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  1. Once again my thanks for extremely helpful advice. David lot of food for thought there. Thanks for taking the time. The problem with the night owl looks like it will be lack of availability. I have decided to go for a better camera from the start, hopefully making the right choice and it lasting me! My main program image processing work will be done on my desktop with NVMe drives and built in wifi, bluetooth. So the priority for the laptop or windows tablet would be capture software etc. And being able to run them. Whilst out and about as well. As if I'm correc
  2. Thanks Stu. Yeah I've hit the EEVA Section. Like you say it can get confusing, I'm having to learn a whole new vocabulary just to understand the basics. I'm steadily jumping about topics to try and grasp the basics. Which I should have done first. Barry
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome people! Also thanks for the useful information Dr Strange . Just been reading some back issues of your old Marvel comics! Still breaks my heart my father threw out my comics collection when I left home to get married. I had the originals of Dr Strange and Spiderman and the Hulk! Ah well who wants to be a millionaire.
  4. People once again thank you for taking the time to respond. Your dedication to your hobby does you proud. I should make it absolutely plain that this is just a way for me to fill my time when I'm bored on an evening and can't sleep. (Which sadly happens a lot after I turned 60.) I can't count the times I've been sat in my garden with a cigar and whiskey, looked up and wished I had a telescope to get a closer view. It being reasonably portable I'd be able to stick it in the car for use at the caravan in Teesdale. Where my grandsons will be able to use it too.
  5. Thanks Olly I have reread your post 3 times to try to force the information in. This is nothing to do with the way you have written it, all down to the way my brain works. As soon as numbers become involved my brain shrivels up and hides in a corner. I've had this problem all my life not exactly number blindness but if it isn't obvious my brain does a runner. Yet I can replay Jim Montgomerys save in the 1973 FA cup final in my head as if it had just happened. As it is I think you're correct and maybe I should leave the Hyperstar till later. But still le
  6. May I ask if that's your choice of 2021 or the availability of the Hyperstar? And the reducer, is that is another part I need to acquire for my 925 and Hyperstar? Thanks for your time. Barry
  7. Thanks for that Gfamily. I notice that has a power brick, hopefully the one I'm after will have it included. But looks pretty standard . Might give me a bargaining chip in purchase price. Hopefully someone will have experience with these.
  8. Well there's an hour of my life I'm never getting back. I've read it all so feel obligated to comment. And the glenfiddich told me too. I came in to learn what eeva was, thinking, as being new here start from the beginning. Took me quite sometime to realise nv was night vision, confirmed a few posts later by a helpful contributor. Yes I waded through it all. As an ex admin on a footy forum I have to say I was impressed with the restraint, (and lack of anglo Saxon.) We always had 1 or 2 posters insisting on posting in the wrong forum. No one got b
  9. Hello all new member needing assistance. I have already started a few threads with my newby needs. I told my children of my spur of the moment purchase of the Evolution. They just thought I'd totally lost it! To the point of this thread unbelievably my son in law was chatting to a friend of his on some other forum none astronomy related and mentioned that I had bought the telescope and was looking for advice on cameras. It turns out the guys father may have the Starlight Xpress SXV-M8c for sale for £200. My question is would this be a good buy? Especially a
  10. Thanks for that Robert. My DSLR went to the grandsons last year as it wasn't getting used at all here. I'm on my own now and decided now is the time to go for it. Get everything I can as soon as I can to get up and gazing. I was going to say I'm not lazy and that's not why I want to go automated. But! I do have back problems. (Plus I'm seriously lazy!) I also wear two pairs of glasses one for reading one for every day use. (Another excuse for going wireless viewing.) Yes I definitely want to go down the dedicated colour CCD or CMOS route . Wit
  11. Yeah I've looked at it Mick I have to say it surprised me, the cost I mean a grand for what surely is just an adaptor,! I know there's more involved than that but still. Basically I want to make my viewing as easy and fast as possible. I never really enjoyed squinting through the eyepiece of my old 5 inch newtonian. That to me means wireless transmission of image and video to me sitting comfortably in the warm. Hopefully I can get all this information from you wonderful people and I can settle down to a few happy years of gazing. So all advice grateful
  12. Alacant I was thinking along the lines of as much info as I could supply, so you helpful folk would be able to point me in the direction of a camera that would suit most if not all my needs. The money looks like it's going to fly from my pocket, before I get where I want to be. Barry
  13. Thanks Olly I have browsed some videos and comments about Hyperstar and have to say been impressed with speed and quality of the produced images from exposures in seconds rather than lots of minutes. Even single exposures. But like you say I am going to need persuading to splash a grand after my original outlay. Barry
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