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  1. Awesome! I'm glad I cam across your thread by change as I was searching for UFC info. Glad to have helped.
  2. I think the top of your filter should look like this.... so there is definitely something not right there. (I found this image on the internet)
  3. I know this might sound daft, but is the filter screwed into the holder? On your first picture it looks like there are threads on the top of the filter however the writing is the correct way. Maybe you've not got something screwed into the filter by mistake?
  4. Starizona Hyperstar V3 for Celestron C11 Starizona Hyperstar V3 for Celestron C11. Comes with adaptor to connect ZWO ASI 071MC Pro. Looking for £750 plus postage but would prefer collection. For payment I prefer Bank Transfer for this amount.
  5. There is something not quite right was this brand new out of the box? I couldn't see in the video the problem but I guess a stiff spot would be hard to see it's more something you feel. Mine have been smooth. They are adjustable it depends where and how big the stiff spot is, again hard to see in the video.
  6. Hi - thanks for getting in touch on Facebook messenger. I need to update the listing it has indeed sold. It is very capable good luck finding one!
  7. Mine is flexible too but the t-shirt is lightweight enough it doesn't really move. Can you not run some wood down the inside to give it more support? Or invest in a carbon Fibre or I think you can also get proper remote operated closure fins I found this on the new filter system https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/blog/rasa-8-extreme-images-michael-jaeger-with-ccd-camera-f2-highspeed-filter/ and its called the Baader FCCT (Filter changer camera tilter). I think this is the solution for the RASA 8" filter situation. I knew I had seen something more than just Facebook.
  8. Hi Tony, does the Varilock spacer fits between the filter drawer and the camera? I just leave the dew shield on and throw a t shirt over the end it can be left on for months which also saves me doing flats that frequently. The simple things
  9. I was looking into the RASA 8 as a portable setup in the field with my caravan. As far as I know this is a known problem with the UFC due to the small backfocus and looks like you've got a good solution, at least for mounting the filters but I suspect you will still have problems with collimating as you will need to remove the camera to access collimation screws? Removing the camera to collimate will mean you are back to square one most likely. I saw on Facebook in one of the many groups, that Baader are working on a solution for this due early 2020. From what I can gather is the new prod
  10. 11" Imperial ADM Losmandy type universal dovetail bars complete with some left over stickiness as shown in picture from standard use of duct tape (which I can clean off). Looking for £45. Payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer. Collection or delivery (delivery should not be more than a few £'s)
  11. ADM 100mm guide-scope rings and ADM type d series dovetail plate adapter. Could sell rings separate to patent adapters if required. Looking for £90. Payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer. Collection or postage (postage should be approx £9 for special delivery).
  12. Selling my DayStar Quark H-aplha eyepiece as I dont have time to use it. Comes with original box, power supply, manual etc.... Within 10 minutes of plugging in it's ready for solar observations or imaging with magnificent detail. I used this on my 152 (6") Starwave refractor for both breathtaking visual and high detail imaging. Sample photos posted are taken with this combination and an ASI 120MM camera. The 6" Starwave (also for sale) needed only a UV/IR filter fitted at the front of a diagnol with no recognisable distortion from thermals and no recognisable heating of the tube or o
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