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  1. Eastman

    No, how is this possible.

    Yes JOC that's bad too. Better luck next time.
  2. Eastman

    No scope required 12/08/18

    Nice one Dominic. Sometimes a pair of bino's is enough.
  3. Eastman

    Sometimes less is more.

    Great report, sounds like a great dark sky. Nice objects with the 10×50.
  4. Eastman

    No, how is this possible.

    Just came back from my holiday at the south of France. Good timing with the moon absent. I was really looking forward to scan the nice dark and clear skies of the Cevennes. All good but.....I forgat to pack my grab and go set. Nooooo, can you believe that its 1300 km back north. The only thing left to do is to lay back in my chair and watch the Milky Way with the build in optics. I enjoyed that too but, darn this was a good place to take a telescoop. Better luck next year, and than check, double check, triple check and re-check again.
  5. Eastman

    Decided to join...Finally!

    Hi SIDO welcome from the Netherlands, and clear skies!
  6. Eastman

    Hello I am Chris

    Hi Chris and welcome from the Netherlands.
  7. Eastman

    Hello from Exmoor

    Hello and welcome from the Netherlands, clear skies.
  8. Great report Alan, nice read and again a trip to the unknow for me.
  9. Great report Alan, nice nebulae. Must have been great to get out with that 20" after 2 months.
  10. Eastman

    New Bresser frac, first light.

    Congrats with your new Bresser AR152L/1200. And bringing a friend to the party and get him hooked the first day, you are a great ambassador for the hobby.
  11. Eastman

    Dark nights coming back

    Great session Whistlin Bob, the Veil is a amazing object and get 's a lot of attention in the observing reports section these days. I can totaly understand why since I saw it for the first time nearly a week ago.
  12. Eastman

    A spot of darkness

    That's a really great session Neil, you've got some nice nebulae there. Plenty to see in the summer.
  13. Eastman

    Absolute newbie from Doncaster, UK

    Welcome Matt, and hello from the Netherlands. Clear skies.
  14. Great report, the heritage 130p is a great scope for his size. But put it under a dark sky a little later this year and you be amazed of it's capability. I also use it as a grab and go for lunar observation. Have fun with it.

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