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  1. Superb amount of filaments, as well as the large A/R.
  2. Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire :-)
  3. Always good to keep reminding members of this sort info. If it has been posted before, there will be some who would perhaps missed it.
  4. Love it, I have been thinking about something on mine for ages.
  5. A fine collection of images, always interesting to read your observations/experiences!
  6. Its a C14, if you look at the bottom left hand corner of the images there are a few more capture details.
  7. Obviously this has to be judged on face value as it was a completely different session, but it was the same set up other than the filter. I hadn't had much success with the 0iii, so that's why I tried the No58 filter.
  8. It was complete luck to be honest, I am not working Friday afternoons at the moment. I was just doing dinner and browsing a very popular astro forum, when I spotted a couple of lighter patches. The whole session couldn't have lasted longer than 30 minutes before it was thick cloud again. Looks like Sunday might be better though.
  9. The only other I tried was the 0iii filter, not even sure why I used it to be honest. The N058 made an instant improvement to my images, I don't do a great deal of "white lights" unless there is a large spot transiting such as this one.
  10. Excellent level of detail Avani, looks like we are going to be clouded out for opposition unfortunately.
  11. How good you forget such a fine image Avani some stunning detail visible, simply superb!
  12. Always good to catch a transit as well.
  13. Nice set of images and an interesting way of displaying them.
  14. That last image especially has some good detail showing.
  15. Amazed I got anything today, thick cloud most of the day. A few lighter, higher clouds for a short period this afternoon. Managed a couple of short runs through the high haze and captured some decent detail. Celestron ED80, ND5 filter + No58 green filter, DMK21au618. I have only just started using the No58 filter, it certainly improves the images, perhaps not as much as a Continuum filter. Stacked around 400 frames out of 1800 inReg6.
  16. Superb looking image, lovely detail in the A/R.
  17. Not many though, so well done for catching one.
  18. Nicely positioned in the middle, just managed a quick look myself.
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