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  1. Currently imaging Elephant's Trunk in OIII! My Ha subs have just been sitting there waiting to be combined with some OIII and SII.
  2. Considering you have the funds, you'd be crazy not to get it! I'm not helping am I? Second-hand 2 inch filters can be had for pretty reasonable prices; I managed to get an almost new Baader Ha 7nm for £116 and an almost new OIII 8.5 nm for £85 including postage. Hoping to get an SII for the same as the OIII, so that would be ~£270 for all 3! Considering a new set costs ~£420, that's pretty good; just need a bit of patience I guess.
  3. Cheers Andy! I've been using a Baader 7nm Ha for the above, and have recently purchased a Baader 8.5nm OIII (and of course the clouds came without delay). I'll be sticking to Baader as they're tried and tested, and I've managed to get very good prices for almost new filters via ABS; I was considering Astronomik, but there tend to be fewer of those second-hand, plus I read that there's only a 1mm thread which could cause issues with my SX USB filter wheel. No problem! I agree that the switch from DSLR to CMOS or even across different CMOS/CCD sensors can be tricky. I'm quite happy with unity gain so far, but it won't be long before I start going up to 200/300 gain and seeing whether I can get more detail with 300s subs on fainter targets. I did quite a bit of reading about gain and offset in the 1600MM-C from various forums and decided to stick with unity gain since I'm only just starting out with a CMOS.
  4. Thanks! I actually bought the 1600MM for precisely that reason, considering LP and the weather here. The elephant's trunk was my first session so I was trying to push the camera and see how it would perform at subs beyond 300s. The pelican nebula is combination of 180s and 300s subs. I'm going to experiment with 200 and 300 gain at some point and see how that works out. Everything was done at unity gain (gain 139, offset 21). Cheers
  5. Cheers! Skywatcher 80ED DS Pro; hoping to upgrade to a triplet apo at some point in the future.
  6. I received my 1600MM-C a month ago, and have been imaging intermittently. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed so far. I am using no calibration frames at all and subs of up to 10 minutes, with 2-inch filters. These are a couple of my results, both in Ha. I've recently purchased an OIII filter and am on the lookout for an SII filter, so will go full narrowband soon hopefully. Too much LP to bother with LRGB for the timebeing. It's important to note that these images have not been processed at all, apart from a histogram stretch in PI. Pelican Nebula - 3-panel mosaic (work in progress), total of 4h22 mins of exposure Elephant's Trunk Nebula - 12x600s
  7. OIII filter found, still looking for SII 8 nm!
  8. $140 comes out to be £111, and with postage added on it will be far too much for a second-hand filter. I appreciate your offer, but will give it a miss this time.
  9. Hi guys, Just a heads up that you can definitely get insured postage for under £50. I posted an HEQ5 a few months ago to a buyer on ABS (total weight 28.2 kg), and it cost £28.03; they picked up the parcel, the mount was insured for £500 and was delivered promptly. I used Parcel Monkey, and it found ParcelForce to be the best option. Definitely think it's worth a look. Cheers, Syed Edit: Looks like I quoted the wrong person, my bad!
  10. Hi David, Thanks for the offer. I live in the UK, so I imagine shipping would be very expensive, and probably not something I can afford. Cheers, Syed
  11. Canon 650D SOLD; 4x2100mAh & 2x2500mAH batteries, 1 non-Canon charger, 1 non-Canon battery grip and IR remote shutter control, and AC-to-DC power supply still available.
  12. Found, please archive. Thanks!