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  1. Lunar landscapes

    Moon landscapes November 5th 2017. C11 Edge HD + 24mm EP + Galaxy S7
  2. Beaver Moon taken at 08:00 from Essex with a Sigma Zoom at 700mm at ISO 100 with a Nikon 7200.
  3. Shed Choice and Approach

    I completely agree that building from scratch is the best solution. The skills and strength (3 cervical surgeries later) required are not within my reach so I went for an easy to build pent shed with a detachable roof. I've been looking at all sorts of sheds and companies that specialise in obsy-sheds and manage to determine the key differences between a normal shed and an obsy-shed: 1. Additional strengthening of the wall-roof structures. I added a rigid wood frame that spans across all walls. The roof sits on top. 2. Additional strengthening of the wall-floor structures. Think of the location of the obsy in relation to strong winds and lots of rain (e.g. gaps between the roof and walls and flooding). 3. You need to think carefully how you are going to deal with condensation, cold winters and hot days where temperatures inside the obsy can reach 35C. My design has so far survived the winter and summer storms we've had this year! An important piece of information is that the total build costs have been kept < £500 Here are the relevant links to the build:
  4. Now that summer has kicked in seriously, I've been having issues with cooling my Edge HD and apart from vents and fans in the obsy, I'm trying a laptop cooler I found on Amaz**. It has a temperature gauge which showed 29 C and after about 30 minutes it showed 27, which is close to ambient here at the moment. Mounting it on the Edge vents was interesting but the following experimental holder (cheap car smartphone holder) seems to work. Better isolation around the C11 vent is required (will try to work on that if the fan is still working after a week). The Amaz** item number is B014FY8N7S but I want to state here I do not have any relation to the item maker/seller whatsoever! I will confirm later the durability of this fan if it fails. Otherwise, assume it is doing what it's meant to be doing. Enjoy!
  5. Jupiter 19-06-2017

    Jupiter, Io And Europa last night. It was hot and the seeing was awful. The Jupiter season is almost officially over. For me, tree branches are responsible for an early end-of-season. Thanks for watching!
  6. My first attempts at Saturn!

    Given the conditions, these are really good!
  7. Jupiter 18th June , reasonably good seeing

    Awesome! At F2.2 you have what in front of the scope?
  8. Jupiter 10-06-2017

    Thanks!!! The stack below was taken a little later, as the GRS was disappearing. Seeing was a little better but I also adjusted the exposure and luckily avoided burn in the the north and south equatorial belts. I still need to work on the collimation but I've run out of methods. I've done quite a bit star testing at x200, x300 and x400 (too much movement) and cannot find what else to improve...
  9. Jupiter 10-06-2017

    Beautiful weather and good seeing for once! I wanted to try ADC with 2.5x TE but time got the better of me. Below is a run of 7000 frames using C11 Edge, ASI290MC at prime focus. Processed using PIPP, AS!3, PI, WinJuPos and PS. Ganymede, Io and Europa (right).
  10. Jupiter 10-05-2017 from Essex

    Another one from the same night. 7000 frames joined in PIPP and stacked with AS!3 and processed with PI. Focus is still off but I think colours are ok.
  11. Jove 21-5-2017

    Excellent image.Great processing!
  12. Jupiter Mugshot

    excellent work!
  13. Jupiter 23rd May - reasonable seeing

    A bit good seeing and you can get spectacular results! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Saturn and Titan!

    awesome image! I must confess I envy your location :-)
  15. 10.05.17 Jove in the Mist?

    Awesome shots. Thanks for sharing.