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  1. Eastman

    Equinox 120 opens up the sky !

    Impressive list of targets there Nick, great catch despite of the moons presence.
  2. Eastman

    Observation Session from Wolves astro

    I really like that one, it's got many names, I like the stellarium name "dragonfly cluster" great report.
  3. Eastman

    Amazing Sun Dog spotted

    Great stuff, had the same view from my car here in the north of the Netherlands last wednesday around 17:30 local time
  4. Eastman

    Blasted foot!

    That's what counts Rob, nice objects.
  5. Well ,that good folks of Celestron. great service, the view must be stunning on the moon. Nice report.
  6. Eastman

    First light new refractor

    Congrats on your new scope,
  7. Eastman

    Hi from a total newbie :)

    Hi there and welcome from the Netherlands
  8. Eastman

    Hello from Spain

    Hello Segio and welcome from the Netherlands
  9. Eastman

    One clear Skye....

    Great report estwing and some great pictures @swamp thing
  10. Eastman

    Mind the gap

    Great report Neil, Seems like the O-III filter was well used. The Ghost of the Moon (NGC 6781) sounds very interesting, going to put that one on the to do list, thanks.
  11. Eastman

    Cats Eye Nebula

    Nice one, successful at the first attempt? It's on my list for a long time, I find it very hard to find. Not been successfull yet, but I keep trying.
  12. Eastman

    Barnard’s Loop and the Horsehead

    Great pictures, the amount of detail in it, must be a joy everytime you use the NV. That horse head is spectacular.
  13. Eastman

    Veil Nebula - First time ever

    Nice report. It's a magnificent showpiece Alan, I love it. I use the OIII filter. I had it in the eyepiece last fryday night, one of the other stargazers there took a look and said hmmmm is that all? Some a hard to please I guess
  14. Eastman

    Telrad ?

    So true, I've got one with a dew cap now, well a dew cap is a waste of money I found out yesterday
  15. Eastman

    Shall we get rid of the moon?

    Great idea Alan, something like this.

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