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  1. I previously used an Anker 3-Port USB 3.0 hub and it performed flawlessly from day one; I now have a Mount Hub Pro, so the hub's not being used any more. I had my ASI 1600MM-C (which itself has a USB 2.0 hub connected to my filter wheel and guide camera), NEQ6 and Lakeside autofocuser connected to it, and never even needed to provide an external power supply; it was small enough to be attached to my dovetail with some zip ties, very convenient. I think there are versions of the hub with 7, 9 and 13 ports, so you could try those.
  2. That's correct, as you're not capturing any photons when taking darks.
  3. Hi Wayne, You only need to take one set of dark and bias frames for all filters. Flat frames should be taken separately for each filter.
  4. SOLD - Mods, please archive. Thanks
  5. SyedT

    A collage of the 2017/2018 season

    Thanks Mike, appreciate it!
  6. SyedT

    A collage of the 2017/2018 season

    Thank you, much appreciated! It's been a tough season getting to grips with mono imaging, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I'm hoping I've eliminated the majority of issues so next season should be better. Thank you. If you can, I'd say take the plunge. The 1600MM-C is an excellent performer at its price point; very sensitive, and with the NB filters in particular I've been able to take advantage of the minimal imaging time we get here in the UK despite living on the edge of a red zone.
  7. Hi all, It's been a very informative (and frustrating!) first season of imaging with an apochromat and specialised astrophotography camera. Having acquired an ASI 1600MM-C in early 2017 and my GT81 in August, I've had my fair share of gremlins, but managed to pull out a few keepers. Processing has always been a bit of a mystery to me, but I'm finally starting to get to grips with Pixinsight and APP; APP in particular has been a lifesaver for integration and LP removal. I thought I'd make a collage to chart my progress so far. Also includes a couple of widefield milky way shots and a lunar image for good measure. Counting down the days until next winter so I can get back to the GT81 and give my new Avalon a proper run for its money! I've recently purchased an Altair Astro RC6 to give me a bit more reach for the upcoming galaxy season, so looking forward to that. I considered an Edge HD 8” so I could also do some planetary work, but even the used prices were prohibitive so I decided to stick with an RC6. It’s nice and light and hopefully the FL won’t be too challenging, plus I can use my old Lakeside focuser motor on it. Happy to provide equipment details if anyone would like them. Cheers!
  8. Not a problem. I put a lot of OIII time into it as I wanted to see how much signal I would get, and it really is quite faint. You've managed to get some nice filamentary OIII detail which I'd be very happy with. I prefer the second version, but I bet you'll look at this a week later and tweak it even more! That's probably the best and worst thing about astrophotography.
  9. SyedT

    Field flattener or not?

    I have the same scope/camera setup as you. I considered going back to f/5.9 as well, but ditched that thought as I suspected that images would suffer due to field curvature. Ended up getting a really good deal on an RC6 with upgraded focuser and accessories, so will be using that during galaxy season.
  10. Looks lovely! I wouldn't worry at all about the weak OIII signal, that central area is the main focus of signal. The below is a total of 11.5 hours of Flaming Star in OIII with my ASI 1600MM-C and WO GT81 @ f4.72; only processing was LP removal in APP and cropping in PI. You can see even with that much exposure the signal is very weak.
  11. SyedT

    Barlows, adaptors, T-rings etc...

    PM sent re: 8" dew strap.
  12. Thanks for this. Could you confirm the full name of the lens please? Just need to check something.
  13. SyedT

    Modded NEQ6 vs modded HEQ5

    I'd suggest a belt-modded NEQ6 Pro on the basis that it's more robust (and I have one for sale! :D). It should cover you for a larger range of scopes.
  14. For sale is my NEQ6 Pro which has been stripped down, regreased and belt modded just a few months ago; I have also replaced all of the bearings recently with SKF bearings. Comes with tripod, 2x counterweights, accessory tray, upgraded latitude bolts, AC power supply and original worm gears. One of the latitude bolts was found to be bent recently, so I've reinstalled the original one, which works very well. There is no handset as I work off EQMod. Works fine, I've had up to 10 min guided subs previously. Has usual wear and tear, in particular a couple of scrapes near the polarscope sustained during the belt mod. Reason for sale is upgrade. £750 ONO. Collection only as I don't have the original boxes, or I can deliver/meet within 50 miles of Leicester for no charge. Payment via PayPal or bank transfer. Images of the mount and guiding performance can be viewed here, alongside my other items: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B12lFcbG64vNS0QwUzVnaUhlMTg Cheers
  15. Hitecastro four-channel dew heater controller - SOLD

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