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  1. No Problem jetstream! I completely agree and i love to see how such threads can develop into something completely new! -Kronos
  2. So, a week ago, just after the new moon, I went observing with my friends . We found a pretty nice bortle 5 sky and decided to set up my SkyWatcher heritage 130p. I could just make out andromeda with the naked eye.Through the scope I could see m32 and m110 in the same view with just a little more if not only andromeda s core. I used a 25mm eyepiece at 26x. Is what i saw normal? Or is the view underwhelming because andromeda is low on the horizon? What does it take to see all of andromeda ? -Kronos
  3. Sorry louis , but I cant view the image you sent fore some reason. Are you talking about this nut right here? also the scope is new , how do I tighten in , what screwdriver do I need?
  4. Kronos831

    M42 sketch

    The sky was clear tonight, so I hopped out to my backyard with my 8”dob. Sketch wasn’t really that good but is about accurate . I need to get a red torch smh... too bad I have to order one online as I can’t find any near me. sketch was made in my light polluted back yard.
  5. Whoops! I Have definetly seen m92 and seem to have forgotten to put it in my observed list! Thanks for pointing that out, a 70mm scope?(i suppose its a refractor) Holy molly, it must be way harder to get nice views with an instrument of such aperature. My back yards light pollution is pretty bad, so bad in fact i can rarely split any stars in globular clusters such as m13 and andromeda appears as just the core all with my 8". I spotted m51 at a star party i went to and i didnt try to tease out any detail at all, just appeared as 2 fuzzy spots. Tried many times in my backyard but constantly fai
  6. Here will be all the messier objects i have observed. Everytime i observe an object i will include it in the list.: Blue will stand for observed Grey will stand for not yet observed These observations will be with either 20$ 8x50 binos, A skywatcher heritage 130p from a Bortle 5-4 or a Skywatcher Skyliner 200p From a bortle 7. First Observation of any deep sky objects in this list is on Feb 18 2019 M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 M8 M9 M10 M11 M12 M13 M14 M15 M16 M17 M18 M19 M20 M2
  7. upThank you joe aguiar! but i found the source of the problem, the secondary mirror seems to be moving side to side too easily,like the mirror moves so easily yesterday, the wind moved my mirror out of place and it needed collimation again.so i believe the problem is its hanging too loose? I am talking about this thing right here(Telescope in pic is the Celestron Firstscope 76), i tried losening the screw that holds it in place and it behaves exactly as my heritage scope. However , the heritage doesnt have a screw i can screw so i can tighten it, any other ways i can do so? P.S i am show
  8. Hey guys, last night I went out to a sub urb location with my scope. It was way better than my back yard.I could see more of the Orion nebula in my 5" dob than I could in my backyard with my 8" dob(focus was kind of weird with the manual focuser) but after a little bit things started to get weird, I noticed that the views started to get way worse, after I checked on the scope I saw this little ring of (dirt??? I don't how I live in an island close to the sea so it might be dew causing this?)only visible when using a flashlight In the center of the secondary mirror. Not only that but the second
  9. Also, when I say it blinked , I mean this:It was already bright, but just before it disappeared it became extra bright and sended “a shockwave of light throughout the sky” if that makes sense? Appeared near the Sagittarius patch of the sky.
  10. I don’t think that’s the case guys. The object was traveling only slightly slower than all the other meteors in the summer. Definitely faster than the iridium flares I saw in videos
  11. Back in the beginning of August, I went to a Bortle 2sky in Symi, Greece with my dad, I remember catching something in my peripheral vision as I was talking to my him. After that, I turned to see what it was. It was an incredibly bright(around -3 mag) meteorcrossing the sky. After about a second it disappeared right after blinking so brightly, that even my dad who was facing the opposite direction got scared and asked me, “what the heck was that?” can anybody describe what I saw?
  12. Hey! I know this isn’t exactly sketching but anyway, I got a little bored and decided to draw some space objects. Dont expect anything good, as I have never been good at drawing or at shading, I just did it for fun! so here they are: First comes a wide FOV view of m31.I didnt sketch it by looking at an image, I was just bored at school Next is the owl. Not the best, but still a fun one to draw The next drawing was of a globular cluster. Not sure which just wanted to draw one. Up next is m51. Like andromeda, I was bored at school
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