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  1. Last night I actually captured some photons from the old backyard. Up until 3am. waiting for Jupiter to clear my neighbours' roofs and our olive tree. Very noticeable how much smaller the GRS has become since I first viewed it through my old 90mm. ETX RA Mak some 17 years ago. Also I remember Jupiter riding high in the sky rather than grazing my southern horizon. Trouble with astronomy is that it often reminds you of the inexorable passage of time and your own brief relationship with the Cosmos.

    George awaiting the blissful sleep of the innocent in Lowestoft.:happy7:

  2. Greetings from Denmark

    Hi and welcome to SGL from East Anglia where the skies are dark but the weather is often challenging. Best regards from George in Lowestoft.
  3. Galaxy without Dark Matter

    Never noticed before how much the strands of dark matter throughout the universe look like neural pathways in the brain. Really comes across in the artwork in this article. Thanks for posting. George
  4. Aurora

  5. Anyone used Altair Astro ?

    I've always received a prompt service from Altair Astro and the scope and bits I've purchased have been excellent. FLO customer care is exemplary - FLO sets a very high standard for the rest. George
  6. Favourite Class Of Object, And Reasons

    Globular star clusters. I find them intriguing - very old -mysterious through bins or small scopes (as just on the threshold of resolution) -amazing when viewed through a big dob - beautiful when imaged at any scale. I like to try to imagine what the night sky might look like if viewed from a planet orbiting a star in a globular star cluster.
  7. Pulling an all nighter as the clouds that were supposed to disappear at midnight have inconveniently not consulted a meteorologist. I've given up trying to obtain 4min subs at ISO800 in favour of 2min subs at ISO1600 whilst cloud dodgin' without a 'G'. Why is it that 'mainly clear' isnt and that mainly it isnt clear in front of the thing you're trying to photograph?  It is also mind numbingly cold in our Backyard - my nose has started to run and my clumsy rating has started to climb exponentially.

    Nighty night stargazers wherever you are.

    George not asleep in Lowestoft

  8. M37

    A really pretty open cluster. I enjoy observing this from my backyard through my 11x80 binoculars. Thanks for posting, regards George
  9. Hi Vlaiv A few years ago for a bit of fun I used the COAA software and an inkjet printer at 300dpi to make a rough and ready diffraction grating for the front end of my refractor. Other than proving it works I have done little with the data but I was interested to read your thoughts about this approach. Regards George
  10. Clouds and rain yesterday but at 22:20 last night, between the clouds and just above my neighbour's fence I glimpsed a pretty crescent moon (apologies for the Jane Austen like prose). So I dashed out with my camera and took a 'lucky snap' or six balancing my Altair Astro 66mm Lightwave frac with 0.6x focal reducer - 'telescopic lens combo' on top of our water butt. The break in the cloud only lasted for five minutes. Not the best of images but I'm suffering from 'wet weather front fever'.


    Crescent Moon small.png

  11. Misjudged the weather. Set up my scopes for a night of adventure. All my kit and software working in concert. Then the clouds rolled in. I waited and waited whilst the cloud thickened overhead. I consulted Metcheck. The cloud was predicted to worsen. So at 23:45 I packed up my kit and retired to the warmth of the living room. By 00:15 the sky over Lowestoft was as clear as a bell. As protocol forbids the use of swear words and common oaths - "Oh dear, what an unfortunate decision I made"

    George currently fuming in bed in Lowestoft.

  12. Foggy tonight in Lowestoft and I'm the worse for alcohol - so no astro -imaging tonight.

    George inebriated in Lowestoft.

  13. Hello from Holland

    Hi Gert, welcome to SGL from your neighbour across the North Sea in Lowestoft. Clear skies! Best regards George