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  1. Weather looking good at the moment - tonight?


  2. Stars tonight over Lowestoft. 😀 Realised that Saturn is too low for my big refractor on its pier. Only way to get a snap will be with my mobile rig from another site. My old 90mm. ETX RA to the rescue - now mounted on a Star Adventurer.

    George hoping for another clear night this week in Lowestoft.

  3. Hawksmoor

    Why are the planets so low in the sky?

    Very similar to what once happened to me at a volatile building design meeting in Wakefield.
  4. A wild boar put the wind up me whilst I was taking widefield snaps of the sky in the early hours of the morning. I can cope with the odd passing hedgehog grunting the night away but a large amorous porker on a moonless night is not to be taken lightly by an old amateur astronomer bending over a tripod. George 'shuddering at the thought' and currently not in Lowestoft
  5. Fabulous! Thanks for posting. regards George
  6. "and today's and tonight's weather in Lowestoft has been brought to us by clouds".🏊‍♀️

  7. Moon and Jupiter conjunction as viewed from our backyard tonight is a real pretty thing!

    1. Knighty2112


      Was planning on some observations tonight on both Jupiter and the Moon, but alas clouds though differently. :( 

    2. Hawksmoor


      Yes sadly the fog in Lowestoft tonight has put paid to any further observations of mine. Hopefully, there will be one clear night in June so I can capture my annual blurry image of Saturn!🧐

  8. Hawksmoor


  9. Just back from a 14 day holiday in India. Had a great time. Levels of atmospheric pollution in and around Delhi and other cities visited made stargazing difficult! Many reasons not to moan about being located by the sea in Suffolk.

    George back home in Lowestoft.

  10. Last night I actually captured some photons from the old backyard. Up until 3am. waiting for Jupiter to clear my neighbours' roofs and our olive tree. Very noticeable how much smaller the GRS has become since I first viewed it through my old 90mm. ETX RA Mak some 17 years ago. Also I remember Jupiter riding high in the sky rather than grazing my southern horizon. Trouble with astronomy is that it often reminds you of the inexorable passage of time and your own brief relationship with the Cosmos.

    George awaiting the blissful sleep of the innocent in Lowestoft.:happy7:

  11. Hawksmoor

    Greetings from Denmark

    Hi and welcome to SGL from East Anglia where the skies are dark but the weather is often challenging. Best regards from George in Lowestoft.
  12. Hawksmoor

    Galaxy without Dark Matter

    Never noticed before how much the strands of dark matter throughout the universe look like neural pathways in the brain. Really comes across in the artwork in this article. Thanks for posting. George
  13. Hawksmoor



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