preparation for Autostakert. Used 14mm ES eyepiece too. 6800 frames later I got this :
  8. https://nyxtech.us Here is the link for that product. Again if someone would gave their opinions about this tracker it would be awesome. Thanks again.
  9. Wow, I am just starting too to shoot Orion and so far I am please with the results. I don't have a tracker (yet) and I shoot with a tripod. Settings are Nikon D3200 DSLR camera, ISO3200, metering matrix, 4 sec shot, focus manually (took me about 2 minutes just for focusing), white balance auto, lens sigma 70-300mm @ 300mm, vivid color, processed in DeepSkyStacker and Photoshop. The first picture is from a 500mm (@500mm) fixed lens by Opteka on my D3200. Does anybody talk about the barn door NYXTECH star tracker by any chance? I thought about buying one soon, might help with my pictures. The price for those trackers are about 130$ US. Thanks!
  10. Chris33benoit

    2013-08-04 m31

    Wow, I want to buy one (I'm not crafty enough). Great results!
  11. I have a Meade Lightbridge 12 inch with the Explore Scientific 82 degrees eyepieces. The camera I used is my Nikon D3200 and I record some videos in HD. So far I got this picture of Jupiter (best so far). Pretty sure you can see details with your scope Meldrew007. Start with a DSLR camera and you will find out. Good luck!
  12. Wow these are great pictures especially the Nebulae! I am far from those images but i am getting there. Would it be fair to say that using a dobsonian (mine is a Meade LB12) is a almost impossible challenge for DSO's? If you are using a dob for those pictures please tell me what I am doign wrong. I have too a D3200 from Nikon.
  13. Thanks Ruud, sorry for the late response. Love doing that hobby!
  14. Moon shot taken May 20th 2018 in Moncton NB Canada. Afocal technique with D3200 Nikon DSLR camera. ES 82 degree eyepiece used. HD video at 1080 (30 fps) and extracted the image (1 of 500). Registax for the finishing touch.
  15. Dobsonian LB12 with Nikon DSLR D3200. Eyepiece used was ES 82 degree (afocal technique). Moncton New Brunswick Canada. Used Registax 6 for editing.
  16. Moon taken with Meade 12 inch afocal technique. Used Nikon d3200 with 55-300 mm lens. Eyepiece used 14 MM ES 82 degrees. Used registax 6 and extracted the images (1 of 1200) with PIPP software. Thanks and good luck everyone!
  17. Moon taken yesterday in Moncton New Brunswick. Prime focus technique using ES 82 deg 14 mm with Nikon D3200. Used movie file (.mov) and took PIPP sotfware to extract all the images frome the video. And done some editing through registax 6.
  18. 2nd entry moon taken in Moncton NB Canada. LB12 with Nikon DSLR D3200. Eyepieces Meade q series 26 MM 70 degrees FOV. Processed with Windows 10 editing image (basic). Thanks.
  19. Moon taken in Moncton NB Canada. LB12 with Nikon DSLR D3200. Eyepieces Meade q series 26 MM 70 degrees FOV. Processed with Windows 10 editing image (basic). Thanks.
  20. Again another entry by moi (me). Dobsonian Meade LB12 with D3200 Nikon t adapter with 26 mm wide Meade EP (Q series). Moncton New Brunswick Canada. Windows used for editing.
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