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  1. #trendsetter https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/257914-gen-1-night-vision-anyone-use-finding-faintest-of-stars/
  2. Well done, nice images. Layer masks and brush tool in photoshop should be able to blend away that line completely.
  3. Yes 8 & 16 something about smell and noise of running projector sets atmosphere especially at parties. Have 4 vintage cams, 16 and three 8's. No batteries or charging needed..
  4. 200 stack-Sinus Iridum-c11-178mm-astronomic ds red filter. Clear skies.
  5. PST prominences Oct. 8. Clear skies !
  6. Viewed PST - Luminos 15mm - CEMAX 12mm. Few large proms this morning, two were separated by good distance yet connected near their peaks. Looked like goal posts. Would've made for neat image unfortunately clouds rolled in.
  7. My issue is nocturnal animals, sneak right up to give me a jolt. Had no idea this hobby would bring them in that close.
  8. Terrific capture, interesting the scale looks correct if reversed in your image. Jupiter as earths moon and our moon as Jupiter.
  9. Lucky imaging setup happy area51m arrived. Dual power cords for amp boost when in need.
  10. Nothing terribly exciting, sun was out for quick capture. Prom in shape of chili pepper.
  11. Worth zooming in and viewing thanks. Read was once speculated to be small herds of lifeforms roaming around crater Eratosthenes due to funky shadows.
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