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  1. Hi folks,looking forward to catching up again in November as i missed the spring SP. Ive not done anything since last November so cant wait to get up to Galloway again. Hope your well Mike and speak soon. Kenny
  2. Here was my first go at a star trail image using stax from Warburton just on border of south Manchester and Cheshire using Starstax.
  3. Nice first effort there Helen,what app did you use? I used the free Starstax software...easy to use. Kenny
  4. Some very nice images there John,well done. Its on my bucket list to get down under some time to view the southern skies. Kenny
  5. Excellent work James...well done. Kenny
  6. I always know your planetry images are worth checking out...and once again the results are some of best ive seen. Thanks for sharing such stunning images of our solar system. Kenny.
  7. Excellent work,well done. Kenny
  8. The property i just moved out of had the street lamps changed 2 weeks before i moved,it's sort of a semi-rural area a bit away from some large housing estate lighting. I did notice however that my back garden seemed considerably darker as the street lamps seen from garden didn't seem to be anywhere near as noticable...probably as LED lights direct down more and dont spill out like the oreange vapour lights. As for pitching your obsy and for imaging i would do a few imaging tests to see what results you get. Goodluck and post update how you get on.
  9. I"ll be watchin it...gotta be better than watchin Earbenders or Constipation Street😂 Kenny
  10. Great image...detail is amazing,looks like you did a fly by. Kenny
  11. Hope you all have a great night tonight as the forcast is looking good.I was very tempted to join you all this evening but working away at the moment so time home over the weekend is precious. Look forward to getting to this event in the future. Kenny.
  12. Well done Carter for getting out there to a dark site. Congratulations on your first would benefit if you motorised your mount tho as you can see the stars are trailing in your image. Kenny
  13. Hi folks,hope you are all havin a great time despite the poor forcast's. Sorry i could nt make it this time but as some of you know im working in Dublin now mon/fri and moving house this weekend and next..have à dram for me and i'll see you all in November. Goodluck Kenny
  14. Yes,Wigtown is known as Scotlands book town so it should be busy...but more famous for its Astronomy star party's😁 Hope you well Ian Kenny
  15. Damn! you beat me to it Ian😁 I will try my best to make this event. Good to see the PSP spirit's still goin. Kenny