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  1. Eastman

    A Valentines Moon 14th Feb

    Great pictures!
  2. Yes, finally getting out again. I went out with the 10"dob to do some Moon gazing. Pretty stable views tonight letting the magnification going up to 300X. Plato showing some of it's smaller impact craters. Copernicus crater walls giving stunning details. Than Gassendi attract my eye, laying close against the terminator. I don't think I observed it before, maby just scanning over it. But this is a really nice crater and a real showpiece. It has a lot to show, several center peaks, a smaller compangion next to it and several beautiful rilles. Small report but great crater.
  3. Eastman

    An evening with the hunter

    Great report and really nice picture
  4. Eastman

    Hubble Variable Nebulae (C46)

    Nice one, A sketch sure helps to confirm. Congrats.
  5. Eastman

    Cold comfort

    That's the spirit
  6. Never knew that, thanks Neil
  7. Eastman

    Into the dim distant past

    Great Report Neil, that's what makes our hobby so cool.
  8. Eastman

    Widefield scanning of nebulae

    Wow great report again, I love those wideview shots Gav,
  9. Eastman

    Cold , but very light night !

    Cold but good, nice report.
  10. Eastman

    Cold but clear!!

    Nice report, deep vrozen telescope! I do like M35 and his companion, but a buddy had to tell me a couple of years ago, I never knew. Now I know I see them clearly.
  11. Eastman

    Peace, solitude, and pleasure

    Great report Steve, impressive list of objects. The Whale galaxy is beautiful indeed. Sure going to re-visit soon.
  12. Nice report and great to have such a dark garden.
  13. Eastman

    A glimpse of M31

    Nice report, next time with the scope you also can see it's satellites M32 and M110.
  14. Eastman

    Moonlit doubles in Orion

    Really nice report Dom, I guess that SW 100/900 ED is graet on doubles.
  15. Eastman

    Skywatcher Hyperflex 9-27mm zoom

    After more than a 1000 views and no enthusiastic user reviews I guess I have a answer too!

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