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  1. A subject for a dark night and a glass of water of life and good company, yer welcome, Mike
  2. Ian,check this link out: Worth a look if yer interested. Mike
  3. Ian, the area has a varied wartime connection, the airfield as you mention and also at various locations they built in secret various types of floating Mulbury harbours which were used to good effect in Europe, Also if your interested there used to be Sunderland seaplanes made and tested in the Lake District (Winderemere ). Cheers Mike
  4. Hi Adrian,well at least you can say you`ve seen stars! Would not surprise me if you get a clear patch around 3am, anyway sleep tight, see you soon Mike
  5. Hi Stuart, weather is weather we`ll get what were given------despite getting the order in weeks ago for cold clear skies, See you there, how`s your Tak? you got a great bargain there, Regards Mike
  6. Andy ,it`s called flying a kite if it` s windy Mike
  7. What's this competition? Yer going on about ? Mike
  8. Paul,here is a link for the original filter slide: Roger the owner of the site is a great ideas man, he will sort you out, HTH Mike
  9. I don`t know moan moan moan, any excuse to go to the pub!!! Mike ps it`s clear here at the mo!
  10. Me too ,i also found the Andre Marr medical documentary very interesting, now watching something cultural Auf Wiedersehen, Mike
  11. Yer not going to let a little rain and wind stop you, i bet you`ve still got shorts on, how was the Harbour Inn last night? Mike Mike
  12. Nice capture, i like the framing and colours, Regards Mike
  13. Adrian, have you got any gear set up? just in case you get some clear skies, i remember ordering a giant portion,so don`t use it all up, roll on next week Mike
  14. Ian ,your alright you have not done a Kenny!!!!! Mike
  15. Hi Adrian, hope you have got a winter sleeping bag with you, make sure you have a hot brekky, enjoy your walk, will give you a ring later, Regards Mike