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  1. leo82


    Ah I think I have one of them, an ebay special, i think it's called ebony. Will I need a better one than this or are they all the same? I know nothing about filters.
  2. leo82


    Theres not much I can do about the light pollution unfortunately but double stars seem the way to go judging by the feeling of splitting stars last night!
  3. leo82


    I will definitely look into a better finderscope. The other mods look like there worth doing too. I have it collimated now to the best I can get it, using a chesire collimater rather than a laser collimater, then checking it on an out of focus star regularly. Fortunately my phone has night mode and stellarium has the red light feature, I also put the scope out while it was still light to cool down. I just need to get out more and gain more experience
  4. leo82


    I found it! I also found out how useless my finderscope is. My way of finding it was a last stab in the dark before throwing the towel in, sometimes it's at this point that things can actually work out for you. The way I did it was to turn on stellarium and zoom in to y sge and look for star patterns, there is a triangle next to y sge that points near enough to m27. I followed the point of the triangle until I hit a row of stars which opened up into an open group of loose stars with m27 being in the middle. I checked all the stars on stellarium and they indicated I was indeed lo
  5. leo82


    Weather forecast says clear again tonight so I should get some time to try it out. This way seems alot easier than starhoppng from albireo. I like to look at albireo and the coathanger in this area, I didn't know about m71, I shall look for this too. Many thanks.
  6. leo82


    Thanks for the reply Stu. I dont have a telrad, I use a red dot finder, then check it in a cheap 6x30 right angle finder scope, then view in the eye pieces. This only works with the brighter stars though. I'm no good at working out degrees in eyepieces and the like. If I were to position y sge star on the edge of a 25mm eyepiece would m27 be visible on the opposite side?
  7. Hi all, How is the best way to star hop to m27? I tried last night for a good 2.5 hours looking for it but failed miserably. The way I tried was coming from albireo, the only problem is the stars seem to faint. Many thanks.
  8. thanks guys. I have jotted these down and shall have a look for them soon, I dont think i'll be out to late I can already feel my eyes shutting.
  9. Hi all, For some reason I observe during winter and it's always the same targets. I did try looking for m13 and m57 the other night, only problem was they were both directly overhead and was a bit uncomfortable trying to find new targets at that kind of angle. I did however have a look at albireo, it is a great sight. What are some good targets to have a look at using a 130mm reflector at this time of year? Many thanks.
  10. Thanks for the speedy reply happy-kat. I've had a read through the thread in your link, I like the alt setting and the bonus holders for the eyepieces! I like the idea of the compass, but as Geoff states the ota deflects the compass pointer. I would like to do the setting circles with the red light, did you complete yours?
  11. Hey happy-kat, I know this is an old post, I came across it looking for setting circles for the heritage 130. May I ask where you got these plans as I have searched all over the internet and cant find any that will fit the 130. Thank you.
  12. Thanks for the replies, I guess the evostar is the best choice for the moon and planets too?
  13. Hi all, Previously I had the chance to buy an evo star 90mm for a good price, unfortunately the chap decided to keep it instead. I now have the chance to buy the red coated skywatcher mak 90mm for a good price. As I have the heritage 130mm I was thinking of using the base to house the mak, this would be a lot better storage wise compared to the evostar. Out of the 3 telescopes stated above which would be the best telescope to get started searching for the doubles. The mak and the evo star are longer focal lengths but the 130mm has bigger aperture. Any advice woul
  14. Thanks for the replies. Satellites it was then.
  15. It didn't seem to travel in a straight line though, more of a staggered motion.
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