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  1. I will send a link to him to review what has being said. I guess it's more of what his main interest is. Either mostly visual with a small amount of photos, or more a 50/50 split. Since i don't think he is interested in DSO imaging. I would have thought either the evostar 120 ED, for mostly visual. Or a mak or SCT, for more mixed usage, would be better. The money saved on scope could go towards a good mount, that would probably cost less than the esprit 120 alone. If he wants to view DSO, he can always look through my 8" dob to see if it interests him. Unless he gets something like a 8 or 9.2
  2. Cheers for the advice given. Will tell him about that book, will help with deciding on the right setup for his uses. As for the Mak, i think he wants something where you don't have to collimate the optics. He seems more set on a refractor, though with the high focal length may be more suited to his needs. will run the book and the mak by him. Will be nice for me to have a look through a different instrument as well Thank you for the input.
  3. Hi. I am looking for some advice for my cousin who is looking at getting a new telescope. He is not the type to go for a cheaper option and is looking at the 120 esprit, as i said not cheap. I believe that his intended use for this scope is lunar/planatary viewing and possibly some astrophotography of the moon/planets, he has a unmodified canon 5d mk iv DSLR. I instead recommended the skywatcher 120 evostar ED since it's a lot cheaper, but still supposed to have good optics. Would there be much difference in visual between these two scopes? e.g more chromatic aberation in the doublet, or
  4. Cheers for the extra info. The focuser hole on my telescope looks like an elongated circle. The bolts just fit into the holes in one side but do not fit squarely, so I can't just bolt it in one side, mark the holes then do the same on the other. Hopefully I will be able to get it centred.
  5. Haha trust me to get one that is unusual, guess that is why there is a 5th drill hole where my focuser is. Wanted this one because if I do upgrade to a 12 inch at some point I would not have to but 2 separate installation kits with a moonlight. Thank you for the advice.
  6. Hi. I Recently got one of these to upgrade the stock focuser on my skywatcher skyliner 200p. On the Video they use the existing holes to loosely centre the versabase. However my problem is that the screw holes where my old focuser was do not line up with the versabase. Any ideas on how I should go about sorting the problem?
  7. Cheers for the advice. I have used astro baby's guide before, Was not sure as the guide said use the measurements from edge to centre yet secondary was not centred. Thanks for clearing this up as it was usually on the back of my mind. This noob appreciates the advice given. Clear skies to you.
  8. Hi, I have a question on aligning my secondary. When centring my secondary mirror in the centre of the tube, I use a ruler to measure the distance between the edge of the tube and the centre of the secondary mirror holder. However when all the lengths match up and I then look under my focuser my secondary is not in the centre of the view and needs pulling down quite a bit. I have tried just centring by looking down the focuser and then moving the mirror until it appears centre. My question is which would be the best way to go about it? just match up the spider vane lengths. Or ignore the lengt
  9. I viewed Lovejoy last night, my first ever comet! I was unsure at first as it looked like a glob. Was fairly bright in my 10x50 ostara elinor binos. No colour or tail though
  10. Cheers. Fortunately all it took was tightening the bolt next to the locking screw to sort the problem
  11. I work nights during the week as well so I feel your pain. Getting a pair of binos on Friday so if it is still visible I have a pop at it. If that does not work I will try the scope instead
  12. Cheers. I feel a bit dumb since I did not check it in the first place. But at the same time I am surprised it has slackened off. I bet somebody slackened it off while I was not there or my 23mm luminos somehow slackened it off. Thank you for the quick responses I can observe again now
  13. I have a problem with my focuser where the wheels on the focuser are very loose and do not shift the focuser up and down to gain focus. They just spin round and do nothing. The whole bar that the wheels sit on is very lose and wobbles slightly. I can crab the focuser tube myself and pull it up and down without any resistance. Any ideas on how to fix as I am mechanically challenged or will I need to replace my focuser? Out of curiosity does anybody know the drawtube travel on the skywatcher skyliner 200p focuser? Cheers.
  14. Merry christmas everyone. Had my best ever view of jupiter this morning so I need to thank santa for the steady seeing :)

    1. jabeoo1


      Nice ! Jupiter is amazing in times of good seeing.

  15. Cheers Charic, I will definitely check that out on the weekend. I have had some fairly good views through my scope but never had anything to compare them to. Seen syrtis major and utopia on a night of good seeing.
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