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  1. Eastman

    What did the postman bring?

    Well you bought yourself the best present ever!
  2. Eastman

    M81 & M82 Bode's & Cigar Galaxy

    Great picture Dave.
  3. Eastman

    Hello from maryland

    Hi Tim, welcome from the Netherlands, great to make this a family adventure.
  4. Eastman


    Hello DCBassman welcome from the Netherlands, as a guitar player myself I know that one, it's hard in combination with aperture fever
  5. Eastman

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi and welcome from the Netherlands
  6. Eastman

    First Light With the 12 inch Dobsonian.

    Great first light Geoff, That must have been some view at Omega Centauri with that big 12"dob.
  7. Eastman

    Venus, Moon and Beehive Now!

    Darn….clouds in the west, but thanks for sharing, there must be some lucky ones tonight.
  8. Eastman

    New Dob's First Outing

    Great Doug, 10" power glad you like it. Good idea the dobriser, looks very solid.
  9. Eastman

    Show us your travel kit

    This is my set up for the holiday's. The Pentax 20 X 60, useless without it's tripod. I like the 20 X gives my just enough magnification to see the ring of Saturn. It's small but it's there. It has given many passersby on holiday there first glimpse at Saturn, Always great reactions.
  10. Eastman

    10" Bresser Dob Has Landed!

    Congrats Doug, nice dob. How's the rockerbox its looks great, smooth elevation?
  11. Globular Milkcreamer spil on laptop.
  12. Eastman

    TSA120 first light

    Great set up Gerry, congrets. Enjoy and clear skies, great to give it a succesfull first light.
  13. Eastman

    Delta Twins, & A Few Visual Doubles In Lyra

    Nice report Doug, I learnt something too. I never heard of the Delta Lyrae cluster (Stephenson 1), looked so many time at the Ring Nebula and the doubles in Lyrae. For sure going to take a better look at the Delta cluster next time.
  14. Eastman

    The clouds that never arrived

    Great report and write up Nell. That 10" is doing well, nice varied objects. That must have being a nice long night observing.
  15. Eastman

    Hello, I'm new here

    Welcome from the Netherlands Richard, you are starting with a good scope. It will bring you lots of good observations for the years to come. Enjoy and clear skies.

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