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  1. Beautiful night in Lowestoft. Have been in Norwich all day and returned home too late and tired to get out scopes. Instead enjoyed fortyfive minutes in the backyard with my big bins. Best 250 pounds I've ever spent on astro kit. 

    The double cluster was spectacular - straight overhead - filled the FOV with jewel like points of light arranged in curved strings. All of the 'M's in Auriga and Gemini were easily visible with hints of individual stars in M35. Pleiades were the best I've seen through my bins - stars visible well beyond the normal cluster of brighter stars - the cluster looking triangular and extending beyond the FOV of my bins. 

    First sighting of Sirius above my hedge this year - always startled by its brightness through my bins. Orion's Sword absolutely cracking view with nebulosity observable well beyond the central bright area of the Trapezium.

    Finished by locating the Comet 2017 01(ASASSN) just above Polaris. Always a treat to see a comet through my bins. Must try to get a photograph before it fades away.


    1. JimT


      Nice one George, had a good four hours last night, dragged myself in gone 0130, starting to get to grips with the gear at last  :).


  2. Heavens above - not a cloud or streetlight in sight

    It's raining stair rods in Lowestoft
  3. What is your favourite piece of equipment?

    My shed. It's small but versatile. Is available and functions irrespective of climatic conditions. Has integrated heating and radio. George
  4. Aurora

  5. I love cases. Very satisfying

    Guilty secret - I love pulling out sections of the precut foam inserts to make holes for the items of kit.
  6. First Interstellar Comet??

    Hi Dave Thanks for the link. Very interesting. Best regards George in Lowestoft.
  7. Aurora Reykjavik October 2017

    Thank you for taking a look and for your very kind comment. George
  8. Aurora Reykjavik October 2017

    Just got back from Iceland having enjoyed a few days sploshing about in the geothermal waters, looking at waterfalls and geysers and eating lots of cod. As you can imagine, we were very excited at the prospect of seeing the Aurora Borealis. Unsurprisingly, nights went by under a dense blanket of cloud. Then, on the morning of the last full day of our holiday, the sun came out and so did we. After a full 10 hours traipsing about a glacier and investigating basalt columns on a black beach we returned to our hotel in Reykjavik. Night fell - clunk! One by one all the light pollution came on all over the city - but what was that faint sepulchre glow advancing from the far North across the slate grey Arctic Ocean? Hurrah at the twelfth hour we got to see the Northern Lights. An excellent display it was too - lasting for about three hours. With the naked eye we could clearly distinguish green , magenta and blue light and we managed to take some photographs. Our astronomical cup overflowed. I have attached a rough and ready annimation which gives some impression from the early moments of the display.
  9. Hi Ian Thank you for the information - very helpful. Best regards George
  10. Hi John Thank you very much for the useful information. Best Regards George
  11. Just got in after witnessing a 3 hour long display of 'The Northern Lights' over Reykjavik New Harbour. Absolutely fantastic light show in green, magenta snd blue. I would recommend excited atoms for exciting old amateur astronomers. Now enjoying a glass of Bushmills to calm me down and then off to bed.

    Nighty night stargazers wherever you are.

    1. JimT


      Well done George, was there a few year ago and although we enjoyed it the display was ruined by a laser which lit up the sky all night right in the middle of the lights.  Think the laser was something to do with Yoko Ono and peace, certainly had something to say about and it had nothing to do with peace  :)


  12. New puppy naming challenge

    As she is a sweet natured dog, how about Caroline after Caroline Herschel and 'Sweet Caroline' after Neil Diamond - 'like a diamond in the sky'. Nice pup - best regards George
  13. Corton Beach after Dark

    Sorry to hear about your fall but glad nothing too serious as a result. We have both had a couple of unexplained falls guess in our case it's old age coming upon us. Some time ago our kids made me promise I would not be going up ladders anymore but as they all live some way away its not always possible to avoid minor maintenance issues above head height - anyway what they don't know they don't grieve over. Hope you're feeling better soon and back out under the stars in the observatory. I'm currently awaiting images from the autonomous robotic telescope on mount Teide. I've programmed it to take some snaps of Quasars. I had a fancy to capture some photons older than the Earth. All the best for a full recovery George
  14. Clear night in Lowestoft. Spent an hour in the backyard with my big bins. Counted 70 stars in the Pleiades with the bins handheld. Not bad for an old bloke and with the 'Seven Sisters'  just above my hedge. Best bit of the session was seeing a proper fireball meteor fall out of the sky following a slow arc from directly over head and the direction of Perseus to my southern horizon. A  beautiful orange colour too! :icon_biggrin:

    Nighty night one and all from the old man by the North Sea .

  15. Corton Beach after Dark

    We went on an astro trip to Tromso a couple of years ago very enjoyable. The aurora was stunning. We are off to Iceland for a few days this year, so hope the solar activity doesn't' fall away before we get there. Is your new observatory and kit all up and running yet? Best regards George