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  1. Wonderful images. Thanks for sharing
  2. Trying my hand at processing real colors from some old moon shots. This one is from February 22. 2016. suing C11 Edge and Nikon 7200. Stack of 9 exp at ISO100. Re-processes/further processed in PS.
  3. Here is a second version with a bit less noise, smaller starts, sharpening....
  4. @Taman I'm becoming confident most of my guiding issues are getting resolved and can go to 300s without problems. The ASi294MC Pro is pretty good but need a little taming with long exposures. Autofocusing is the next challenge I'm dealing with but without clear skies ... Thanks for the feedback!
  5. I've been trying to get M63 for a while but something goes wrong every time. Either the guiding goes wrong or focus goes totally wrong or I forget to set gain properly on the camera... Last week I managed to get what you see below. 40 x 60s lights and calibration darks and flats with C11 Edge + 0.7 FR and ASI294MC Pro at gain 120. It's still quite noisy. I used NINA to capture and PI for processing. Comments most welcome!
  6. After sorting out the automatic focusing I'm going to focus on trying to get >60s lights, aiming at doing 300s if the CGEM-DX allows it. It's my lockdown homework at the moment.
  7. OK. So i managed to make a new calibration library and reprocessed the lights. I still got some banding but decided to try to use CanonBandingReduction (I guess it does the same as the Horizontal banding reduction in Carboni's actions for PS) and that did cleanup the image nicely. I've also done a bit of CT and NR with MLT and enhanced detail with LHT. The jpeg look pretty awful...Still work in progress but I wanted to share what I managed so far regarding this issue and thank you again for your help!
  8. Hi Guys! Thanks for the advise. Sorry for the delay in replying - working from home is much more intensive than anticipated. I will make a new calibration library. It make sense this being caused by changes in the drivers. But I also think there may be some spurious noise coming from the cables. So, I'll do a full refitting of everything. I've always had quite a noisy background with this camera but I don't think this is the camera itself but rather my setup.
  9. This is my latest M101 after doing a lot of fiddling with N.I.N.A, which I'm quickly learning to appreciate (a lot). Focus was best (for me) for this DSO (much worse on others) but I got caught up with banding, which I can't figure out! One thing goes well and another goes funny. That's why I love this hobby (I guess!) Can someone help? 60 x 60s Lights at -10C, Gain 120. Flats and darks from a library. The only thing recently changed are updated drivers from ZWO and New Beta from NINA (2008). Thanks for watching!
  10. The first one was spectacular enough for me! For me it is one of a few wide field that stand out!
  11. Spectacular! Thanks for sharing
  12. rodrigol


    Hiiii! I'm not sure. I'll certainly revisit the target but not at gain 250. On second thought maybe I should just try to add another or two hours. Thanks for watching.
  13. rodrigol


    M95 taken with a C11 Edge HD + 0.7 FR + OAG guided with QHY5L-IIM + ASI 294 MC Pro at 250 Gain and -10 degrees C. 1 hour worth of lights of 60s. Processed with PI. Guiding was not great for reasons I'm investigating -the polar alignment may have been knocked out by me - I've a bruise to prove it! I've been becoming familiar with N.I.N.A and I must say I'm very positive. Autofocusing is a challenge though, so I'm going to try the nightly build which has a new contrast detection routine. Comments are very welcome!
  14. The latest and best M51 so far taken with C11 Edge HD + 0.7 FR and ASI 294 MC Pro. About 3 hours of lights at 250 G and -10. About 70% frames where useful for the stack. Processed with PI. Feedback is always appreciated. R.
  15. I note that M81 is a popular target now and I'm quite impressed with what I see. My 2 previous efforts were mediocre due to lack of exposure and experience. Mastering guiding, focusing and camera settings are quite a challenge. To top these with processing is quite another. I love this hobby, but must admit that the weather lately has also been quite a challenge too.
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