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  1. Sweet looking rig, looks like it means business.
  2. DougM43

    First attempt at M42 with AZ goto, mak127

    Nice one,,I think Seeing your first image come to light on the computer screen is likened to seeing the rings of Saturn with your own eyes for the first time,, (it’s, just good) welcome to the slippery slope of a constantly receding bank balance better known as astrophotography.
  3. Oh wow, just shows how mind bogglingly vast space actually is
  4. DougM43

    M31 - my first attempt

    Oh yes, That is a superb Image, brilliant..
  5. DougM43

    First time astrophography

    Very good first attempt, should think your quite pleased with it
  6. DougM43

    Starlight express first outing.

    Hi this is one of the 100s subs cheers Doug
  7. DougM43

    Starlight express first outing.

    Ipad screenshot.
  8. Hi all, I managed to get out with my Starlight express SXVR-M25c and could just do with a little help to ensure i'm on the right track, this is an image of around 2 hrs 15 mins of M31 to my eye it looks like i have got the spacing right, and the focus which seems to be ok also the noise is considerably less than my dslr, so i am quite encouraged by that, but i must admit i expected to see more of the galaxy, particularly as I've read how sensitive the camera is, or am i just expecting too much for such a short time ? There's also a serious amount of filth on one of the optical surfaces, looking at the size of the bunnys i'm guessing they could be on the focal reducer so i need to deal with them before its next outing. The attached picture was the best 95% of 2.5 hrs worth of 100s unguided subs with 40 flat frames taken with an ED80 pro, the image is as it was straight out of DSS but stretching didn't bring out any more. As was suggested by some very helpful folk here i left the gain setting blank in APT. What do you think, is my assessment about right? Many thanks, Doug M31 2 hrs 30 40 light 40 flat stacked.TIF Ah,, i expected a picture hang on whilst i convert it to something else.
  9. DougM43

    This just delivered from China

    True, and that day is almost here
  10. Ah right I see, thank you very much so I assume in APT I just leave the gain blank as it’s already set by the camera? thanks.
  11. DougM43

    This just delivered from China

    They do look cool,, you have to love the Chinese use of the English language in the description, the image of the elderly breastfeeding it gives you is just wrong..
  12. Hi all, after dipping my toes into imaging with a modified canon 40D I have recently bought a dedicated ccd camera,(Starlight Xpress SXVR-M25C) I have read the manual from cover to cover and also searched the internet but cannot find any info on what gain setting would be a good starting point to use with the camera. APT has a gain setting box so it seems logical “ to me anyway “ that I need to put something in it. I suspect this is the first of many questions on my journey from very mediocre dslr imaging to using a dedicated Astro ccd camera. many thanks, Doug.
  13. DougM43

    HEQ5 sounds

    Sounds very much the same as mine which I bought new so assumed it’s normal.
  14. DougM43

    major synscan / EQ5 alignment problems

    Mine often misses the first alignment star by quite some margin, when I slew the scope to it and then select the second alignment star it usually finds it spot on
  15. DougM43

    The Great Andromeda Galaxy

    Wow, that is a truly superb image.

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