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  1. the Rosette nebula is easily and if not my favorite nebula!
  2. oh i didn't knew there was mount for 2 telescopes, but is it beneficial to have 2 telescopes poiting the same object?
  3. yesterday the night was very clear, i decided to bring out my telescope and my tablet for the app Star Walk 2, as usual i looked at saturn first, The image of saturn with the 10mm Plossl with the Barlow x 2 was a tiny bit smaller than the regular view i would get from my 4mm eyepiece, but i still saw it's ring im pretty happy And after alot of night of failing to aim the Dumbell nebula, i finally did it! of course i didn't saw the colors, but i still saw it's faint glowing in my 20mm, then i put my 10mm Plossl, it was bigger, i saw the somewhat basic shape, it was circular and i saw it's unperfect circle! ( cuts on the left and right ) and i was so happy i finally succesfully aimed at night after weeks of trying, and also very happy because i saw a nebula! Then i decided to try observing Mars again, last time i tried, i was using my 4mm with the Barlow x2 lens.. and of course the image was horrible, but now with my 10mm Ploss and the Barlow, i saw a white ball that was glowing red! i was so happy because the 10mm Plossl was allowing me to see things that i couldn't observe before with only my 20mm and my 4mm! And i ended the observing session by looking at the Pléiades ( sorry i don't know the english name, it's a star cluster ) and it was very beautifull
  4. me it's usually half a week cloudy and half a week clear ?
  5. I don't know where to post my drawings ? but here they are anyway I did a landscape and a sky map of my favorite part of the sky (made it with the Star Walk 2 app for smaller stars locations ) And yes, i know in the landscape we shouldnt see the 3stars because the moon is suposed to cover them but i put them anyway to make the sky look more "alive"
  6. Hello! right now im wondering... Does any eye pieces we buy fit to any telescope? are eye pieces universal? just a small question because im thinking about buying a new eye piece ( i have already a 4mm and 20mm eye piece i got with my telescope )
  7. Yesterday it was the only night with a clear sky for a whole week, i checked the meteo and next week and there is supposed to have alot of clear sky anyway back to my experience last night... my telescope: BRESSER Solarix 76/350 Yesterday i was stargazing in my garden with the app Star Walk 2, i learned some more constellations, tried to watch a star cluster in the Hercules constellation, i just saw a faint glowing ball but im still pretty proud of myself for aiming at it without a finderscope i watched the fabulous moon, it's also almost full moon in 2 or 3days and i hope the sky will be clear when i decide to observe it! i learned those constellations(those are the french name sorry) : Cassiopée, Céphée, Cygne, Andromède, Hercule after watching 2 shooting star ( and i succesfully tracked them with my telescope, pretty proud of my aim ), the clouds covering saturn finally disapeared, i quikly tried to spot it by myself without the app in the area the cloud was covering and then i aimed at Saturn first try because it was the most glowing "star" in the night sky, i aimed at it with my H20mm eye piece, it was clearly shining alot i then decided to use my 4mm eye piece, it apeared blurry but after i changed the focus i saw it.. the famous ringed planet, it was the first time for me seeing it and it really made me happy! of course there was not alot of detail, but i still saw the giant ball and the ring separated, i observed it for around 10seconds then another cloud covered it.. and then it began to rain slowly and i went back inside with my scope, i really enjoyed this night i wasnt able to make a picture because i brang my tablet instead of my phone, and my tablet is obviously too big for the phone holder
  8. oh i was just about to ask why im seeing my secondary mirror when i look at mars but thanks anyway
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