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  1. Thanks Dave. I did try it with APP which has done the job extremely well. Pixinsight was expensive enough though, just can't afford another program!
  2. ASI1600mm cool

    Thank you, it really is a fantastic piece of kit. With the limited imaging time we get in the UK, the main reason I bought this was for brighter targets which you can stack very short subs with and still come out with a decent image, but I thought I'd go for something a bit fainter. Currently working on a heart and soul nebula mosaic, and 5min subs seem to do the trick very well.
  3. ASI1600mm cool

    The more I work with this camera the more impressed I get! This image has only been calibrated with bias and darks, no flats. No post-processing performed, all I've done is perform an autostretch in Pixinsight to make the image non-linear. 121*300s subs = 10h5mins of total integration time over 3 nights. Single 300s exposure from the most recent run also attached. WO GT81 with 0.8x FF/FR, 2-inch Ha filter. The first two nights were with my old guiding setup (60mm guidescope in adjustable rings). I've since switched to a SW ST80 in tube rings with my ASI 120MC-S, and it was guiding like a dream; I was getting sub 1-arcsecond performance consistently. It may also be the fact that I stripped down and re-greased the mount! Makes such a difference, not having to glance every 10 mins to make sure it's not guiding and there's no flexure (I was previously getting flexure despite guiding, probably to do with the suboptimal guiding setup). I also have to say that using 2-inch filters was definitely the right call for me, as I can't stand doing flats after every imaging session (even though I have a flats panel). There's some star elongation in a couple of the corners, but I'm sure I can address that in post-processing.
  4. Hi all, Looking for some help with Pixinsight. I'm processing images from 3 different nights which have differing camera orientations. When registering the images in PI, it of course keeps the reference image dimensions and cuts off any parts which are beyond those dimensions. Is there any way of registering the images so they all are on a black background and are all included in their entirety? I've tried this with AstroPixelProcesser and it worked perfectly without adjusting any settings. I've had a look on quite a few forums and couldn't find much regarding this. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. Baader 2-inch mounted LRGB filters

    Found, please archive. Thanks!
  6. Baader 2-inch mounted LRGB filters

    Still looking!
  7. Hi all, Looking to purchase a Starlight Xpress Lodestar original Autoguider & Off-Axis Guide Head for my SXUSB filter wheel. If you have one or both for sale, please get in touch. Cheers
  8. Hi all, Looking to buy a set of Baader 2-inch mounted LRGB filters. Cheers
  9. 80 ED, FF/FR, aluminium case, clicklock and autofocuser/dc focus now sold.
  10. Testing my new setup - Heart Nebula

    Hi Martin, I don't mind at all! I welcome all feedback to be honest, narrowband is tricky since I'm so new to it all. I do have difficulty differentiating between shades of closely-matched shades of colour. In the first image, I forgot to run background neutralisation which I know is essential. For the second one, I masked the edges in photoshop as it was becoming red-dominant, and overdid it; now that I look at it again, it definitely does look like it has a green bias. I'm finding that with using the Photoshop selective colour method, it becomes difficult to neutralise the background adequately. Any tips?
  11. Testing my new setup - Heart Nebula

    Did a bit of editing. Getting more of the blue/gold scheme now, but starting to get a lot of red at the peripheries. Any suggestions? I know I need to collect more data anyway, as this was just a test run. Not a problem at all, appreciate your help. In the first instance I actually bought an 80mm extension tube initially as I couldn't get focus. Then once I bought the spacer afterwards I found that the extension tube became redundant as the spacer was all I really needed. It really can become an expensive hobby quite quickly!
  12. Testing my new setup - Heart Nebula

    Thanks for the link! I've tried that method but I'm trying to do a lot of my processing in Pixinsight. Any Hubble palette tutorials for that available to get a good blend? Not satisfied with any I've used so far, been trying a few different ones in PixelMath. Thanks! As mentioned in my original post, I've already fixed the issue; I knew it was a spacing issue because there was trailing only at the edges, and figured I needed ~25 mm of extra spacing but there was some uncertainty as to the exact value; managed to find a Baader Varilock which has solved all issues very nicely. Nice round stars in all corners now.
  13. Having recently acquired a WO GT81, I've been sorting out teething issues to make sure everything is working well before the nights start drawing in. Did a test run for the Heart Nebula and figured out my spacing was off as I could see significant trailing at the peripheries; seemed unlikely to be due to guiding as the image centre was fine, and it turns out I was correct; increasing the spacing by 25mm has done the trick. Processed the dataset anyway, turned out ok I guess. Ha 25x300s + OIII 15x300s + SII 12x300s - Total integration time 4h20mins. I'm now starting to go down the route of lower exposure time + higher gain + stacking more subs to recover more bits; it'll drop dynamic range but you can't have it all I guess, especially in the UK's weather. Hopefully a Heart & Soul mosaic is on the cards with 180s subs, we'll see how that goes with OIII/SII though! This is also the first time I've done a tricolour narrowband combination, and it's proven to be fairly tricky! I'm fairly happy with the colour in this one as I wanted to keep the processing as soft as possible, but lots to learn still.
  14. Sorry about the delay everyone! All items are still available. I have private messaged everyone as well. Cheers