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  1. Is it ever.....!! The June monsoon is well under way !
  2. Yes, i have an unused roll. I seem to remember it being 750mm wide which was annoying as it was just too short to flock the tube in 2 sections. Looking at the abm site now, its only available in a 1340mm wide roll, so ideal for OO 1200mm scope tubes. Quite pricy stuff mind. I have the smaller sized roll (750mm?) and perhaps ought to sell it on although i think i kept it for a future SCT project in mind..........
  3. FWIW, i also have a full roll of ABM flock paper unused (costs around £40 from the supplier if memory serves me correctly) @Neil H is correct in that getting the stuff on is tricky. But i only found it that way with the longer OO 1600mm tubes. The 1200s are easier and can be done fairly easily in 2 pieces. Heres an image of my 1600 (10" F6.3) with flocking 'half done' to give you an idea of what it does. Personally, i would rather flock that paint / spray. Far less messy.
  4. I've used these guys before. Good quality sticky back flocking. It won't shed fibres onto your optics either. https://www.abmuk.net/fabrics
  5. I have 2 of the Tv Nagler 13mm eyepieces for sale. 82º FOV Purchased together as a 'matched pair' for bino-viewing purposes new from Widescreen. (Receipt inc) I've had them a few years, but rarely used them. They have been very carefully looked after, and are in mint condition. Barrels are unmarked. Usual high Tele-vue quality. End caps, and all original packaging included. They are over £300 new now FOR SALE at £200 each (I will split after a week if they don't sell, but i think it would be nicer to keep them as a pair) FOR THE PAIR i will let them go for £350 UK customers only please. Postage to UK included (UK Royal Mail Special Delivery next day) Thanks for looking.... Cheers, Rob.
  6. I've got a pair of 24Pans and they are my favourite eyepieces. Really nice glass. I believe they are Tele-vues best selling eyepiece as well, which speaks volumes. The ES 24/68 i'm sure is right up there as well, but i've never compared the two. The Pans are better for me, as the have that taper below the eyecup, which makes them ideal for binoviewing (plenty of nose room !) If you pick either, you won't go far wrong.....
  7. One of my favourite doubles When i checked it earlier, it was pretty much bang on the zenith
  8. +1 for the Mey observing chair also endorsed by @AdeKing & @Saganite I've had mine for a similar length of time and its been ideal. Its pretty heavy, but solidly built to last. FLO used to stock them once upon a time, but not any more. But its an easy process to order from the Fatherland. There may be colour options ; mine is the 'blue version'. Highly recommended
  9. I think the C8 Edge is an under rated scope Good price for its aperture, not silly money like the C9.25 (double the price) or C11 Edge's (triple the price ? ) Less susceptible to thermals by all accounts with its cooling vents (which can be modded) and having lens elements in its baffle tube (which stops heat going in) And a good second hand option may be a bit of a bargain.....and it bino-views very well indeed...... If i was to buy another Cat scope, this would probably top the list.
  10. My newest grab-go, APM 105/650 riding on my new DM-4 / photo tripod.
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