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  1. I use a rpi4 with a canon 600d, and I can say it's definitely supported by indi. I have only used to 3-4 times since getting my new setup, I've managed to plate solve with the 600d, but found using the polar alignment module difficult to use with it. Just to emphasise, this is not a problem with ekos, just it takes time for the dslr image to download and for the image to refresh whilst you're adjusting your polar alignment. I haven't tried it with the guide camera as of yet(a zwo120mm-s), but I'm guessing that would be easier.
  2. I haven't tried the internal guider as of yet. So many new things to learn, and I was fairly familiar with phd2 already. I will give it a go next time, thanks
  3. That would be an idea!. If all else fails, read the manual
  4. Dithering doesn't seem to affect the total rms tonight. I have increased the settle time, so that might have helped
  5. Hi. I'm using a zwo 120mm to guide and a canon 600d as the main imaging camera. I'm currently imaging m5, and guiding seems to have settled down at about 1'' rms after tinkering (all guess work) with the settings in phd2.
  6. Thank you! The dithering and the increased rms might have been a coincidence, hoping to have another go tonight, so we'll see.
  7. Had a chance to use my new HEQ5 mount and evostar 80ED on Sunday night. My main aim for the night was just to give everything a test run, as this was the first time I've ever used an EQ mount. By some miracle everything more or less worked! I managed to get the scope polar aligned fairly easily (with the aid of an app), and the slewed to M13. I ran the EKOS platesolving module, and it worked within seconds, took a test shot, and there it was! I then set up the guiding on ph2, and after a couple of minutes calibration was complete and I was guiding! RMS values seemed to settle at about 0.9
  8. First light with my new Heq5 and evostar 80ed
  9. Thanks for the tip. Looking at it again, I totally agree. With regards to mounting ring directly onto the bar; I did think of doing this, but because I store the scope and guidescope separately at present, it would mean bolting and unbolting the guidscope every time I set up. Hopefully this will work well enough so I don't have to do that!
  10. Just posting to give an update. Managed to get 1/4 20 unc bolts from ebay, and mounted the dovetail on top of the 80ed. I then brought a svbony clamp which I mentioned above to attach to the guidescope. Seems quite solid, but haven't had a clear night to test it out yet.
  11. The different size bolts really annoy me as well, especially when you have a mix of metric and imperial units on the same product!
  12. I bought a longer ADM dovetail to mount the 80ED, so I have the original skywatcher to mount on top for the guidescope, which is a cheap 50mm Svbony. I was planning bolting the dovetail on top of the 80ED, and then attaching the guidescope with the clamp, similar to this one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/27028681810 Not sure if this will work well or not.
  13. Thanks! I found some 1/4 20 bolts in the back of the shed last night, and you are indeed correct.
  14. I've just received my evostar 80ed today, and was planning on mounting a dovetail on top of the rings, so I could piggyback my guidescope. The allen bolts that come with the scope and dovetail don't seem to fit. Does anyone know what size bolts are needed? Dafydd
  15. Heq5 last week, evostar 80ed today After a three month wait, my imaging rig is all ready to go (once I learn how to use it)!
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