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    Sunspots 5/9/21

    Very nicely done. Far better than my effort from today.
  2. Lucky I was off work today. The sky was clear so I put my mak out with a white light filter just on the off chance.
  3. Me too around the same time. Went up to x266 because the seeing was very good.
  4. Great image. Incredible detail.
  5. Missed Saturn, a bit too low for me. Not had my scope out in a few months but got to use my new morpheus 4.5mm tonight because the seeing has been so good most of the time.
  6. Just watching shadow transit now. Seeing very good.
  7. I'll have breaks from using my scope of a few months sometimes due to weather/work etc.
  8. Yes I have been up to the observatory when I have been to the star camps. I love spending time at Kielder
  9. I did manage to get out with the chart. Transparency wasn't great. I didn't make an estimate. Used my 9x63 bins.
  10. They"re Celestron. Prefer them to my 15x70 Celestron.
  11. I"m in Wales and had a clear sky at a fairly dark sky last night. M52 easily visible with 9x63 bins. Unfortunately my phone had died and so didn't have the chart to identify which star it was! Looking like two more clear nights though.
  12. That image is mind blowing. I think it's the most incredible image ever taken. The one thing (astronomical) I would really want in my life time is evidence of past or current life somewhere, however basic. It may not happen, but maybe a solar system mission will turn something up.
  13. Thanks for your suggestions. I drove through flagstaff in 2017 after seeing the eclipse up in Idaho. We were on a fairly tight schedule and didn"t stop overnight. I kick myself now but at the time had planned to go back fairly soon and spend a good few days in the area. Ended up going to the Kennedy Space Centre the following year to see TESS launch. I can't make our trips all about space because my wife only has a passing interest. We ended up going to the Space Centre 3 days running because the launch was delayed Jodrell Bank is somewhere I really must go as it's not far from me, about 1h 45m. Herstmonceux has been on my list for many years and never made it to one of the events yetm
  14. Hi all, Where have you been that is a must see? Greenwich and the science museum are on the door step and certainly worth a trip. The Kennedy Space Centre is fantastic. I plan to visit Houston in 2024 on an eclipse trip. Where have you been that is a must visit (assuming no travel restrictions!). Thanks
  15. Frustrating the weather is so bad. Should pick it up in my 15x70 bins.
  16. Great images. Just saw this on Space Weather. I"m working from home at the moment, fingers crossed for a clear patch here.
  17. I'm a bit late seeing this, what a great set of images.
  18. I always regret not buying a when they were still about £400.
  19. Excellent. Sounds like a great session. Will put some of those on my list for the next clear night.
  20. Nice work. I haven't seen either for a while, mainly due to laziness than the weather.
  21. I live in a bortle 8 area and still have a scan around with the bins sometimes. Just relax and enjoy it as it can get frustrating with so much light and air pollution.
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