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  1. This shows anything is possible There are many ways of adding doors, slots and of further stabilising the tank once cut. To ame a success of this project you need to take into account temperature control inside the tank and importantly ways of dealing with condensation. Ignoring these will ruin the entire project. But you are here and there are plenty of posts regarding ventilation, dehumidifiers and insulation. Great idea. I wish you good luck and lots of fun! R.
  2. Awesome project. And with Bortle 3 and sauna who wouldn't?!? Amazing shots too! Many thanks for sharing.
  3. Very cool and interesting variation. I did something very similar and ended up with what you see on the video in the post below. So far no big issues except for the bad weather. These garden gate motors are really neat and reasonably quiet. My only problem - more a worry - is that the start of the open or close run is very hard. I wish there was a slow start setting. Hmmm. Look at that. It's clear tonight and I've been working all day until now. Argh. I'm dying to get out to test my new setup, which includes a NUC on top of the scope and that controls everything using NINA. To be or not
  4. And another clear spell 2 nights ago. I then managed to add ~3h more of data using 300s exposures on M45. The current result is below I'm really happy with the Esprit 120 and the ASI 294MC Pro combo. I wish there was a cheaper reducer out there that works with it. Thanks for watching! R:)
  5. I have finished processing the Omega nebula data (I think) and below is the result. Maybe I can do a bit more with sharpening but that always introduces artifacts. I did do a bit more of LHE to get some more detail of the nebula using a luminance mask.
  6. Last night I got a pleasant surprise: Clear skies (nobody bought anything new yesterday?!) So, I rushed out and managed to get 20 x 300s L of M45 and the Omega nebula with an Esprit 120 and ASI294MC Pro. Both a processed with PI. By the time I finished everything was soaking wet with dew, which I admit is a bit frightening! Comments welcome
  7. Wow - 16 hours?!? How long are your exposures? If there is a single frame with some cloud it will ruin the whole stack even if registration and integration are successful.
  8. This is first light of an Esprit 120 with flattener and my ASI294MC Pro. It's a quick processing job in PI only of 20 x 120s with 20 x 120s Darks only. I've tested autofocusing with a Sesto Senso 2, which worked well, but my steps are too small and it took more than 20 minutes to get to the lowest HFR this night. I'm overall very pleased with the result. My trusty CGEM-DX is doing nicely after I readjusted the backslash setting. My only grudge is that CPWI insists in parking on the opposite side of where I want and at one point it started the park routine after I had closed the observatory, se
  9. Many thanks! Perhaps you can share your imaging settings as well? Auto stretch factor, back clipping, star sensitivity, noise reduction.... Much appreciated!
  10. You would have to cut the foam, I guess. I personally wouldn't do it because the focuser motor sits lower than the focuser knobs and the fit would be very questionable. This would put a lot of pressure on the focusing axle when the case is closed.
  11. I recently got the esprit 120 with the sesto senso I'm wondering if you can share your step size, if possible? Thanks
  12. As silent as possible was one of the conditions. Obviously, if I had managed to place the motor and the track inside, it would be quieter, but that would have meant loosing about 30-40cm opening space. I'm not quite there with full automation but I already have the IFTTT switches. The whole project makes up for the lack of clear skies lately Thanks for the comments! R:)
  13. Merlin. No idea. Its playing on all the browsers I tried.
  14. The weather has been unforgiving. Wet and/or windy. I purchased a rolling gate motor last year but never had time to install it and test various points to get good relative tracking and maximum roof opening. Some minor adjustments still to do. The whole structure is solid without being too rigid. Smooth operation thus far... 20200822_093309_1.mp4
  15. The motor and motor controller are now gone. I'm happy to let the focuser go for £300. R:)
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