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  1. Hi Nicos after what Mike said I am not suprised you pulled the advert.☺

  2. Hi Chris, if I had one it would only go into the car to our Society's observatory so a max of 6 times a year. I wouldn't realy use it at home because of a lack of a suitable space to to set it up outside my house. That may change in the future. But at present i can't see myself getting enough use from it. Good luck with the sale. Martin.
  3. Very impressive Mike, certainly convinced my wife that it is a worthwhile investment.
  4. I think it's a lovely piece of kit, no prices on the page, can it be fitted to any tripod and do you use the NAVIS with it?
  5. I can understand that Nico. I wasn't familiar with all the other gear you had with it so I googled it. The tripod and the mount are really nice, what extender did you use on the tripod? The tripod makers also have some lovely mounts. I must save some pennies before buying!
  6. I met Simon this morning, he's a really nice chap and his kit is in excellent condition. Unfortunately though it's not what I wanted. Hopefully someone else will snap it up. You won't be disappointed if you do.
  7. Looks like a nice piece of kit. If I knew that I would use it I would have bought it, unfortunately I know that at present it would be a bit of a struggle to fit it into the car to take it on holiday. Good luck with the sale.
  8. Really like your stuff Nicos, unfortunately I am tired of loking at my 150mm refractor sitting in the garage. It's too heavy to drag out and set up and comparing the weight of that beautiful Tak with what I already have puts me off. If only I had an observatory! I really like the tripod and head, but I must buy a Tak 100DZ first. God luck with the sale, I'm sure it will be snapped up soon.
  9. Hi Mike any chance of posting the link to one of your posts where you showed some sketches you did? I can't seem to find it, I want to show my wife what you can see with a 100mm Tak.

    I think you were commenting on someone buying an Altair Astro refractor.

    Thank you,


    1. mikeDnight


      Hi Martin,

      Gosh, I'm struggling to remember which post it was as I've posted so much lately. What i can do though is send you some images of the sketches I've made using the FC100DC. The chances are the pics you're looking for will be among the images I send. I'm mainly interested in lunar and planetary these days but I've also made quite a number of deep sky sketches too, so I'll send you a mix.

      Kind regards,


    2. mikeDnight


      Hi Martin,

      Below are a number of sketches all made using the Takahashi FC100DC, and all were made under reasonable to good conditions. For the deep sky observations I took every precaution to block out stray light. My little observatory has blacked out walls and floor and when observing outside the observatory, I use a blackout blanket over my head and eyepiece to maintain dark adaption as far as possible. When I find a deep sky object I study it for some time, rather than quickly moving on to the next. That way I allow the subtle detail to reveal itself.

      The Moon:








      The planets:







      Deep Sky:







    3. Martin13


      Wow, I really love the sketches.

      Thank you for sharing them with me Mike.


  10. Hi John, was looking on FLO at this after Mike mentioned it. Seriously tempted by it. Do you think it's worth buying the package or just the OTA? Looked at Borg, APM, Vixen and Stellamira as well. I think it will be the Tak.
  11. Hi Joejaguar, Toronto is a little too far away for me. I think import duties would also be rather pricey! Will definitely look at some TAKs , getting lots of good advice here. Thank you.
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