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  1. I used tripod,in built interval timer inn nikon d5600, i think only less wind....i set to 1 hr using interval timer in camera and left it alone....
  2. Hi, i captured orion nebula with nikon d5600 and nikon 18-140mm lens,the images it took was shaky and look like small star trails but i kept only at minimum shutter speed...what is wrong with the image? i hv attached sample image..pls help
  3. Hi thanks for reply...if I point towards any star or nebulae ,I can’t even see anything in live view of camera only very bright star like Sirius is seen like a small dot...if I capture without telescope it’s not clear and very white...
  4. Hi, Am intrested in astrophotography,but I couldn’t take a single picture with my D-SLR attached to my celestron astromaster 130 Eq telescope...I have Nikon D3200 and if I capture the sky with lens attached the picture is very noisy and not clear...how can I take pictures of galaxy nebulae etc.... thanks
  5. Hi, How What lens you used to get pic of orion nebula??
  6. yes..but am not satisfied with the camera...is d3400 or 5300 good?
  7. HI All, I have nikon d3200 , is it good for astrophotography? i tried with 18-140mm lens but the shots are too much white not good..do i need to upgrade to d3400 or d5300 or d5600?
  8. Thank sir..but from starting itself it is like this only...may be my camera or telescope not suitable for astrophotography?
  9. Hi all, Whenever i took pictures attached to my telescope i get a big white flare in the middle..am using celestron astromaster 130eq with nikon d3200...i hv attached a sample image..please tell me y this happens?
  10. this is the first time am using binoculars...i didn't collimate it..next time i ll do and see...
  11. hi thanks for reply, i hv tht software and i know whereit is in sky but could not locate exact location as i dont know which coordinates i have to see and set in scope... ra-00h43.7m,dec 41degree 22...how to set this in telescope?
  12. thanks for reply.. i have celestron 130eq and nikon d3200 ...but couldn't capture like this ...I don know how to target star with coordinates ...can u tell how to point to that particular object by using RA and other coordinates..still i couldn't locate Andromeda galaxy!!! plz help..thanks
  13. Hi..how to get this type of image? What device and software used?
  14. Hi, Does using binocular cause any eye pain? I used one binocular it was good but it caused some eye pain so I returned it...
  15. Hi thanks for reply..is the image quality is good ? Can I use for terrestrial viewing?
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