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  1. Ooh that’s a lovely image, I’ve seen a few similar pictures but that's definitely one of the best.
  2. That was lovely, super images well worth the effort, thanks.
  3. That’s a very useful feature and seems fairly accurate, sometimes just getting Polaris visible in the polar scope to start with can be frustratingly challenging.
  4. Coming down like stair rods here, co says no chance of getting out anytime before next Friday.
  5. Agreed, saw it in Preston back in February.
  6. Without doubt the easier you make it to set up the more likely you are to use it.
  7. Oh yes,, that’s very nice, I think M1 with all its history is my favourite object that I’ve never seen.... yet.
  8. CO reporting clear up to midnight here, so setting up and going to try with some 300s subs on M27 and hopefully get enough to practice my processing with APP before the end of the free trial and it’s make your mind up time to buy or not to buy.
  9. Cloud vanished here around 8:30 sky lovely and clear so set up to see if my recently acquired baader VIP Barlow would come to focus when attached to my camera, and it won’t, the draw tube needs to be a good 50mm longer so tried it in the star diagonal just to see and there’s not enough inwards travel, back to the drawing board with that one. On the positive side there was a huge improvement with guiding which has been pitiful before modding my heq5 with the rowan belt modification kit at the weekend, still not perfect but a lot lot better. Has been quite an enjoyable session tonight not putting myself under any pressure to capture anything, just information gathering and much needed practice.
  10. Personally I would balance everything and use the finder to do your star alignment, obviously that would need to be aligned with the telescope correctly first, there’s a good chance your first alignment star could be quite a way off so the wide angle of the finder is quite helpful. It’s the way I do it and seems to work fine.
  11. Can’t say I’ve ever noticed it before but I have just spent a very productive half an hour spinning my tv remote, and it truly is (a thing)
  12. M31,, no better target to go for as a first
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