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  1. Jupiter, Io And Europa last night. It was hot and the seeing was awful. The Jupiter season is almost officially over. For me, tree branches are responsible for an early end-of-season. Thanks for watching!
  2. Given the conditions, these are really good!
  3. Awesome! At F2.2 you have what in front of the scope?
  4. Thanks!!! The stack below was taken a little later, as the GRS was disappearing. Seeing was a little better but I also adjusted the exposure and luckily avoided burn in the the north and south equatorial belts. I still need to work on the collimation but I've run out of methods. I've done quite a bit star testing at x200, x300 and x400 (too much movement) and cannot find what else to improve...
  5. Beautiful weather and good seeing for once! I wanted to try ADC with 2.5x TE but time got the better of me. Below is a run of 7000 frames using C11 Edge, ASI290MC at prime focus. Processed using PIPP, AS!3, PI, WinJuPos and PS. Ganymede, Io and Europa (right).
  6. Another one from the same night. 7000 frames joined in PIPP and stacked with AS!3 and processed with PI. Focus is still off but I think colours are ok.
  7. Excellent image.Great processing!
  8. excellent work!
  9. A bit good seeing and you can get spectacular results! Thanks for sharing!
  10. awesome image! I must confess I envy your location :-)
  11. Awesome shots. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Collimating is the challenge at the moment. Based on the the evidence above I think that I'm very close. If the weather permits there are a few more star tests to do these coming days. Thanks for the comment.
  13. After a long wait for some clear skies this is what I managed to achieve last night doing short 500 frames shots using a C11 Edge HD and an ASI 290MC. I joined up some pf the AVIs with PIPP, stacked in AS!3 and processed the TIFF using PixInsight. I'm still working on the collimation of the scope, but I think there is some improvement.
  14. these are really good!
  15. Awesome!