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  1. Hitecastro four-channel dew heater controller - SOLD
  2. New member

    Welcome! Wishing you clear skies.
  3. I would highly recommend going for the AZEQ6; it's been around much longer than the EQ6-R, and is definitely an improvement on the NEQ6. I've seen it in person, and it's a very solid piece of kit within this price range. If your budget is around the £1300 mark anyway, then stretching another £100 or so would be very worthwhile in the long term.
  4. I doubt you'd find that difference between every two sets of mounts you compare, as there does seem to be variability in quality control across mass-produced mounts. Some people tend to have excellent guiding day in day out, whereas others have problem after problem. My personal opinion would be to save up a bit more and go for the AZEQ6; it seems to me to be generally better engineered overall, and I'm sure there are threads here and elsewhere comparing the AZEQ6 to the NEQ6 and EQ6-R. I was actually going to go for the AZEQ6 as an upgrade, but the Avalon came up at a bargain price which I couldn't resist. All the best with your purchase.
  5. What was the reasoning given behind the belt-modded NEQ6's better guiding performance? The differences between the two seem to be mainly linked to the fact that the EQ6-R has a sleeker design, handle, better latitude adjustment and a built-in DSLR shutter release. I regreased and belt-modded my NEQ6 Pro myself (it's now for sale as I've upgraded to an Avalon), and it does guide very well (guiding graph attached), depending on seeing conditions. I found this review of the EQ6-R which you might find helpful: http://astrojolo.com/gears/sky-watcher-eq6-r-review/. One other mount around this price range I can suggest is the AZ-EQ6, well worth a look: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-az-eq6-mount.html.
  6. My first RGB image - M42 HaRGB

    Thank you Barry. These are exactly the type of comments I'm looking for, as I'm very new to RGB processing. I did feel that the halos add a certain natural tone to the image, but wasn't sure how much is appropriate; I guess it's mostly subjective. I've already run SCNR once, so I'll try the per-channel HT and Curves adjustment. I was actually playing around with it yesterday, and I noted that toning down the blue channel did lower that blue-ish tint that you mentioned. I'll have a go at some re-processing tonight. Would you say the dust should have a more brownish tint? Or something completely different? Thank you Carole! Hope to keep improving.
  7. It's ultimately going to come down to your personal preference. I had 3 criteria: Reasonable price + fits on my dovetail + has enough ports for everything to ensure that I only have one USB cable coming from the mount, and no other leads. The MHP won out purely on price point and it has worked very well so far. Let's throw this one into the mix: https://www.modernastronomy.com/shop/accessories/mount-accessories/hitecastro-mount-hub-pro-ultimate/
  8. Not sure about the weight, but Ray's figure seems about right to me. It's bulky but isn't that heavy considering how big it is. Haha, are you sure we're not related somehow? That's exactly what mine says...
  9. I wasn't too fussed about the number of USB ports, my main reason for purchasing it was the fact that it was within my price range and has been around for quite a while. If you have two separate USB hubs, then best to use two separate power sources. My MHP has been handling my 1600MM (which itself as an SXUSB filter wheel + guide camera attached to its USB 2.0 hub), mount and polemaster without any problems. To be honest, before I had the MHP, I was using a completely unpowered USB port (Anker) for my ASI1600, mount and focuser, and it didn't miss a beat! It was actually news to me when people said that USB hubs require an external power supply.
  10. I'm usually quite picky about up-to-date software and GUIs, but in this case I have to say the simplicity of the MHP was quite refreshing. Took just a few minutes to download the software and get it running, and the interface, whilst basic, gets the job done quickly. I was told as such by the seller, and it was confirmed by the fact that the V3 has 3 USB ports, whilst mine has 5.
  11. I purchased a second-hand Hitecastro MHP V2 for £190, and it's excellent. Easy to set up and connect, simple user interface, plenty of power supply, USB and dew heater ports, and works well with my autofocuser. I have it mounted solidly on a dovetail bar on top of my imaging scope using Velcro and zip ties and it hasn't budged. I use a finderguider system, however, so that makes the MHP easy to mount for me. I was considering the Pegasus/MHPC but the extra expense just wasn't worth it for me.
  12. My first RGB image - M42 HaRGB

    Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement everyone, much appreciated. I've always been put off by RGB imaging mainly because of LP issues, but I guess now that's all in the past!
  13. After chasing it for what seems like an eternity and encountering more problems than I care to count, I finally managed to get a decent (at least that's what I think!) image of M42. This is my first RGB image, and I've enhanced it with Ha. The stars aren't as good as they should be, but I'll take it for now! I’m hoping to add to it further with more RGB. Any advice, especially on star halo reduction, would be much appreciated! Details: William Optics GT81 with 0.8x FF/FR ZWO ASI 1600MM-C Baader Ha 7nm + RGB Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro & Avalon Linear Fast Reverse Ha: 68x180" + 65x120" + 32*90" (Total 382 mins) R: 93x60” (Total 93 mins) G: 68x30” + 37x60” (Total 71 mins) B: 48x60” (Total 48 mins) Calibration, integration & LP removal in AstroPixelProcessor Post-processed in Pixinsight
  14. Astronomik MC Clear Filter 2-inch mounted - SOLD
  15. Sold. Admins, please archive, thanks.