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  1. Hi All this is a good place for power supplies batteries camera accs etc and there uk based: Link: HTH Mike
  2. The mind boggles!!!!!!!!!!!! What a thing of beauty ,i applaud your vision,just love it. Regards Mike
  3. Hi Julian, i have cancelled the wind and rain,and if you believe that, well then anything is possible,it will be alright you can quote me on it!!!!!!!!!!! Regards Mike
  4. Hi A/B,see page one ,link here ,nice to have a name please,any booking queries can be addressed by Lesley at Look forward to meeting you ,if you checkout earlier Galloway s/p posts,they will give you a flavor of our get together`s, Any other questions just ask away! Regards Mike
  5. Hi Paul,i use this bench supply, very reliable : I run my obsy from one of these and have not had any issues,plenty of reserve,and also available in 40/60 amp flavors Regards Mike
  6. Sounds interesting! Mike
  7. Hi Haydn,can i put in an order in for cakes ? Look forward to catching up with you both, Regards Mike
  8. Hi Kenny,yep i`m keeping so-so,how are the family? You still skivin in Ireland? Be good to catch up with you if i do not get to see you any sooner,look forward to havin a chat. Regards Mike
  9. Hi Rocky,a name would be good to put a face too, if you are camping i would highly recommend an EHU that way we will not have any frozen astronomers,look forward to seeing you, Mike
  10. If you believe that, you`ll believe anything! (Titter ) Nice place Cyprus, Mike
  11. Are you volunteering? It really is easy to check here on SGL, I think it would require a lot of time and effort to maintain an accurate list. Astronomy Now have a list each month ,but it will cost you,SGL free. Regards Mike
  12. I have used these for years with no problem`s, plenty of reserve for future equipment upgrade`s, Link: Regards Mike
  13. Hi Helen,see links for dew heaters and shroud,good company..... Link and Well worth the money, Regards Mike
  14. Jonn,i stand corrected ta! It`s only money lol Mike
  15. Jonn ,checkout some of the prices of the Telescopes and the Observatories!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eyewatering. Mike