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  1. It's good to read a report of somebody with the same scope as me who has managed to use it under a good sky. It's been a while since I have, often a nice dark sky can lack the transparency. I remember a cracking view of the flame nebula with a UHC filter under good conditions. I don't even try it from my back garden.
  2. At least you"ve managed to get a nice pic in the time you"ve had. Grab it while you can these days!
  3. Been out to have a quick look at the partial eclipse with my bins. Very subtle. Think it is going to cloud over so wont get anything else done.
  4. Luckily my wife went out early and told me the moon was looking nice. I grabbed my bins to look at the crescent moon and Mars was in the same FOV.
  5. It's always good to get a quick unplanned session if things have been a bit sparse.
  6. Ive been out with the scope all night at -9, with a hair dryer to keep it clear . My camera was fine at -20 photographing the Northern Lights. There are wildlife photographers who have been out in -50 to get the shot. Dont expect the batteries last long.
  7. Clear but a bit misty here. Not much good for DSO (very light polluted too) or planets, so have been doing VS estimates.
  8. Thanks. I am probably too clumsy to use one, as much as I would like one.
  9. Sorry to go off topic a bit. From reading other posts I get the impression that the ES 92 17mm might be a bit much for my SW 250px focuser to handle well. My heaviest ep at the moment is only a radian 8mm. What are your thoughts John?
  10. I think it is BenQ. Sorry I would go and check for you but it's packed away in the garage and I am typing from bed. Certainly not an expensive one and I project in a 6 meter dome. You dont get the pin point stars that you would with a mechanical projector though.
  11. I have a planetarium projector. Never opened up the casing but it looks to be a standard projector which goes through a fish eye lens. Stellarium works well with it.
  12. Was nice and clear but cloudy now. Actually out working anyway but have the option to quickly grab bins and filter to pull over on side of road. Not looking good though.
  13. I only hear things (foxes mainly) when I am in a suburban garden. Out in the countryside things seem to keep away. I can"t watch the Blair Witch Project before going camping though.
  14. Yes I have notebooks and make sketches that I do refer back to now and then. I send variable star estimates to BAAVS and AAVSO. I used to draw craters as a kid but they have been lost over the years.
  15. It is on the wane. I have always been observational, other than a dabble with planets when I had an EQ mount and a few with the phone I can"t say I wouldn't be tempted , if I had spare cash, to try narrow band from my light polluted sky. As Carole said there is only so many times you can look.at the same things. I tend to track asteroids, comets, variables and try splitting doubles. I will probably always want a bigger scope with visual, and then will never tire of revisiting the lollipops. Having said that, the moon is still captivating. To me you can"t beat being in a cold dark field and finally tracking down a faint DSO. To look through a 30" + scope from a really dark site would be on my bucket list. Even if I did imaging I would want to be outside under the stars. I wouldn"t knock anybody for how they enjoy the hobby, but for me remote imaging wouldn't give me the same buzz. I can appreciate the satisfaction you must get from producing the amazing images you see though.
  16. Can"t beat sweeping bins around a dark sky for relaxing observing!
  17. I was working in Swindon. I didn"t even bother to go outside to look at the clouds.
  18. I have an ironing chair to perch on. Saves my knees and back on long sessions.
  19. An old encyclopeadia and sneaking out at night as a kid got me interested, SPM certainly fuelled the interested as I got older. Others do a good job on TV but nobody will match his infectious enthusiasm in my mind.
  20. bish

    Hello From US !

    Welcome Rich. You will find lots of help on the forum.
  21. Yes. I bought mine from the school book shop. It was my only new book, the others were old library books acquired from somewhere.
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