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  1. Many thanks. That is really helpful.
  2. Hi, I was thinking of having a dabble in some low cost astro phtotography. I have an 1100d , 50mm and 70-300 lens I could use, so thought I might get a star adventurer. My 127mm mak is on an AZ goto, which I could mount my camera on, but don"t know if it would be as good as the star adventurer. As an aside, would the mak/mount be OK for planetary/lunar if I got a celestron nexstar or similar. Thanks Bish
  3. It"s the Kielder star camp . I think electric hook up pitches go fast but I always get a spot for a tent.
  4. Yes I will be there. I never bother checking the forecast anymore because I will go on the off chance of a patch of clear sky! It's a bit of peace regardless. I take more home comforts ever time I go. Think it"s my age!
  5. Is anybody going up to Kielder this week?
  6. The Skywatcher 250px is a great scope for the money. There are more expensive lighter better quality scopes, but I have never compared them. Easy to use, quick set up, not too bulky or heavy. DSO"s will be brighter and easier to spot.
  7. I have a 127 on AZ goto to sell. It has hardly used. Does have a scratch on the tube. Could take some pics.
  8. bish

    Wish me luck

    I came very close to cleaning it in the cell because the bolts were so tight. I was lucky to only break two of them!
  9. bish

    Wish me luck

    Yes the bolts were in so tight that two of them just sheared off. Thanks for the tutorial. It worked a treat.
  10. Great result with a phone. Seeing for last night was terrible. You got a better picture with your phone.
  11. bish

    Wish me luck

    It's nice and clean at the moment, but not back in yet. 2 of the mirror clamp bolts broke off. There are 10 more so I am going to see how it holds. If it shifts around I will see if i can replace them.
  12. bish

    Wish me luck

    Still not done it yet! Been side tracked by my wife wanting to go to shops. She going out with the dogs later. I"m getting mentally prepared to jump into action.
  13. bish

    Wish me luck

    Thanks for the link. Your video is the one I was going to follow.
  14. bish

    Wish me luck

    Planned for later today. I will take some pictures. You can uncross your fingers for a bit and cross them again about 3pm. Thank you.
  15. bish

    Wish me luck

    Thanks. I will need to keep my bouncy puppy out of the way too.
  16. I"m going to clean my mirror for the first time tomorrow. I"m a bit clumsy. Fingers crossed it stays in one piece
  17. Great report. I expect detailed sketches too next time!
  18. I will always want a bigger scope, but intend to keep my 250px. It is easy to carry out to the patio, doesn"t take up too much room and is a decent size aperture for planetary detail or finding DSOs atva dark site. Would still love to have a 20"+ though!
  19. Just watching now. I wasn"t expecting that.
  20. Great result. Think I might have to try it myself.
  21. Nice image. I was looking at Jupiter and the seeing was terrible. Your image confirms that my sketch is about right. Thanks for posting!
  22. Kielder is one of my favourite places to camp and unwind. Coming up from the Midlands it"s a nice drive once I reach the Lake District too. Of course there's the forest, Kielder Water and the observatory as well as really dark skies. Saw the Aurora for the first time from Kielder. My wife is more than happy to get rid of me for a few days too!
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