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  1. This is my first ever M51. 50s subs 20Lx15Dx10B (still not flats). Taken with a Nikon D7200 at ISO 1600 on a SWED80+0.8FR. Processed with PI and a little PS. I quite pleased with the results and wanted to share although I know it can be better :-) Thanks for watching!
  2. Rosette Nebula

    Rosette Nebula taken with SWED80+FR0.8, using D7200 at ISO 1600. Unguided 50 sec subs 24Lx28Dx20B. Processed with Pi and PS.
  3. M42 another effort but not in RAW

    I think this is the optolong that has come loose! I fixed this issue by bending the little tabs in the lower part of the filter so as to make sure filter clips in place.
  4. M42 SWED80 unguided

    Tried to follow advice to get a better image from Wim and other here :-) The result is below...with the dust bunny still there (to remind me to take flats!). I'm relearning using my D7200 for AP and find that ACDNR is essential at the begining of the workflow. I left as much of the original work as possible in order for you to see where I'm coming from.. Did I overdo it?
  5. M42 SWED80 unguided

    winbv: Many thanks for great advice! I do see a difference in your processing of the red channel and no, my d7200 is not modified. I still need to get to grips with taking whites/flats but know there is more than just keeping the camera sensor clean - all the OT needs to be taken care off - and that is where flats do us a great favour. I'm learning and ABE is a shortcut I've learned. I also need to invest more time learning to do DBE proper :-) and doing the best possible job of Range Selection to get the most out of using masks. I love this community - Indeed many thanks for your advice! R:)
  6. Somehow I managed to change the quality setting on my D7200 from RAW to jpeg normal and took 50+ shots of Orion. Skies were clear and I decided to try out a new optolong UHC clip-in filter. Biggest surprise was that our council decided to turn off the street lightning at 9pm - so, I perhaps did not need the optolong filter! I stacked and integrated on PI and ended processing a little in PS. The background is dreadful but I was surprised I did manage to capture so much data and keep knocking myself about the image quality setting....Here is the result of this mishap:
  7. Moon 22nd February

    Did 6 shots in jpeg (should have had the camera set on RAW) of the moon on the 22nd using an Optolong UHC clip-in filter on my D7200 on my SWED80 w/ 0.8 FFR. This clearly has a great effect on contrast but that night the council started switching off the street lighting at around 9pm.

    Had a bike shelter as an obsy for a while. Worked great but wind and cold got me to go for a proper shed..

    I've got a nice obsy project going too. You can see it at:
  10. M42 SWED80 unguided

    That is really a nice offer. Thank you! Maybe you can tell me if you are using St4 or pulse guiding, for a start? I'm very grateful for your advice šŸ˜
  11. M42 SWED80 unguided

    Many thanks for the advice! Need to try st4 and USB vs. Pulse setup before I give up. I can't believe a cgem dx will not do better. Checking cables as well as the qhy for next time... And getting ready a zwo to test as well...Will try to keep you posted but on another post... You guys rock with good advice and ideas :-)
  12. M42 SWED80 unguided

    Hopefully the weather will be forgiving and let me have another go soon.
  13. M42 SWED80 unguided

    M42 from last night. PI integration and processing of 20 x 50 s lights; 10 Darks and 8 Bias. Taken with a Nikon D7200 at ISO 1600 on a SWED80 w/ Planostar 0.8 FFR. I really wanted to get longer exposures to reduce noise but PHD2 pulse guiding is not my forte yet. The CGEM DX mount can track decently up to a minute. I tried setting up PDH2 on al Altair 60mm starscope w/ QHY5L-II but the mount was going all over the place. I'm not sure what was going on and with the little time we have clear skies these day I gave up. Hope you can enjoy and perhaps comment on the image. Thanks for watching.
  14. D7200 - Pixinsight binning

    I now realise I was unclear in my original post. The RAW files are not renamed. The output files are the one containing 'binning_1' as part of the filename. This indicated there is some setting that is different. But where? Thanks again for you patience :-)
  15. D7200 - Pixinsight binning

    Hi, Thanks for taking time to reply :-) I've used the batch preprocessing script before with my other D7200 and did not see this file naming pattern. PI is adding "binning 1" as a header in the files section for each lights, darks, bias images and also to the output files. Where is this binning happening is what I'm wondering and I suspect it may be a camera setting - but I need to understand what/why PI is doing that and what impact it may be having on image quality. Again, I'm very grateful for your time! R:)