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  1. Bought last year to make up a dual imaging rig, but the two scopes, camera’s and all the other paraphernalia made it to heavy for my mount. As such this little gem of a scope Other than fixed To the mount indoors has never been used and Has been stored in its case, as such is in as as new condition, the same applies to the field flattener. not really keen on posting out the scope so would much rather it was collection only from Burnley, (wife is a key worker so COVID rules would apply) Asking £200 for the scope and £50 for the flattener. thanks for looking and clear skies. Doug.
  2. Is polar scope align available on Android ? It’s a great little app with views for various polar scopes,
  3. That’s a great image, despite having the same scope and camera I’ve never managed to take even a mildly respectable Saturn image. well done.
  4. What a super picture, I think both this and M51 are particularly well suited to this kind of wide field image.
  5. That a great image, you can see the galaxy has some depth to it, lovely
  6. thanks, Yes have installed Ascom, (think I needed to install it to get APT to recognise the camera,) will figure it out and install EQMOD now, I presume it’s EQMOD that controls the mount?
  7. Hi all, At the moment I am using my heq5 handset to control the mount, APT for camera control and PHD via st4 for guiding. to simplify things and reduce the amount of cables to the laptop I would like to run everything through APT, (it appears it can be done with just one cable) and from what I’ve read so far I believe it will also open up the possibility of plate solving, can somebody please advise me if this is so and what do I need to install to get it all to work together properly ? I have been trying to understand Ascom, wow is it really as complicated as it seems. if it’s any help the equipment I’m using is mount, HEQ5, Imaging camera, Starlight express sxvr m25c and Zwo MC120 guide camera. I also have a reasonably new hdd, drive laptop. thanks in advance, clear skies, keep safe. Doug.
  8. Very nice indeed,, well worth the effort well done.
  9. Ooh that’s very good.
  10. Super capture, the gaps give an impression of movement, well done
  11. Good sketch, much better than I could do, like it
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