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  1. In order to make the roof as lightweight as possible for me to lift and put back I designed this little elastic "pulley" system, which seems to do the job quite well. No more "huffing&puffing!
  2. Thanks for the comments! womvb: I think you are right the (boring) trails on the Flame and Horse Head image are satellites. I'm learning to use PI and the learning curve is steep and long. I need to check for a tutorial on DBE but if you can provide a pointer that would be much appreciated!
  3. Clear skies and on an Saturday! These are early samples of shots taken from my new obsy. So far, so good. I've used an unmodified D7200 on a SWED80. All taken at ISO 200 and all shots are 45 second exposures except for bias images. Everything was stacked and processed in PI and a little PS for measure. The Flame and Horsehead shot has meteor, which I like, so I left the shot with it in the integration. Maybe I'll take it away later. This is my second image of the Flame and Horsehead and my first of the Rosette and. My mount aiming is not good at the moment so I've ended up going lefty on this one. My best of the Pleiades, so far. Got quite a bit of the Merope nebula this time. Thanks for watching :-) I appreciate any comment you may have.
  4. Awesome! And a lot of useful information getting exchanged here as well :-) Thanks!
  5. Some more progress to report: Additional strengthening of the wall's roof brace and closing of the gaps is now done. A couple of experimental improvements: A wooden bar to brace the swing arms together helps with the stability of the design. The most important experimental improvement is: A couple of elastic straps attached to the bottom of the swing arms and ground on each side of the obsy and voila: Opening the roof is really easy! I'm looking for a more permanent solution although these work really well. Maybe I don't need the bricks anymore?
  6. And here are M42, M43 and the Running Man nebula. 30s x 19L x 8D x 9O at ISO 500 on D7200 and SWED80.
  7. Sorry - you are absolutely right! Now I'm mortified!
  8. Just wanted to share my first attempt at the Horsehead and Flame (edit) in Orion. Not good but the weather alone, wind and setting made it really hard to get this far. The worst was when the counter weight on the mount slipped down making the whole business of taking picture a little nightmare. This is the result of 20 Light at 30 sec + darks and offset using a D7200 + DS stacker and PI and PSon my SWED80. It's my first "horsehead and Flame man" but I'm a little bit happy but realise that the ISO was too high (500), it's grainy and colour crazy.
  9. awesome image!
  10. FIrst Quarter Moon 06/02/2017. SWED80 + ASI290MC 9000 frames stacked in AS!2 and finished in PS.
  11. A bit more progress in the last few days: With my eldest son from Norway, we've stained the shed and sorted out small gaps in the roof with with silicone. The dehumidifier works wonders (highly recommended), so I've dispensed with the heater for the time being. I've got a solar ventilator (extractor) cheap on ebay that ensures the temperature stays close to ambient inside. This is the inside at the moment. I did have a go with the moon at first quarter over the weekend. It's a joy not to have to put up with lights from the house or the neighbors as well as being protected from the humid breeze. This is the 'office'. I'm considering putting a thin roof over....This project just goes on forever! But heck! I'm enjoying it :-)
  12. Testing stuff in my new - half built - obsy, with my son Michael(!). First quarter moon (SWED80 + ASI 290MC - 3 x 30s AVIs, joined in PIPP and stacked in AS!2 and rotated in PS).
  13. I've managed to get my SWED80 on the mount and did a full setup. Polar Master aligned the mount (great stuff the PM) and reconfirmed with Starsense. But now it is cold and I'm having an rcd tripping issue. I will not plug the mount until I find and isolate the problem.
  14. Ok. A little more progress to report: The roof has now a rubber seal (HD) all around that ensures, that when closes, it is sealed tight. Catch latches have been added ( on all 4 walls. The most significant thing was making holes for the tripod legs with a circular saw, ensuring the north leg is pointing correctly at 365, so that they are actually standing on the concrete floor. The tripod is very stable now (yes, on day I will go for the pedestal). The rubber floor is one of my 'must' in case I drop stuff in the dark. The other significant thing was getting 'climate control' in place. The DD122 is in place now with the hose running behind and through the floor and into the flower bed behind the shed. Very soon, very soon now I will put a telescope on top of the CGEM. Will post how things look at 'home' position, which is going to be 'south' for the mount.
  15. If you are still having issues with the powerline adapter why not invest in one that has a socket built in?