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  1. Good idea. I'll put it on my list of things for when I win the lottery. £800 a bit steep foe me.
  2. I've got the short tube version. Views of the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter under good seeing have been incredible. As already mentioned don't expect to see lots of detail in the DSO's, but it's surprising what you can find when you get going. During the first year I was out with it every single clear night. I'm still finding new DSO's, which is the fun of it for me. Best money I've spent.
  3. I had never bothered looking out for any type of cloud, NLC or otherwise, until a week or so ago. Now I can't believe that I had not seen them before, they were a fantastic sight and quite surreal.
  4. Looks like a great start to me. I've tried astrophotography a couple of times but not achieved anything worth showing, so well done.
  5. Amazing what you can do with mobile phones these days - nice pic!
  6. Hope all goes well, good luck for the future. A big motorhome and 25" obsession sounds ideal to me. Don't think my girlfriend would agree though - I've got to stick with a 6" Newtonian and a tent.
  7. When I first found Jupiter the scope hadn't cooled at all and it was only just above the horizon as I couldn't wait. Needless to say it was just an orange blob! The second time is when I first saw the bands on the planet and have been captivated ever since.
  8. Thanks Olly - it was NGC2264 I was thinking of, about 10 degrees off the shoulder of Orion (close to the Sun at the moment though). It is surrounded by nebulosity, but I've only seen the cluster.
  9. Has the christmas tree cluster been mentioned? Can't remember the NGC number.
  10. Looks like some serious kit there. I have the same 2x barlow but wish I had the rest of it too. Will treat myself to a nagler if I ever get spare cash again.
  11. Good report. I've had one of these scopes for a couple of years now and have seen more than I ever imagined I would with it. You should have many more good nights to come. It's been worth every penny and more for me (just get into trouble with the girlfriend sometimes for making noise in the early hours!).
  12. I've only seen the North American Nebula once, from a dark site. I think I've got a sketch in my book, but know it wont be as good as yours.
  13. I've read this book and thought it was really good. It's been a while since I read it but have read similar books since and 'Big Bang' sticks in my mind as being one of the best.
  14. Thanks for the review Wayne. I have been looking into getting a guide scope/small 'grab and go' . I can't afford the pro series or equinox so the ST80 is a strong contender
  15. Not pathetic attempts at all! I think the first pic is the best - it's sharper than image 2 and better exposed than 3, nice details along the terminator.
  16. As someone who tries to make sketches I can appreciate the time and effort that goes in to them. Fine picture, I like the effect.
  17. Great picture - wish I could produce stuff like that!
  18. I take notes and make sketches but have to type them up after as I am normally writing in the cold under red light. I include date, time, seeing, transparancy, location, conditions (ie light pollution etc), general descriptions (eg number of stars resolved in clusters, any particularly bright or any colours etc). Number of satellites/meteors with time and position. I try not to get too bogged down though as I don't want to spend more time writing than observing!
  19. I've finally got around to booking a few nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Must remember the wellies again, but am obviously hoping for 3 crystal clear nights!
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