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  1. leo82

    Above orion

    Thanks for the replies. Satellites it was then.
  2. leo82

    Above orion

    It didn't seem to travel in a straight line though, more of a staggered motion.
  3. leo82

    Above orion

    Was anybody looking up at 06:40 - 06:45 this morning? I was taking a look at orion using just my eyes and saw a bright flash out the corner of my eye, I looked above orion and saw the flash again and then again, for about 15 times, it went from left to right.
  4. Ahh that's cool, now to find who's selling it the cheapest!
  5. That book looks fab, got to get it! I like the details at the side. What would the limit be for a 90mm?
  6. Does sissy Haas categorise the lists, I have the charts, if sissy Haas lists are easy to understand then I think it's exactly what I need.
  7. Thanks for the replies all, these lists should keep me busy for a while. I've got the cambridge double star atlas, but as a beginner it's hard to know what's easy medium and hard especially when using smaller telescopes.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for a nice easy double star list that would be in reach of a 90mm refractor. Many thanks
  9. I think everybody does
  10. Maybe a second hand az5 goto mount may be beneficial? Could probably pick one up for same price or less than a morpheous eyepiece. I think sharing the telescope between 3 people then automatic tracking has to be a good thought? A nice step up in eyepieces would be the bst range, they are a joy to use.
  11. @Mark at Beaufort Is that an az5 mount? How does it handle the heritage?
  12. A bit scary getting the drill out but was straight forward in the end. It's all aligned, just need a clear night now!
  13. @Ricochet I'm definitely going to attach it to the solid part of the ota but I'll have to drill through it as the base isn't flat enough to use double sided sticky tape or wide enough to use cable ties. @Stargazer McCabe Can you do any more mods to your heritage lol. I'm thinking of attaching the finderscope where you have your rdf. What kind of material have you used for your shroud?
  14. Hi all, Has anybody successfully attached a finderscope to their heritage? I've bought a cheap 6x30 finderscope from Amazon which I'm looking to attach to mine. Even though it's only a cheap finderscope a quick test showed detail on a pigeon sitting on an aerial a couple of streets away so all looks well.
  15. I've modified my photo tripod slightly and took of the base of the mount. It's not the most stable, but it'll get me some height until I get another mount, I did make a wooden tripod last year but didn't seal it and it got weather damaged!

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