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  1. Complete Observatory For Sale

    Thank you :-) you wouldn't happen to have a link, would you?
  2. Complete Observatory For Sale

    Hi Gus, I've not given much thought to selling things individually yet, but if I do, I'll be looking for the usual 60-65% of new price for things depending on condition. The Trius and filter wheel originally cost £3,800 and £700 respectively, if that gives you any idea. Drop me a PM if you're interested, and thanks for looking. :-)
  3. Complete Observatory For Sale

    Just to add, I would be able to transport to SWAF this summer, or entertain any visit from an interested party if they were planning to attend SWAF.
  4. Complete Observatory For Sale

    Thanks for the kind words, Errol. It's a heartbreaking decision, as I've worked hard to put it all together and get it working well. But my enthusiasm has been eroded by various factors (weather, LED streetlights, council trees, personal reasons) and it just sits there unused. I'd rather see it getting used again by someone who has the enthusiasm I used to have.
  5. Please excuse the bizarre nature of this advert. I understand that it's a bit unconventional, but if you would indulge me I would appreciate it. Thanks for looking. COMPLETE OBSERVATORY FOR SALE £10,000 It's with a heavy heart that I have to start the process of selling the observatory. If I can find a single buyer who wants a complete system, then I'd like to sell it in its entirety, complete with the desktop full of all the software and calibration frames needed to start imaging immediately. If I have to start breaking things down to sell individually, then I will start asking the usual 65% or so for them. This is about £19,500 worth of equipment, so right now it's a bargain. Please message me with any specific questions. Thanks for looking Details are: Skyshed POD 1-Bay, White. Needs a wash. I may do this sometime this week. Homemade wooden desk fitted into bay. *Altair Astro Pier. Steel, full of sand. Very solid. *Skywatcher EQ8 Mount. The only really heavyweight mount you can get for under £5,000. Can easily carry the two scopes I have at once. Includes three main counterweights, and a small counterweight arm system I made up to counterbalance the polar scope (which is pointless and I didn't buy it). *Various ADM and other manufacturer bars and mounts, including a very good TS guidescope mounting system. *Takahashi Epsilon 180 ED f/2.8 hyperbolic astrograph. One of the fastest widefield astrographs you can get. This scope has served me very well for 5 years. Takes some fine tuning to make it sing, but once it does it behaves itself very well for a reflector. Together with Parallax tube rings and Moonlite motorised focuser (together with original manual focuser). *Altair astro 60mm finderscope. Good finderscope that can also be used as a guidescope. Homemade aluminium mount. *Skywatcher Startravel 80mm refractor. Just the scope and tube rings. *Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2 Mono Camera. Excellent guide camera. Very capable solar system camera, too. *Starlight Xpress Trius X-35 Mono Camera. Fantastic 35mm format camera. Very good cooling system, field flattener built-in. Including homemade window heater to combat condensation. Starlight Xpress USB Filterwheel. 5-position filterwheel containing Baader LRGBC 50mm round filters. *Astrodon 3nm HA 50mm round filter. The narrowest of narrowband filters, 3nm gives you a fighting chance to image even in fairly light-polluted skies. Works very well with f/2.8 scope. Celestron 9.25 XLT Schmidt Cassegrain. One of the most popular SCTs around...for a reason. Very effective scope for solar system viewing and imaging. Not as impressive as the C11, but a lot more portable! *Desktop PC. I can give the spec to anybody interested, but it runs the entire observatory system very well. Windows 7/64, dual monitor. If I have to start breaking it up and selling individually, I'll start asking going prices, but if someone is willing to offer me £10,000 to collect the whole thing, it's theirs. (Note that the pink hue of the anodised black elements is due to the camera's extended red sensitivity, and the anodising is mostly still nice and black - the equipment is kept under a mylar sheet when not in use for this reason)
  6. Now sold. Thank you for looking.
  7. TeleVue StarBeam

    Now sold thanks for looking
  8. I'm in the process of selling almost all my visual gear, and concentrating on imaging. So I'm reluctantly selling my rarely-used 12mm Nagler Type 4. It's in excellent condition, having barely been used since new. Original box, caps on both ends. I'm asking £200, but postage will have to be sorted depending what sort you want and where you are. Thanks for looking
  9. TeleVue StarBeam

    Sorry John yes it's £145 but I'm open to offers. I'll edit the listing above now. Thanks for pointing it out.
  10. I acquired this Televue Sky Tour several years ago as part of a job lot of bits I bought from a friend. I've never used it, as I don't have a mount it works with (Panoramic, Tele-Pod and Gibraltar I believe). It fires up, seems to work as best I can tell, and may be of interest to Televue fans. I THINK it has the cables it came with (someone feel free to correct me if they can see something is missing from the photos), but obviously no encoder kits or anything like that. £200 (I'll consider offers) and £5 postage Thanks for looking
  11. A slightly older pair of binoculars, but still optically very good. Rubberised finish, which is a little whitened in places due to age, but the binos have been kept in a very good Topper case with a chest rest (all included in the sale). I'm asking £375 o.n.o. Unfortunately I'll have to ask £25 postage due to size, weight and value, but of course they alternatively can be collected by the buyer. I am open to sensible offers and will negotiate postage too. I was given these some time ago (along with the other binoculars I am advertising) but after a brief dabble, I am selling as I am not a visual astronomer. I don't like the cold! Thanks for looking and clear skies
  12. Since I'm selling my visual scopes, I don't really have a need for this TeleVue StarBeam either! Good nick, barely used, kept indoors. I'm asking £145 but I'm open to sensible offers. Postage shouldn't be too much. Call it £5 and if its more I'll cover the difference. Thanks for looking and clear skies. (Edited to include price)
  13. Please note that this and my other items are advertised elsewhere, so the advert may be closed without notice. Thanks again
  14. I have for sale a TeleVue NP101 (original version, non-IS), that after having for a while simply hasn't been used as much as it deserves. It's a beautiful scope and needs to be enjoyed, not stuck in its case in a cupboard. It performs well as an imaging scope, but those of you looking at this advert probably know its real strength is as a visual instrument, and in that capacity its second-to-none. I'm primarily an astro-imager, and not that interested in sitting in the cold, so it's time for this scope to find a new home. I obtained it a few years ago from another amateur who was unable to use it due to ill health, as such, it has been kept indoors for most of its life and is in very good condition, as can be seen from the images. This NP101 is fitted with a FocusMate 10:1 focuser, and two clamshell tube rings. My understanding is that neither of these are standard, and so must have been purchased afterwards. It also comes with the standard 90 prism, and 2"-1.25" converter, and front/rear caps The sponge inside the case at one end has been removed, possibly to accommodate the dew shield once extended. I'm asking £2,300 for this scope, which I feel is reasonable given these are still advertised new online for considerably more. Nevertheless, I am open to reasonable offers. Like I said, I'd rather see this scope used than sitting in a cupboard. *HOWEVER* - due to the size, weight and delicacy of this scope, I am unable to post it. I MAY be able to arrange delivery, part or all of the way, for the cost of petrol, or of course the buyer is welcome to collect. Thanks for looking and clear skies.