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  1. Hi Calum,you never fail to amaze me at your work rate,always a pleaure to drool over!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Regards Mike
  2. How about an update? Or are you still sleeping,were waitin with bated breath. Mike
  3. Derek you can always teach Damian to use two tin cans and a bit of string! Mike
  4. Well done that man,it`s been a long and winding road,but the results have been worth it!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  5. Hi Dave, i`ll wager you were pleased,got to have made the trip worthwhile! Mike
  6. Hello folks, another superb after 2 in the morning show,not as good as last Sat night but very acceptable. The folks on site have missed another chance to see the magnificent display, instead they went to their beds when it clouded out at about 1.30. around 4am it has cleared to show off the sky in all it`s glory. The night got off to s good start, but soon turned into a fix and have you got one of these spare? Back to bed for me. Mike
  7. Have you lot got nothing better to do? Tee hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi Peter,nice to hear from you,hope your keeping well? Regards Mike
  9. Weather update-------------it`s blowing a hoolie. Mike
  10. Hi All wam wet foggy drizzle i think that covers the weather,oh and the dreade midge made an apperance,on track for another classic do. Mike
  11. Hello All, well last night was superb,very clear for most of the night , giving excellent views it was improved at about 4.30 when the wind calmed,rounded off with a lovely sunrise. Curently sunny light breeze,site drying fast. Regards Mike
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