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  1. Thanks! I use a Svbony smartphone holder. I had tried using another holder before it but I couldn't tighten the phone in place due to the positioning of the on/off button on my phone..this one allows me to position the phone in place.
  2. Hi, Had a go at photographing a few of the major craters near the terminator in the last couple of days. I used a Vixen R114m, 6.5 Bresser Plössl and my P9 Huawei smartphone. Craters are Tycho, Eratosthenes and Copernicus.
  3. Hi, Just came across this part of the forum -after a very cloudy winter, I had a week of clear skies in February. Scope is a SW Mak 102, Phone a Huawei P9. Eyepiece was a Vixen 25mm Ortho. Peter
  4. Thanks a lot for the prompt response, appreciate it!
  5. Hi, My name is Peter and I am living in the locality of Cologne, Germany. I have a second hand Vixen r114m mounted on an unpowered GPE mount. I am relatively new to astronomy and a complete newbie when it comes to motors, axes drives etc My plan is to upgrade to a 150mm or perhaps a 200mm reflector later on in the year. Reading the above comments seem to indicate this is feasible. My question is what are my options for adding a RA-drive to the GPE? Are any non-Vixen modern ones I could use? Many thanks for any feedback! Peter
  6. Hi, Hopefully someone can give me some good advice. Currently I have two main scopes: SW Mak 102; the aforementioned Vixen R114m (4.5 inch) on an unpowered Great Polaris mount w/short legs; I live in an area of high light pollution so a future scope will be for lunar/planetary/double star observing. I want to upgrade at the end of this year but I 'm not really sure what the next step is. Ideally I would like to keep the GP mount and get just an OTA: the r114m is over-mounted at the moment and I'm hoping I can still use the GP mount to keep costs down. But will it be worthwhile to upgrade to a SW 150pl for instance? Will the GP mount handle it? Or would the increase of 36mm just not be worth it? Budget is 250-300 euro Many thanks for any replies! CS Peter
  7. Thanks for the links, much appreciated!
  8. Hi, Could anyone point me towards reputable dealers for used binoculars please? I am living in Germany so the details of dealers here or in the UK would a great help for me. Thank you in advance! CS Peter
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