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  1. Colour like this is very common with CLS filters. When I use my Svybony CLS my subs are bright blue. You can deal with it by aligning the rgb levels in photoshop.
  2. Awesome. Nice read. Kudos to you on your observing.
  3. I have this camera and it has allowed me to get some awesome images. I love it. That being said, the lack of a built in intervalometer is incredibly annoying as it requires me to wire the camera to a laptop via a long usb cable or use an android app to set intervals. my suggestion is to spend a little bit more and get a camera with an intervalometer. Other than that issue, great camera for the price. No other complaints from me
  4. That is a really impressive image considering you are in a B9 area. Consider me amazed.
  5. I’m in similar skies to you and have had very good success with the Triangulum Galaxy, the rosette nebula, the North America nebula (although that was hard to process) and the dumbbell nebula. I only failed to get nothing at all from the iris nebula, the heart nebula and one other I can’t remember now. I recently bought a cheap Svybony CLS filter and although it makes processing a bit harder, it definitely helps record more details, especially with nebulae. Good luck!
  6. I don’t have a solution with regards to polar aligning, but as for not using a laptop, I use an app called camera connect and control that uses the cameras WiFi. I stupidly bought a dslr without an inbuilt intervalometer and this app works a treat. If I have my setup at the far end of the garden, then I just keep the phone near it. cheers
  7. Hi all, I took this set of subs about 3 weeks ago and tested my new CLS filter as well as far longer exposures than i had previously done (i got a new mount) Details: - Bortle 6 location - Unmodified Canon 4000d - 70-300mm f5.6 Canon lens at 200mm - Star Adventurer 2i - Cheap tripod not suited for the weight i put on it - ISO 3200 - 29 x 150s - Svybony CLS filter - Processed with photoshop and Lightroon - Annies actions - Stacked in DSS I knew there was a good image in there, but it was very hard to ge
  8. I tried an eyepiece and whilst it doesn't screw in, it fits and can be taped on... As for using my guide camera, I like targeting by eye and also, I don't tend to have my laptop outside near the camera. Thank for your reply.
  9. Hi all, I own this guidescope https://www.modernas...guidescope-kit/ ...and would like to use it to target DSOs for astrophotography. I bought it to use as a guide scope, but I don't always guide. I tried fitting an eyepiece to it and it doesn't screw in, although a strip of gaffer tape will fix that. So, any suggestions for adapting it to a viewfinder that will be mounted on my DSLR? Should I use a particular eyepiece? I know reticule eyepieces are usually suggested. Has anyone else done what I want to do?. I should add that I usually use a red dot finder gl
  10. Thanks, i will look into those ones. Yes, i guess i can return them, but they work...just not that great. And im not sure that them making me nervous by how hot they make the charger is a valid reason..but i will try for sure cheers
  11. Exactly. Fortunately they are cheapish, so not much loss if they turn out to be duds
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