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  1. Eastman

    The big and the small of comet 46P

    Nice comparison, I have only seeing it with the 20X60 bins. The last few day it is unfortunately very cloudy. Would like to see it with the 10"dob. Great sketches.
  2. Eastman

    Observing Report 12/12/18

    Great report, and beautiful varied objects. The Cat's eye nebula is still on my to do list, Always having a hard time finding it. Really curious about this nebula.
  3. Eastman

    Hi from Netherlands..

    Hello Nojus and welcome, I'm lucky to have some pretty dark skies (for Dutch standards) on the Veluwe.
  4. Eastman

    Observing Comet 46P

    Got it with the 20 X 60 bins, glad to catch it during a clear sky break between cloudcovers before the moon is going to be present again. It was a easy visable grey blob with a ligther core, no naked eye object from my garden. Skysafari 5 Pro was spot on, a easy starhop SE from Menkar in Cetus.
  5. Eastman

    First session in 84 days

    Good to be back in the saddle and great way to and a session.
  6. Eastman

    46P Wirtanen and a treat

    Great report, came from a quick view at 46P / Wirtanen. Need a bino for the comet from my garden. Nice lighter core is a grey fuzzy blob.
  7. Great paul, I really wish the clouds here getting blown away so I can take a look myself.
  8. Eastman

    Winter Circle

    Great picture, the beehive cluster, Christmas tree cluster, M35, M37 and starfish cluster also visible. I think there is plenty more in it.
  9. Eastman

    Friday astronomy!

    It sure is Emustardust, and looking at the complete constellations with the naked eye is great too.
  10. Great report Alan, wow spiral arms. M33 I find very hard to see at all,
  11. Eastman

    Splitting the Trapezium

    Great report Neil, nice job splitting the trapezium's E and F. I never had succes on that one myself but I keep on trying
  12. Eastman

    Short 20 X 60 session

    I know that one, great object. Time to revisit again
  13. Eastman

    Short 20 X 60 session

    Really nice object Neil, great bino object too. Thanks again
  14. Eastman

    Short 20 X 60 session

    It's also the only way to see M33 from my garden, spend way to much time on it trying to find it with a telescope. Probably looking right through it. I really enjoy those wide views, but I should probably buy a 15 X 70 someday.

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