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  1. Great timing and framing with the reflection off water, lovely image!
  2. Really cool animation ! Ability to multitask is what I enjoy about solar as well.
  3. Terrific captures, colors and detail pulled from Jupiter are great.
  4. Prom detail is gorgeous in these, all great images.
  5. Thanks for this all my gear been stowed away due to remodeling, nice to see the video.
  6. Thanks, did not know that. Always take glasses off, will try with glasses on if sun pops back out.
  7. Luminos 15mm / 82 deg. Dumb question perhaps but adjuster ring to raise or lower eye cup, is purpose to just block reflections or also fine focus? My good eye is not great but this morning viewing prom with pst seemed focus changed a bit from highest position to lowest. Thanks!
  8. Really does pay to be below average astro imager. Only recently joined after gathering my best dso data few months ago so only need to reload the one lost image. Not bad for free premium upgrade! Now im going to upload all kinds of crazy poor effort stuff.
  9. Nice prom and filaments capture! ISS crossing sun tomorrow morning from my yard. Unfortunately 100% cloud cover.
  10. Beautiful captures and processing, always look forward to your closeups. Know its wrong, but like to see huge smiley face or crop circle carved in Sinus Iridum. Bit of a hike with good number passes.
  11. As mentioned good night for getting spacing - kit in working order. Wish I had clear night coming up, have flattener spacing tests to do.
  12. For sale or swap, Atik Infinity color with Japanese 35mm f1.9 mini lens / comet hunter. I've used the Atik on all of my scopes for imaging and EEVA, also used mini 35mm lens with Atik for viewing night sky and bird feeder watching. Fully adjustable beautiful little lens. The drivers and Infinity software are available via website download. Infinity software is flexible with live stacking option, fully adjustable color offsets, saves individual files as fits, save stack as fits or tiff plus replay and many other options. Below is example of mini 35mm lens with Atik Infinity, only hav
  13. High hopes of low noise, first cooled cmos. Extra couple usb ports is nice, includes short filter wheel cord. Not intimidating as I imagined it would be. SharpCap which used to working with manages everything for 1600mm. Drops to -20C fast and holds. Moving 174mm to OAG will make finding guide stars so much easier. CS!
  14. Constellation Fever. Worshiped by Babylonians from 2370 bce - 2379 bce. Fever was clerk by trade who lived with his parents until he entered a dance contest and won a trophy. In 2380 his dance was banned by the king and pretty much everyone else.
  15. Gorgeous capture & well balanced / processed. Like sharp details without heavy contrast or blown out areas.
  16. Orion ed80t-cf I use for solar / lunar. Brought it back into dso fold with clear sky last night, but could not acquire OAG stars no matter what. Prism popped out of oag recently so took a look but was intact. Abandoned evening as was getting nowhere fast and temps froze finger tips. A peek inside carbon refractor tells all. A structural support had popped / wedged sideways blocking the oag. Wonder how long its been like that, year or more.. I recently posted a lunar pic from it. The good news is popped it back and secure again. If saddle ring is in right spot and tightened can
  17. Nice all sky set up there, I run my 120mm-all sky via wifi on stick pc with fire capture on it to laptop inside via windows remote connect. What I like about fire capture time lapse mode is will turn off pc when its finished / before dawn. So for meteor shower evenings I connect and watch live while it captures or disconnect while it captures, watch tv, connect again, disconnect, forget about it go to bed since it will shut itself down.
  18. Solar flats question, do you just defocus area of sun and you're imaging to take them? Never tried flats in as3, want to test.
  19. 685 nm ir pass filter makes moon tad textureee / cgi-ish . 200 stack of 2001 frames. Clear skies.
  20. New years eve m42 dslr, f5 refractor, 3 image sets combined, 10 sec x 61 + 1 min x 63 + 3 min x 21, iso 800, flats, darks, bias each set. May add 5 min set, clear skies!
  21. Took 43 x 3 min subs iso 800 other night. Brightest stars have uneven halo (bottom left of star only), ran some tests in PI of 1st, middle and last image & contour plot of master flat. Looks like camera is pointing down vs center, is that what tests show ? Everything screws together in image train, Esprit 80 - flattener - DSLR nothing loose in between. If so what's best way to align a focuser? Thank you.
  22. Nicely captured and processing, like it !
  23. Nice capture, good to see a spot finally!
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