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  1. I really should think before posting!
  2. Lots of cloud but some nice glimpses of jupiter and ganymede transit. Just caught saturn
  3. I had hopes for tonight. Got half my kit out and waiting to see if cloud clears.
  4. Too cloudy here. Pinning my hopes on tomorrow night. Not work Saturday so don't have to worry about getting up. I think one of Jupiters moons will be in transit at the same time as the GRS tomorrow.
  5. Looked fairly bright last night in my 9x63 bins. Not naked eye though.
  6. I got the clear sky I wanted for Neowise. Thought the planets would be far too low. Lucky I had cut a bush down earlier in the year and bought some garden furniture that was just right to stand the scope on. Had great views of Jupiter with GRS and Saturn, Cassini Division and 5 moons. Better than expected for a change!
  7. I just want a patch of clear sky in the right place about 10.30pm to have another look at neowise. Would like to get the scope on jupiter and saturn but they are annoyingly low.
  8. Must be fairly bright still. It was easy to spot with my 9x63 bins even with a thin cloud layer. Being close to a distinctive group of stars helped to find it quickly. Too low for the scope, I had to look out the bedroom window.
  9. Tempting grab n go for spur of the moment drives to somewhere darker.
  10. I wanted a Tasco as a kid. My old 60mm frac only went up to x75, but the Tasco in the Catalogue (probably Kays) went up to x525. I had a few old library books and could only find the bright planets, so spent a lot of time looking at the moon. I was still amazed by the craters every time I looked!
  11. Thanks for the heads up. It will be a nice break from digging the garden today!
  12. bish

    Exit pupil

    No I haven"t Stu, sounds good, I will have a look. Cheers.
  13. bish

    Exit pupil

    Thanks Stu. It would mainly get used at home, which is very light polluted. Another vote for the 24mm.
  14. bish

    Exit pupil

    Thanks Paul, That may be the better option then. I hadn"t thought about it because I have the 68 degree 24mm. Could always sell the 68 degree if get on better with 82 degree
  15. bish

    Exit pupil

    Hi all, I am thinking about a ES 30mm ep. The exit pupil would be about 6.3, do you think it might be wasted in 50 year old eyes? Thanks
  16. I failed again last night, but it was quite misty out. Just to see how bad it was I had a quick look at M51 and was it barely visible in my 10" dob. Seemed the conditions weren't good enough. Another try tonight!! Just glad to get Panstarrs before the skies cloud over again.
  17. Was supposed to be clear for me last night but a thin layer of cloud meant comets were a no go. Although I did try for an hour!
  18. Panstarrs seemed bigger to me last night, but that could have been the conditions. Still no luck with Atlas despite Heavens above listing it as mag 8.
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