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  1. John : it great to see one of these rare Bray mounts. I remember about 15 years ago looking at Alt-az mount options and being very keen on a Bray Tablet mount but they sadly went out of production before i'd even started saving for one. In fact it was this sort of design that led me to the DM-6, although it was another 5 years before i started the ball rolling on that one !
  2. @GavStar Ok........... The handset. I can't get to grips with it. I struggle with the alignment procedure every time. I've done 2 star alignments and slewed to an object and its been nowhere near it. You have to be careful with the cables which can easily get caught. And the main power lead is all too easy to accidentally catch and pull out. Its unbelievably heavy. I'm glad i go to the gym ! The counterweights are hazardous to fingers ! The edges of the tightening wheels are razor sharp (as well as the bars) , and i've cut myself on them several times. Its a gloves on job now for me when i handle them. Other than that..... The reality is, i'm not very savvy with things like this, and just need someone who knows the mount show me the ropes. Neils has just started an online user group, so hopefully i can get to grips with it. I must persevere, as it's stopping me doing any sort of imaging. Then theres the fact then when i actually do get a clear night when i'm not at work, its all too easy just to grab the DM-6 and be observing in no time at all. That i can use, and i have no problem at all using the DSC Nexus, unlike the Panther.
  3. Thanks, its been one of my best astro purchases. And Tom Peters who runs DiscMounts in Florida was a pleasure to do business with. It cost me a bit, but i was fortunate enough to buy it in 2014 when we were getting $1.70 / to the pound.
  4. Here are mine : I'm one of the few UK owners of an American made Discmounts DM-6, purchased new in 2014. Many feel its one of the best manual Alt-az mounts there is (I'm biased) Towards the end of 2018 i purchased a new TTS-160 Panther mount from 'Track the Stars'. With a slightly red face, i must confess to hardly ever having used it.......thats partly due to my preference of my DM-6 for easy manual alt-az. The other part is that i need to 'fall in love' with the Panther. And i'm afraid i haven't. I actually dislike it, and have thought about selling it.
  5. All that aside, i'm certainly impressed with the website. Very well presented with all the info right there. I was just drooling over the 90mm Coranado's.........
  6. If its any consolation, i was in Munich in the Fatherland for the same event. Lovely clear day for the most part, except for it clouding over for 30mins either side of totality Had i been in Stuttgart instead, i'd have seen it all..... However another of my favourite astronomy memories was the amazing fireball meteor event on the evening of March 4th 2012. I was ultra lucky to see it......i was actually at work and I was driving a train at the time, fully dark adapted and in a good area of dark sky a few miles to the west of Uttoxeter. By chance i was heading in the right direction and i spotted it in the north sky as it was heading southwards. Those 10-15 seconds i followed it will live with me forever. Never seen anything like it before or since. It must have brushed a lower part of the Earths atmosphere at some point because it looked like something out of a Hollywood movie just for a few seconds I thought for a second it was coming down Chelyabinsk style, but it didn't ; it seemed to climb and passed overhead and gone forever all too soon. Unforgettable.
  7. I've used my 2x 2" (and 4x 2") to take Prime focus images of the moon and sun a few times before. The results have been pleasing. Although i'm not much of an imager either (just a wannabe one !) I have the 2" Powermates as i'm using a FF DSLR The Powermates are excellent in every way, and you can often pick them up second hand with decent reductions. They hold their value as well if you sell further down the line. I'm sure the ES version is just as good though Be aware that they throw the focus plane out quite a bit (certainly the 4x) and i remember with an old refractor i had to employ extensions on the focuser.
  8. I'd have been interested as its not far from me, but it clashes with the PAS, and i don't want to miss that. If i go in the future, do they allow camper vans and provide EHU ?
  9. Good to hear Michael. I knew a chap who has a 10" Schmidt Newt. Pretty rare beasts nowadays, but an interesting design, and you wonder why they discontinued them ?
  10. I never knew that was an issue @Louis D My 15x50s are rubber armoured and date from 2004, and they are as good now as they were back then. Mind you, i live in Derby UK, not Texas !! It's a bit cooler (make that about 20ºC cooler) here. They're not going to melt here in any hurry, believe me !
  11. I think they'd be too heavy. If they were viable, i think Canon would have done a pair by now. They've been around for about 20yrs. My 15x50s are nice to use but they are on the heavy side. And optically i don't think they are that good. Ok but not that good. I've always fancied the L series 10x42's but the price of them puts me off. I'd certainly look in a second hand pair though. I also have 10x30's which are great although i tend to use them terrestrially more than for astro.
  12. Agreed on zoom binoculars. Avoid them. If only you lived a bit closer, i'd let you try out a pair of my Canon's. Image stabilised binoculars are well worth looking into, and when i let others try them out they never fail to impress.
  13. My order went through on December 18 just over a month ago. (a new order : i didn't do a Mk 1 trade-in) I have 2 Tracer cells and also a Celestron Powertank for when i'm out in the field. Hopefully they will be ok. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks/celestron-lithium-lifepo4-powertank-pro.html
  14. Ooooh...had an email from FLO to tell me mine is coming in the post tomorrow !! How exciting.....!! I'm not entirely sure what to do with it though.....
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