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  1. Hmm Okey thanks , i dont know all tips and tricks yet of photoshop...
  2. I use deepskystacker and its possible to look at all images before process. And I shoot in both raw and jpeg. And yea, maybe the moon is the problem.. I will try a different object next time and hopefully i will get better results... But how about the amount of images? Is it possible to take to many Darks, Bias and Flats?
  3. What do you mean? The light frames?
  4. ISO 1600, 60 (or 90) sec exposures. I can post an image on friday when im at my pc
  5. Hi 2 days ago I photographed M31. I took around 60 lights, 50 dark, 50 lights and 50 Bias. When i Processed the files in deepskystacker and edited it in photoshop I couldnt really get a good image.. The left side of my image was to bright so I i couldnt really see andromeda details very good... The moon was at 95%. Did the moon ruin the image, or did I take to many flat, Darks, Bias? Is it possible to take too many frames so the image is ruined (flat Darks and bias)? I have heard that Darks are good the more you take And same with Bias? How about Flats?
  6. Hmm whats the best second hand website? (EU)
  7. Here is a cool app that shows you realtime the moons phase https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.daylightmap.moon.pro.android
  8. How do you keep the histogram at 1/3? I cant figure it out.. I use the white tshirt trick with a white ipad screen. Dslr set to Av mode, same ISO as lights but the histogram is always around 1/2. I have tried lower the brightness of the screen and folded my tshirt but still no 1/3...
  9. Okey cool, yea I have around in 5-6 bortle scale here so its ok for me got any link, tips for a cheap guide system? I have my eyes on this combo from FLO https://www.firstlightoptics.com/guide-cameras/sky-watcher-9x50-finder-adapter-zwo-asi120mm-bundle.html but this is almost as same price as my evostar.. are there any cheaper combos ?
  10. okey, thanks. I have heard that without autoguiding around 90 sec is whats best for heq 5 pro.. but Ill try 2 min tonight
  11. I can try a bit more but I dont want too much noice..
  12. Yesterday was the day i finally got everything right with polar align, focus and clear skies (but very windy) I couldn't decide what to photograph so I went with the veil nebula. (not the best first object , but fun anyway) ISO 800 Shutterspeed 90 sec No guidescope 30 lights, 20 darks, 20 flat, 20 bias 97% waxing moon What do you think of my final edit? I I don't know much about Photoshop so I just followed a YouTube video.
  13. I finally managed to make a good focus yesterday, i can show you a pic and what parts I used tomorrow. But I have evostar 72ed, ovl flattner, t2 ring and m48 adapter. But when i used the m48 adapter and the ovl flattner the distance was to long to get focus.. So i removed the m48 adapter and just used the standard "part" - >ovl flattener - >t2 ring - >dslr
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