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  1. Kronos831

    Astro Journal!

    Oh i ddnt know that, probably not. But it looked okay for me
  2. Kronos831

    Astro Journal!

    Astro Jounral #4 Hello guys, yesterday my 8 inch Dob arrived.I was very excited! I set it up and got it outside. I live in a rather light polluted area, not to mention the supermoon , so i thought the views werent going to be good. Boy was i wrong. After i lined up the finderscope with the main telescope, i turned at orion. I couldnt believe my eyes. With direct vision I saw a very bright object, the core, the trampezium cluster and the 3 little stars next to it . i even saw some green! All this from my light polluted backyard! With adverted vision it didnt get much better but it was still noticeable! In comparison: the finderscope was actually better than my celestron firstscope,i could see M42 Better in the 9x50 finder than in my 76mm Telescope! Thats quality right there! I have also noticed that my seeing is getting better. When my dad was little he wanted to get a telescope too, but never could afford it, so he came to take a peek through mine When i first saw orion i recognized it right away. a very obvious bright core with the trampezium easily visible. When my dad came to see tho, he almost couldnt see it at all! I told him what he should be looing for , to use adverted vision, but he still couldnt see it! i checked the eyepiece and it was right there! After some time he saw it , but he told me it was very faint. I m so excited , even though i cant take it out these days because i got sick! I cant wait to take this telescope to the suburbs!
  3. Hey guys! It's me ,kronos Yesterday my 8" dob arrived and i had some lovely views with it! I also bought an astroessential t ring for my nikon Dslr. Im looking towards planetary imaging (not serious, just for the fun) what else do i need?(btw my cam is a nikon D7100)
  4. Kronos831

    Is the 8MM Worth it?

    Hey everybody, the eyepiece just arrived,.It was Well packaged and in good condition, the eyepieces that came with my scope are by no means anywhere close to the quality of this eyepiece.A big thanks to Heliumstar! Honestly i really appreciated your kind gesture as 55 euros isn’t cheap! Cant wait for my 8”Dob to arrive to test the eyepiece. Again, thanks a lot Heliumstar. Clear skies everyone. Kronos
  5. Hello guys,my 8" dob is arriving soon. I have trouble setting my expectations Since i have looked through my 3 " dob its hard picturing what i could see with an 8" one.i live in a light polluted city. Can i look at any dsos directly? How will they look like using adverted vision? What can i expect to see? Also which all around filter should i buy (2") to look at dsos and maybe some planets? Thanks Kronos
  6. I havent received the telescope yet so i m not sure of its contents.i was askin if any owner knows if its threaded for filters
  7. Hello, any owners of the skywatcher 8”dob know if the 1,25”-2” eyepiece adapter is threaded for filters? thanks
  8. Hey guys it's me again. I am about to order my first telescope.my parents are a little concerned about the site. They're worried that the telescope might arrived broken because it's shipping from England to Greece, that's a long way.we one day has anybody ever gotten broken packages from first light optics? If so did they give you a replacement or do they give you the funds back? Thanks
  9. Hellooooo,its me againnnn. I m just about to purchase my 8" dob and i ve been wondering about which EPs i should buy for wide Fovs. After digging around a bit, i came across this eyepiece https://www.firstlightoptics.com/all-eyepieces-barlows/panaview-2-eyepieces.html Is it of good quality? Should I buy it? If not which eyepiece of similar budget do you suggest? Also i ve read somewhere that i can use 2" filters on both 2" and 1.25" Eyepieces.Is that true? If so, how do i do it?! Thank you Kronos
  10. Kronos831

    Sky Watcher 250PX 10" dobsonian and extras

    Any chance you could deliver to greece?
  11. Kronos831

    Astro Journal!

    Astro Journal #3 Hello guys! Its me, Kronos amd have just gone back inside from an observation session! I just had some very lovely views. Of the orion nebula and the pleiades! And a random cluster?( i dont know what i was looking at , all i knew was that i saw a heck of a lot of stars.) I m really hoping i can view andromeda as this is what my wide fov telescope is suited for! I tried to find it but after 2 mins i realized i was looking at the wrong triangilum . OOF Andromeda was just out of my fov. I might go back outside for a fiew mins, as its very windy here. Any tips?
  12. Kronos831

    Astro Journal!

    Thanks ! I ll be most likely observing at Saturday! Maybe even tommorow.
  13. Kronos831

    Astro Journal!

    Hello stargazers! I am a 14.5 year old boy currently exploring the hobby of astronomy! My first Telescope is the Celestron Firstscope! This post is going to contain mostly everything i do from now on! i will occasionally post some tips and tricks as well as some images(rarely) I am soon getting a 8" dob , but that doesnt mean i wont be using the Celestron firstscope. Hopefully, one day i can look back to this and remember the beggining of my journey as i am intrested in studying astrophysics/ astronomy in university . And if not, i will continue exploring this hobby. So Lets start! Astro Journal #0 So this is almost everything i ve done so far, i have had the telescope for almost 3 weeks now and have used it quite oftenly. The first time i used it was in relatively okay skies,i had no idea what focusing was and just looked at unfocused stars for that day.I cant believe i had such ignorance! After i tried finding why the stars were like that, i finally unsterstood the purpose of the focuser! The next day i used it on the cresent Moon, it took me 10 minutes to find with the 20MM eyepiece supplied with the telescope XD. ( even though it was righ infront of me) It was quite nice! I was able to see some craters on it and focusing was pretty good. Then i turned to the 4mm eyepiece.(75x) mag it almost covered the entire fov. For some reason the 4mm eyepiece isnt able to focus very well in general. And it was kind of blurry , but still enjoyable! Here are some pictures i took with it: i continued viewing the moon for a couple of days, then i decided to do some nebula viewing. I was despirately trying to find orion,as the orion nebula was and Is my FAVOURITE Nebula, it took me some time to realise that what i thought was pegasus was actually orion 's belt and sword . The night i first observed orion was a full moon night. It took me around 3 minutes to find the orion nebula in the scope. I just happened to notice it because of accidental adverted vision. I ve heard of adverted vision , but hadnt had the chance to use it , until then. I had reasonably high expectations for a 3" reflector, and wasnt sure if i was looking at it or not. It looked like a faint colourless fuzzy blob. After reporting what i saw to the forum they assured me that i had indeed saw the orion nebula.( this all from quite light polluted skies!) Even though i had high expectations i was pretty satisfied with my views. 3 days after, the moon wasnt very visible so i went out to observe. What i saw amazed me. It was considerably brigher than before ,using adverted vision. The idea of looking at the nebula itself in combination with the even better view, astounded me.(in the same skies) I loved it!!!!!!!!!!! After some though i was very suprised that such a cheap instrument(got it for 60euros , but you can usually get it for around 50) can show you that much! Yesterday i woke up to see the moon venus and jupiter( I wasnt able to view the jupiter-venus conjuction because of clouds, same with the Super Blood Moon. Guess i gotta wait another 19 years ). I was able to find venus before i left for school. it was okay with the 20mm eyepiece. I just didnt have the time to view it in the 4mm( i know the timing was very unfortunate , didnt want to miss the buss) Astro Journal #1 So here we are! Today! I used the telescope in my backyard(they skies are okay! i can make out around 50 stars in my fov (around 180 degrees) I took a view of the orion nebula! You know what they say! You ll never see less than you saw yesterday!(except if the seeing conditions are worse ) I was able to see quite more using adverted vision than the first time! { For those who dont know, adverted vision is when you dont look directly at the object you are observing ,as the areas in your eyes that focus on something arent as light sensitive as the areas who do not. So this way you achieve better brightness and clarity } Then i took a look at Taurus! i noticed some stars and then headed right for The Pleiades! The Pleiades , filled the entire Fov of my telescope . It had a pretty clear view. I did not however notice any colour or blue tint surrounding the stars. I wasnt expecting much to begin with so that was okay! I took some pictures of the Orion nebula! This pictures indicate what you will see with bad seeing full moon some light pollution and no adverted vision. However, the results with clear skies, adverted vision and no moon will be WAY better , i Promise. Dark skies will help you the most when looking at Deep Sky Objects Also FOR BETTER VIEWS Dont forget to DARK ADDAPT: DARK ADDAPTATION ALLOWS THE EYE TO SEE MUCH FAINTER LIGHT . TO ACHIEVE DARK ADDAPTATION TRY AND SPENDING AROUND 30-40 MINUTES IN DARKNESS ( AND NO CLOSING YOUR EYES FOR 40 MINUTES WONT WORK) And be careful. Even a look at your cell phone will take the dark addaptation effect away. So if you want to see somehow, use red flash torches,as red is the lowest wavelenght in power. The views you will get on the orion nebula will be amazing! Guranteed!
  14. So in your guys's opinion ,are they worth it? Is any filter good for dsos?
  15. I ve read this topic over a dosen times xD . No i didn't make out anything with either eyepieces .I got the same results as looking at stars. No moons jist things that wouldn't focus. I ll try again tomorrow.

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