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  1. No it's not modded as i want to be able to use it for regular photography as well. To attach camera to scope i'm using T-ring + T-2 to 1,25 adapter: https://www.ieskaties.lv/telescopes/accessories/for-astro-photography/celestron-canon-eos-t-ring https://www.ieskaties.lv/telescopes/accessories/adapters/omegon-t-2-to-1.25-adapter As I don't have tracking mount , I have to take a lot of short exposures with ISO 3200 , with ISO 1600 deep sky stacker often can't see enough stars to stack. And with my scope (500mm focus) I have to take 1.3sec exposures maximum to avoid star trails. It's my
  2. M13 first try 70mm skywatcher refractor canon 1100d iso 3200 exposure: 1sec X ~420 = 7min total
  3. put together all data i have on Crescent nebula - 63mins(1sec X ~3700) of exposure. When playing around in photoshop, it seems that right side of it is also visible, but super faint. Maybe with 2-3hrs of exposure it would be possible to get whole nebula. It seems that single frame exposure might be a bit longer as there are some very tiny details distinguishable when comparing to google images by putting them one over another.
  4. Crescent nebula 70mm skywatch refractor canon 1100d iso 3200 exposure : 2 X 20min sessions of 1sec frames Seems that nebulas with brightness around 13mag/arcmin^2 is scopes limit. At least in summer.
  5. Crescent nebula, my 2nd try canon 1100d 70mm skywatcher scope exposure 1sec X 1204, 20min 4s total ISO 3200 Left side of nebula barely visible, seems that something start to appear in the middle , will do last try with 40mins in total next. Stars traverse from bottom left to top right in approx 30deg angle that might be a reason why right(west) bottom side of nebula blurs out and isn't visible at all.
  6. Sky-Watcher Mercury 70/500 AZ3 canon 1100D iso 3200 exposure 0.6 sec X ~1100 = ~11min in total As good as i can get it with this rig. Finally got color balance somewhat right
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