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  1. What a good idea. Must try it sometime. Mike
  2. Hi Martin, Here is SHK 244 - with the the Jocular circles - (for those folk reading this who are not familiar with Jocular, the grey circles are Quasars, the red circles are galaxies, the blue circles are SHK 244 members). It looks like I picked up the three quasars top right but nothing in the bottom grey circle. I have reduced the noise right down and grey fuzz spots (galaxies? - they seem to coincide with NED data etc - not all of them checked) abound. Mike
  3. 19/2/21 - SHK 244 in Cvn. This is a group of 10 galaxies, 9 in a circle and the tenth just off to one side. They were easy to spot on the first sub. My attention was immediately caught by the obvious large member. The close up shows it is in fact two galaxies and judging by the spread of the grey fuzz, I wonder if they are interacting. Redshift puts them at about 1.2 billion lyrs away. Aladin (Simbad, NED data) suggest this a compact galaxy group - so maybe more than two galaxies. The grey fuzz that extends up from the left coincides with a galaxy designation. The fuzz extension going up from
  4. Arp 269 - 19/02/21. The Cocoon Galaxy in CVN. I have posted this Arp earlier in the thread but this shot is I think the best I can get with my set up. I so enjoy seeing all the star formation due to the close encounter of these two galaxies. Next up is Arp 138 in Com. NGC 4015 and PGC 37702 lie about 210 million lyrs away. Decent images seem to indicate that PGC 37702 lies in front of NGC 4015. There is no obvious signs that they are as yet interacting. Arp classified the pair as E and E like galaxies with material emanating from the galaxy. There certainly appears to
  5. Last night (16/02/21) I took a look at three more PNs in Gemini. They are rarely visited and I struggled to find out any information on them, so if anyone finds out something about them please add it into the thread. First up K3-71 - a very distant PN lost in a lovely star field. Lost being the operative word - if it wasn't for Jocular plate solving the subs I would have had to spent ages checking to see if the star field matched - probably impossible. It is there in the wide field shot but you have to know where to look. Just above centre and tiny. The close up
  6. 5/02/21 - One of those short unexpected gaps came through in the early evening and the skies were good. I decided to have a mainly PN session. First up is Abell 10 in Orion. This was easy to pick out form the background stars and in the close up the CS is visible with hints of structure. The rest of the session was spent in Gemini. Abell 19 - is in the exact centre of this shot and yes you are right - there is NOTHING showing up. I tried all the different stretches. Presumably this PN emits very little light in the green part of the spectrum . It is mag 16/17, and i
  7. 3/02/21. 10.30pm to 1am. Did I really want to venture outside in close to freezing conditions, get all the equipment out, level, align and wreck a night’s sleep? Below is my answer. Ten VV galaxies in Leo VV 1364 a pair of spirals distant from each other but connected by a bridge of stars – classification PDb and at mag 17 and tiny but still be able to pick up the bridge was a real thrill. Scrutinising Aladin, the circled fuzz in the close is a compact galaxy group – no other info. VV 396 slightly brighter at mag 15 but still tiny and the classification of
  8. Abell 13 - when I pointed the C11/ultrastar at this PN last night I knew nothing about. It took a little while to be sure I was in the right area. I decided to stack as I went and all I could see was NOTHING. A rethink required. I played with different stretches until at last I thought I had a hint of something. Drastic measures required - I decided to abandon my personal 5 minute rule, set the camera running and went indoors to warm up (gear was sparkling in the frost). Success. Abell 13 is seriously faint (different magnitudes given from mag 15 to mag 18), secondly it emits very little
  9. Thanks for this post, Bill. It has sent me off looking at my past shots of this area. My shot of Hickson 56 with the C11 does not add any more details than your shot. NGC 3718 - wonderful sight with its twisting dust lane, off set nucleus. Mike
  10. That is the pleasure of the hobby. Too easy to take a quick look/image.....As with all of life the more you look, the more you see, the more you read the more you learn........ NGC 1129 appears to have an elongated core in your close up - I assume that must be a processing quirk. Enjoyed the post. Mike
  11. Here is PCG 115655+241600, also in LEO. This is a group of 5 galaxies and one of them has a redshift equal to about 1.7 billion lyrs away. The image on the right is zoomed and some of the subs removed to help sharpen it up. The group are the obvious galaxies near the bright star . The various other fuzz spots are also galaxies. Whilst looking at Aladin (with NED data overlay) I noticed various data points corresponding to non noise grey fuzz on my image. The shot below is even more zoomed
  12. PCG 114544+262426 in LEO. A group of 4 galaxies What a lark PCG hunting is. It takes time to be sure I am at the correct spot - it is the tiny group to the right of the bright star The zoomed in shot shows them better. Now the interest really gets going. The four galaxies in the group are circled (mag 16/17). The bright one almost dead centre is about 1.39 billion lyrs away. No data on the other 3 members. The left hand yellow line is Quasar - a mere 6.7 billion lyrs away (light travel time) and mag 20.3 - green filter. The right hand yellow line is a quasar, a m
  13. Mark - I assume you are referring to IC 2221 (S B of 23.9) and IC 2222 (S B of 23.2). 2222 at mag 14.5 is probably direct in the 20 on a vg night. 2221 at mag 15.2 will be AV on a vg night.
  14. Martin, NGC 4015 - I thought it looked familiar - thanks too for your shot. It has taken about 36hrs to recover from the mad early morning outing - where did my youthful vigour go? Mike
  15. WBL 368 - I mouthed a silent WOW as this shot appeared - it is all happening in this shot. There are 13 galaxies in this group but my narrow fov only got 10 of them. There are hints of other galaxies. Shot labelled using Astronometry. 3997 is a peculiar barred spiral (SBc/p), 3999 and 4011 are SO, the rest are spirals. 3987 wins the "dust lane" award. 4009 label is for a star but my SkyMap software labels the galaxy up and to the lef
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