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  1. Is that just the drift on the Dec axis which isn't being guided? It knows it is off target but can't do anything about it? That's my guess
  2. Thanks @mikemarotta , I am in two minds about the whole write up side of it. I'm probably not at the stage where I could answer any of those questions reliably. As a technical writer you'll appreciate knowing your subject before passing on knowledge. I'll have a think about doing a write up of what I did during the night, problems I encountered and how I got to the final image. Could be helpful or just amusing to other beginners.
  3. I do like this target but struggle to not over process it, I know there's lots more in there... still fighting with calibration frames, getting there. 50 x 2 minutes Some darks and bias Scope : Skywatcher Evostar 100ED DS-Pro + 0.85 Reducer Camera : ZWO ASI294MC Pro | Temp -10 | Gain 120 Guide : ZWO ASI120MM Mini guide scope Mount : HEQ5 Pro Rowan Capture : ZWO AsiAir Pro Heating : Lynx Astro 4 Port heater controller + straps Processing : Pixinsight
  4. Thanks @geeklee I'll keep an eye on those stars when I try processing it again. Did try to pull out a bit more colour but there's some haze around the middle and it turns blueish. Need to get my Flats sorted out I think..
  5. I was very happy with my first attempt in September with a Bresser 102 and planetary camera ... Some new equipment and practice and it's improving .... 42 x 2 minutes Evostar 100ed + 0.85 reducer ASI294MC Pro -10, gain 120 HEQ5 Pro AsiAir - guided Struggling with Flats but will hopefully solve that soon. They're a pain.
  6. I use two of these 12v 10a power supplies. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07PDFKGW7/ One powers the AsiAir -> Camera cooler and mount, and the other powers the dew heaters. All seems to work ok.
  7. So nice to get 3 galaxies for the price of 1, and after last weeks failures very happy with this so far. Just a quick process, but I will acquire some flats and improve it.. 60 x 2 minutes Evostar 100ed + 0.85 reducer ASI294MC Pro -10, gain 120 HEQ5 Pro AsiAir - guided
  8. This appeared in two images, 2 minute exposures, I'm guessing it's the same object in both images moving fairly slowly? Any ideas?
  9. Trying some photo shop fun, I'll call this my Watcher series
  10. Shame about the purple blob Enjoying taking snap shots of these bright objects, make's me feel like a pro. SW Evostar 100ed + 0.85 reducer ASI294MC - cooled -10c HEQ5 Pro rowan ASIAir Pro Pixinsight 50 x 2 minute - no calibration
  11. I'll be giving some filters a go soon, this was quite low in the sky towards big orange city lights. Not the best conditions.
  12. It was ToupLite on a Mac, but I wouldn't use it again, I think it compressed everything. Got better results with OACapture, but have now got a ZWO camera and asiair.
  13. I think I've deleted that one now, short on space... I'll look in the backup later and post if I can find it.
  14. Another badly framed shot First time on this target for me, it's sooo big and bright, hard to miss it. Well worth waiting up for. I also got 30 x 30 seconds and 30 x 15 seconds to try and merge together and recover the core detail, but for now this is the 2 min exposures. Skywatcher 100ed pro + 0.85 reducerASI294MC, cooled to -10cHEQ5 Pro rowanASIAir ProGuided and dithered every 5 frames45 x 2 minutes - 1.5 hoursNo darks, flats or bias
  15. Looks like this will have to be another mosaic project and could have been framed better. First time out with dew straps and camera cooled to -10c, stayed clear till 3am so I got lots of goodies but I did have to stay up and nurse the guiding which kept stopping for no reason. Need to work on my star processing. Skywatcher 100ed pro + 0.85 redcuer ASI294MC, cooled to -10c HEQ5 Pro rowan ASIAir Pro Guided and dithered every 2 frames 60 x 2 minutes - 2 hours No darks, flats or bias
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