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  1. It's been clear enough to leave my rig imagine since 8pm, but probably cloudy enough to ruin 50% of the subs. Happy I had a night largely without technical issues though!
  2. I haven't tried it yet (on a Nikon or Canon) but if your camera supports live view then I'd guess it'd be able to use that to record frames faster. But if you just want the PA tool then I don't think it'll matter too much (imho sharp caps PA alone is more than worth the £10 fee, it's probably the best bang for buck of anything I've bought for astro).
  3. I just started this year, and whilst I've spent more time ordering and fiddling with kit than actually imaging, I guess the fact that there's not a lot else to do in 202 means that it's worth setting up for a few hours, and I can do that at short notice. I'm a little worried about next year (or whenever we get back to normal) because then I need to have clear skies and a free evening, but let's see how it goes. It does help in terms of looking forward to winter though - we might not get many clear nights, but when we do, there's an easy 8 hours of imaging available!
  4. Sorry, missed this. Skybadger PM'ed me first, but the answer would've been no, unless you're prepared to do a lot of work.
  5. Assuming its stock without any mods, body only?
  6. +1 for Startools, because - it's good value - has good tutorials and an active forum - as of the latest version supports GPU's so is a lot faster Of course, I haven't tried out everything - maybe one day!
  7. I haven't used it, but perhaps https://github.com/vtorkalo/ASCOM.DSLR is worth a look?
  8. Did they explain why they didn't set them up with motion sensors? It looks like there could be legal options around nuisance light pollution, but I doubt it'll be easy to go down that route.
  9. I'm by no means the expert, but: - the advice not to bother with darks usually comes paired with the advice to dither instead (and large dithers at that!) - if you do take darks, they need to be temperature matched very closely, and plenty of them For this analysis, were the lights dithered, and how many darks went in to the master dark?
  10. If it helps address the balance, I've used two pis with Astroberry and it's worked exceptionally well. I've used Pi's for many years and they're generally super reliable. Most problems are power related. Clearly, people will have issues. Part of this will be INDI related (if you want to use Linux, learn to check compatibility before you buy, e.g. ZWO cameras not QHY), part of this is the difficulty of getting WiFi to the garden, and of course, with a myriad of different equipment, drivers, etc, it's going to fail sometime for some setups. IMHO, pi + astroberry is superb value and if you're kit supports INDI, it can work very well.
  11. Realise it's totally off topic, but any reason why I'd pay $49 for Stellarmate OS when astroberry is free, and from the screenshots, Stellarmate primarily relies on open source software (e.g. most of the screenshots are INDI/EKOS). Not trolling at all - it's a genuine question - don't want to be missing out on something useful!
  12. Fixed - thanks for letting me know.
  13. I've had this for around 3 months. I got a few budget lens to try out my Star Adventurer, but have decided to stick to wider angle. I realize this forum has a bias towards better quality kit and this is clearly at the budget end of the scale, but thought I'd see if anyone wanted it before I ebay it. See https://petapixel.com/2015/02/17/testing-yongnuo-50mm-f1-8-nightscape-photography/. I agree with most of the points raised in the review. A few images attached - these are cropped/(over) processed and not particularly exciting, but are examples of shots taken with the lens. Comes with box and front/rear caps. Price £27, includes UK P&P
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