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    Skywatcher Skyliner 200p,Celestron Firstscope,8mm BST Starguider Eyepiece,2X BST Starguider Barlow lens,Panaview 32mm 2" Eyepiece
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  1. Kronos831

    M81 and M82

    Ευχαριστω! Τα δικα σου σκίτσα ακομα καλύτερα!
  2. Very nice, dark star. I myself have been trying with no luck, to observe m51 with my 8” dob.Hopefully i will too , fnally mange to observe it too. Clear skies kronos
  3. Kronos831

    M81 and M82

    Thank you lenscap! here is a little guide. I use this to determine if im close to finding them. Firstly i find this in my 8x50 finder The star pattern out of the field of view towards the north helps me confirm if i found the right spot once you have found that, look through your scope.you should see something like thhis,after that, go west(about a first quarter moon diameter) , as the arrow points you should then,find the 2 galaxies. Feel free to ask me any questions. Best wishes,clear skies, Kronos.
  4. Thanks stu!The typo was my bad, taking the scope out tommorow! Hope i can get some good views. Am trying my first globular m53 in Coma berenices. Best wishes and clear skies, kronos.
  5. Thanks stu! Also, sorry, ny objective diameter i meant the objective size of the object.
  6. Kronos831

    M81 and M82

    Here is my sketch of m81 and m82 sketched in good seeing and in my light polluted backyard (Spiral arms fainter than the sketching , could just make them out as a halo outside of the core
  7. Yea i got that i just dont know how to find the objective diameter and the limiting mag Thanks Kronos
  8. Um XD i don't under half the stuff here. What are the inches in the visual chart, (most likely comparison in between different size telescope)and how do i determine the object dimensions Thanks btw Kronos
  9. Thanks guys.Cant wait to get to these dark skies! I ve been sick for the past 2 weeks and i miss my scope so much :/. This sickness just wont go away. clear skies thanks kronos
  10. Thanks for the useful information john!
  11. Hey guys. For. A while now, i have been wondering, just how much difference does a dark sky make. I live in moderate light pollution, as i live in the city.The orion nebula is just a little fainter than most stars when viewed with the naked eye. The limiting magnitude for my 8" dob so far(that i have tried) is 8.4. i could just make out the crab nebula at 37.5x . extremely faint and just visible with adverted vision.I can also see the blackeyed galaxy quite clearly. I will be going on holiday in the summertime.I ll be visiting a place with clear dark skies.I will bring my 5" Skywatcher heritage with me. How many inches of aperature will the dark skies"add" to my scope compared to its original aperature at a light polluted location.Will it be able to rival my 8" dob? Just wondering Clear skies Kronos
  12. Hi guys, its me kronos, and i am about to purchase a new a new filter for my 5” and 8” scopes. I cant decide wether to buy a UHC or an oiii filter. my budget it 70euros max And i have settled between the uhc explore scientific or the oiii explore scientific. i am open to other suggestions in this price range i am keen to observing more deep sky objects with better detail Whichever filter i wont buy now, i will buy a better one in the future(for example if i dont buy the uhc , i will buy an astronomic uhc in the future) So far i have loved the views of m42 (i have observed many more objects)and now thats its fading into the suns glare, i m starting to find more and more objects.Hoping to observe the veil and the lagoon nebula as long as some planetaries and definetly globulars(which i ve heard that they dont take filters(am i correct?). I ve heard that the oiii enhances contrast and dims the object, but is the dimming worth the additional contrast from the uhc? i havent yet observed my first planetary , but i am planning to soon.I m really excited to see one! I will make another thread similar to this then,asking questions that may arise and reach a conclusion. I wrote this thread to ask about your preferences with filters(oiii or uhc) and for advice on what i should buy according to the objects i want to view) thanks, any advice will be useful. kronos Clear skies.
  13. Well, i ve achieved 300x on mars and the moon just fine on okay conditions.Also i live in greece where the planets are significantly higher than the UK's. I have an 8" skywatcher dob
  14. So, i have settled between 2 eyepieces for my scopes. The explore scientific 6,5 mm 52degree and the Skywatcher UWA Planetary 6mm I have read that the explore scientific gives better contrast and views. The explore scientific will give me 184x and barlowed 369x So should i trade less magnification for more detail?
  15. I find the 10 mm eyepiece that came with my telescope to be adequate. I wish to get the six minute with the skywatcher for 200 times magnification and occasionally 400 only on the best nights every year,for seeing saturn the moon mars and more.
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