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  1. So sorry to read of your mishap. Ouch ! Do you have insurance ? The scope looks a write off tbh. I think the cost of a repair would not make it viable. If the diagonal took the impact, its perhaps knocked the mirror out of alignment, so a test with another scope would reveal any issues....?
  2. I just enjoy fiddling about with telescopes and astro gear. Its in my blood as well. But i don't take it too seriously. With our UK conditions theres little point in stressing over it. When we do get a good night, or when we see something new, or take a nice image, thats what makes it all worthwhile.
  3. Hi there Ed. Can i come and live in Florida ? I'm done with living here. I have an American scope and mount, if thats acceptable......
  4. So, new Christmas Present and only 1 clear night...is this normal? Absolutely.
  5. The wind above the landing pad nearly blew it over, i thought it was going to crash, but it managed to stay upright. Just. Amazing stuff.
  6. Looks like its delayed, and maybe cancelled ? High winds at launch site apparently.
  7. Launch still happening for 16:57hrs UT Blue Origin NS-14 https://www.blueorigin.com
  8. Blue Origin NS-14 is scheduled for launch this afternoon from West Texas Slightly delayed and is scheduled for 16:57UT Live stream from 16:30hrs Well worth a watch on this cold rainy January afternoon !! https://www.blueorigin.com
  9. The other week i was sun bothering and decided to take some images with the Canon. Switched it on : battery light flashing red. 20 sec later it died. Popped upstairs to get the spare, put it in the camera. Totally flat, as i'd forgotton to charge it from the last time i used it. Doh.........! Imaging session over before it had begun ! I'm sure we've all been there......!!
  10. Hi This is a Meade reflector 4.5" by the sounds of it. The 114mm (4.5") is the diameter of the primary reflecting mirror (at the bottom of the tube.) The 1000mm is its focal length (from the primary to the eyepiece focus, via the secondary mirror) The f 8.8 is your focal ration : the focal length divided by the 114 primary Even using your 25mm lens this will give you 40x magnification (The focal length of the scope divided by the eyepiece size so 1000 / 25 = 40x) So your Ma 9mm wil give you 111x This will be plenty and like David says will show you Saturns rings and Jupiters 4 moon, maybe the red spot and some banding as well. The problem is both Jupiter and Saturn are almost gone now, on the other side of the sun in their orbits and won't be visible till spring, then as early morning objects.
  11. Thanks, interesting. I would have been interested at one time, but i now have a pair of 15mm APM Ultraflats 65º so i'm sorted now for mid / high power. I've used 13mm Naglers before for high power, but always struggled with the tight eye relief, the poor eyecups and the fact they never 'seated well' in the bino as they had such long barrels. They performed well for high power planetary but i never really liked them. They were sold last year, and i'm now using 2 x Docter / Noblex UWA 12.5mm. Way to big and heavy, although they perform very well indeed.
  12. @HollyHound how do you like the 15 Panoptics ? Its quite rare to see two of them together....! Are yours the slim version or the chunkier versions ?? I often thought about sourcing a pair but not only are they few and far between, but they seem to be not that well liked by the fraternity. Even David Nagler himself told me at Astrofest one year that they wouldn't be reintroducing them, as they weren't that popular. Seems odd that the 19s and 24s tick all the boxes (I believe the 24mm Panoptic is or has been Televues best selling eyepiece) while the 15s seem to have not been so well received or liked in comparison.
  13. Theres a nice pair of Opticrons for sale NOW in classifieds ?
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