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  1. Hawksmoor

    Hello from Maidstone, UK

    Hi and welcome to SGL from Lowestoft on the Suffolk Coast. I was born and attended school in Maidstone 'many Moons ago'. I too am a 'Man of Kent rather than a 'Kentish Man' - I seem to remember it is governed by - on which side of the River Medway you were born . Weather and light pollution permitting, enjoy your Astronomy SiriusB76 !. George in Lowestoft currently recovering from a long and largely unsuccessful meteor imaging session.
  2. Hawksmoor


  3. Tonight In between the clouds I had my first go at Mars. Small but still bright and now above the houses at the rear of our house. Wobblin' about like a jellyfish in the surf, but having been inspired by Reggie and his excellent October Mars post, I thought I would give it a go whilst the Moon was out of the way.  Haven't processed the AVIs yet but fingers crossed I might have one recognisable image to post sometime soon. I also tried taking a few stills of Uranus hoping to capture some moons but the the combination of too much murk, light pollution and high ISO probably will have ensured noise overwhelmed signal. Weather tonight very mixed and out of sink with Metcheck forecast.

    Nighty night all.

  4. Had a very nice evening at Sheringham Park - the landscape architect Humphrey Repton's swan song in Norfolk. Our friends treated us to a son et lumiere in the woods. Now I know one man's son et lumiere is another astronomer's light pollution but I must say The National Trust did it wonderful well. Light levels reasonably low and lamps well located and mainly red enabling night sight to be, in the large part, maintained.  So much so that the North Norfolk dark skies put on their own show for the naked eye to see.  I counted at least 10 Pleiads, could not only see M31 but could discern it's disc like shape and the Cygnus rift dark against a very bright Milky Way and the double cluster were all very prominent. I had the best views ever of the constellation Hercules, even the dimmer stars were visible, so for the first time, I could see just how big a constellation it is. Usually I just see the keystone and the rest is lost to the background. Similarly, Ursa Minor was clearly visible as a mini 'Plough'. Great night out for an old man but unfortunately I did miss a couple of bright meteors as I was looking the wrong way.

    As a consolation prize, I purchased a bag of chips from the chip van in the car park. Result!

    George back home and tucked up in bed. Nighty night stargazers.

  5. Hawksmoor

    What do I get Christmas.

    Nice pair of binoculars. Always a useful gift day or night..
  6. Changed my profile photo. At the weekend we attended a day long course at the London School of Mosaics. -  My effort - " Can you guess what it is yet"? -  A 'bright' comet with ion and dust tails plus three red and ancient stars.

  7. Hawksmoor

    My astrophotography blog

    Thanks for your reply. Have been looking after grandchildren for a week so had missed your post. Best regards George.
  8. Weather still very mixed and suddenly winter cold here on the coast. But on a positive note our Tai Chi DVD has dropped through our letterbox and I have ordered a digital vernier caliper from Amazon for £13-99. I really wish the delivery man from Hermes would dress the part. A golden helmet and winged feet would be excellent. I've always felt rather let down by our local 'Badger Builders' whose workman don't wear black and white striped safety helmets.

    George waxing philosophical as the Moon wanes in Lowestoft.

  9. Hawksmoor

    Equipment I have is fine.

    I'm thinking of taking up 'tai chee' so whilst I'm stood out in the dark as my intervaluometer clicks the night away, I will be moving my aged body in time with the universe. I've already purchased a teach yourself DVD from the internet and await its arrival. I'm hoping it renders me fit enough to keep lugging my 5 inch refractor from our house to the pillar in our backyard for years to come. George currently under cloudy skies in Lowestoft.
  10. Bright full moon - (big wink for Neil) - with lots of high level wispy cloud. A few big jets flying silently across my field of vision. All rather beautiful through my big bins.

    George now in bed wondering when he might go 'imaging' again?

  11. Yet another lovely autumnal day in Oulton Broad with cloud moving in as night falls. However, my partner on her daily walk took this lovely photograph of the sun heading for the horizon over the Broad.


  12. Hawksmoor

    Lovely moon.

    I love the Moon even though it sometimes stops me imaging faint stuff on the first clear night in days and even though some nights it makes me feel slightly melancholy. Just beautiful and pristine. Tonight in Southend it's waxing gibbous and associating with a red sparkly Mars. My grandchildren looked up and thought it looked ace! George on walk about.
  13. Hawksmoor

    Portable heater to keep the cold away

    Great fan of Aldi's middle aisle. Currently sipping a drop of Aldi's malt whiskey

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