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  1. Hi Andy,try this company https://www.startech.com/Cables/ Mike
  2. Downloading SynScan update

    Hi Try this link http://skywatcher.com/download/software/ Hope this helps Mike
  3. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Morning All,having had a long conversation with Lesley we have no option but to CANCEL the Autumn Galloway Star camp,the situation has arisen as most of you will be aware of,by the constant rain which has plagued the Soth West of Scotland, The field has been waterlogged for the last five weeks and the weather shows no sign of change,in any case the field will not dry out in time,but,more importantly as no traffic has been allowed on the field it will be available when it finally dries up.without damage! hugely important for the business. Lesley and Ralph are understandably upset,but will do their utmost to make the site ready for the Spring 2018 Star Camp. Anyone who has paid a deposit should contact the campsite where a full refund will be issued. I have to add my own dissapointment but in nine years this is the only time we have had to cancel,i know how hard Lesley and Ralph work to give us a very well established and well supported events in usually pristine countryside,i`m sure you will appreciate this was a very hard descision for them to make and offer your continuing support. There is as we speak a flood warning out in the vicinity of the campsie,my thoughts and good wishes go out to them. We know they will bounce back for more even better Star Camps. Thank you for your understanding. Any questions just email me. Regards Mike
  4. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Well said Stuart,we are definately due some clear skies!!!!!!!!!!! The firm renovating your suspesion seem to be taking their time,is it in need of new components or are they refurbishing the original? Your 4 bottle optic sounds interesting,but it will be expensive to replenish. Lets hope you get a longer on site than last time,you better bring wellies-----just in case just joking. Looking forward to catching up with you,have you got any photo`s of your conversion,i`d be very interested Regards Mike
  5. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Hello All ,well not long now till Galloway,i`m ordering the pies,and don`t worry there will be extra`s for those of you who like to take them home. The clear sky has been on order for months . Was in Marks yesteday and got a bottle of Writer`s Tears with £3 off See you all next month. Regards Mike
  6. Sutton bank season starter

    Damian,great report as is customery,i don`t know where you find the time to write it all up,never mind remember all your targets, looking forward to some clear skies in November at Galloway. Regards Mike
  7. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Hi Guy,your still breathing eh? Be nice to catch up,just remember to bring warm gear. Work keeping you busy? Or is it the kids,just not seen you posting for a while,are you imaging at home or have you been to any starparties? Book an electric hookup and you should be warm enough. Regards Mike
  8. Quality USB hub

    +1 for ANKER,there customer service is superb,also Startech are very reliable, Mike
  9. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Well we certainly gave the dark sky ranger as much help and info,but contact just fizzeled out, i for one would like to attend, thanks for the headup Ian, Mike
  10. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Our invite`s must still be in the post! Mike
  11. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    DOH!!!!. Ta Ian, Mike
  12. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Nice to see you booked up,a name would be nice,any questions just ask away, See you in Nov, Regards Mike
  13. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Radiator treatment?
  14. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Ah so, you were paying attention Damian , i still have the bottle and will bring it with me for emergencies,!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  15. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    We`ve even tried Chinese whiskey!!!!!!!!! It was well-------- on offer Mike