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  1. Nice one - I must remember to keep a look out for these sorts of shots. Well done. Mike
  2. Simply and clearly explained - my kind of approach. Thank you for posting it. Mike
  3. For those who think flying saucers do not exist; here is the evidence - FGC 1953 (UGC 10043) in Serpens. No need to worry it is moving away from us! Mike
  4. NGC 5914B in Bootes is around the 1 billion lyr distance and is near to VV 1750. I could not find any other information on this galaxy. Mike
  5. This Nova was picked up on June 12, estimated at mag 6. See https://www.britastro.org/node/26011. Mike
  6. Martin that is a superb shot, no doubt due to the excellent sky conditions. The colour works well. Mike
  7. Hi Martin, You did well with the Pal 5 - so much better than my set up. Makes me think I should try again but you do have the advantage of it being higher in the sky. Envious of you being able to get the low down globs. Mike
  8. Congratulations on completing the tour - well worth it. Mike
  9. I have checked my M82 shots from the past - no sign of Hoag 1-3. However I notice below the number 9 of 20.9 the faint fuzz you have picked up is probably a galaxy at 2.6 Gyr distance.
  10. Colour makes such a difference. I have this PN on my list for the 15. As you know I just love a double star and great to clearly see the colour contrast in Bu 158. Mike
  11. Arp 72 in Serpens - NGC 5996/5994. Also known as VV016. I visited this Arp twice in 24 hours, trying to see just how much of the extensive faint arms I could pick up. As is often the case I get side tracked. Arp classified this pair as spiral galaxy with small high surface brightness companion on an arm. The two galaxies are separated by about 1 million lyrs and lie 157/156 million lyrs away. 5996 is classified SBc pec or SBc,WR,H11,Sbrst . The interaction between the two galaxies has certainly disrupted 5996, leading to much star formation (H11 regions) and intense star formation (Starburst).
  12. I probably should go back to this one and run the camera for longer. I did actually run it for about 5 minutes and then deleted the poor subs (the unsteady ones). As usual, so much to see.. Mike
  13. Good point about the accuracies at that distance. Mike
  14. June 1st 2021 - there was me pottering about in Serpens and looking at my lists I saw this bright galaxy - NGC 5921 (mag 10). What a surprise when this ring galaxy appeared on the screen. Classified as SB(r)bc LINER (= bright nucleus). It lies 79 million lyrs away, has a strong bar and a slightly elliptical bulge. The two spiral arms have many H11 regions (I picked up a few of them). This inner ring galaxy was not even on my list of ring galaxies. Mike
  15. Serpens has just one SHK - number 360 and what a gem it is, well worth a visit. The scope was not tracking very well but Jocular managed to stack the subs well enough to get this view. As with most of the SHKs it is easy to pass them by. Many of the fuzz spots in the wider fov shot are mag 19 galaxies. 14 members make up SHK 360 with the brightest central galaxy coming in at mag 16.9 and down to mag 21 (rather pleased to pick this up). The complete group is not likely to be a true group as distance ranges from 1.378Gly to 1.440Gly. Using the NED data the reality is there are two (or
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