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Demon Barber

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  1. Demon Barber

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    Hi John, no worries,any arrival late or otherwise is always welcome, the skies did co-operate and i know you were impressed with the views,i`m glad you enjoyed yourself and looki forward to catching up with you. Regards Mike
  2. Demon Barber

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm PIES Mike
  3. Demon Barber

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    Ian yer like a whippet out of a trap Mike
  4. Demon Barber

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Hi Peter,i`ve been a keen admirer of your photo`s and always look forward to the latest offering, there will be no problem in booking an electric pitch,there have been additions and upgrades last year. I`m very obliged to my keen assistants in a quick reply , and i`m sure weather permitting you will be well satisfied with both the location and facilities on offer, i look forward to catching up with you, Regards Mike
  5. Hello All, i`m pleased to announce the 2019 Spring Galloway Gathering,to be held at the award winning campsite that has been our home for nine years,http://www.drumroamin.co.uk/index.htm The Dates of which are Wednesday 27th February 2019------- Monday 4th March 2019 The campsite is run by Lesley and Ralph Shell,who go over and above to make the Galloway star parties the Premier Star Camps north of the border. As usual all bookings and reservations to go direct to Lesley at the campsite,any queries can be emailed to me at SGL. You can if you fancy a longer stay come at the weekend before, there is usually a few astronomers in attendance. This year is our tenth anniversary,and i will try and post dates and details at the weekend coming for the Autumn Galloway Star Camp. Looking forward to meeting newcomers and seasoned veterans,clear skies are on order Regards Mike Any errors are all my own.
  6. Demon Barber

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Well done that man,a very good first attempt! Regards Mike
  7. Hi Mike got your message but can't open attachment. Got PHD sorted out changed setting on eqmod.


    1. Demon Barber

      Demon Barber

      Hi Jim,send me your email as i have lost it,ta


    2. jamie56


      Hi Mike


      Still trying to complile the time lapse from star camp will upload it when done, 

  8. Demon Barber

    The Skywatcher EQ 6 R

    Les,a nice setup but i really would go for a full length dovetail bar and four rings,which will stiffen up the tube and will give you so much less flex,even visual will benefit from it. Enjoy your new scope,it`s a beauty, Mike
  9. Demon Barber

    At last clear Skye's

    Hi Damian, again you make the reader feel as though they were viewing the skies with you! I feel a book coming on ,keep up the commentary ,it`s always an interesting read, Regards Mike
  10. Demon Barber

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Hello All, sincere apologies for this late post, i`ve been under the weather. A big thank you to Lesley and Ralph for all there hard work, always appreciated,and what a surprise the field was in superb condition and was still in good condition when we all departed. A thank you to Phil and to Kenny and his wife Caroline i could not have managed without the care and help they offered. As always a huge than you to everyone who traveled to make the Galloway star camp Scotland's premier astro do under pristine skies, just wish a few more of the nights had been clearer, but i think you will agree that when the clouds do cooperate the reason for traveling the distances we do, is magnificent. Jim and Dawn thank you for your hospitality, and Ian always entertaining. David Martyn and their guest Tony always raise my spirits along with newcomer Calum who produced some worthy photo`s considering he is just starting astrophotography. Adrian for your endless enthusiasm i am always entertained,thank you. I`m sure everyone from the diehards to newcomers had a good time,and a thank you goes out them all for making the event such a success. Next year is our tenth anniversary and we are hoping to have a variety of talks food and of course whiskey tasting,if anyone can think of an item they think would be good just let me know,the dates for the do will likely be in November but i will post them soon. I really could not manage without everyone`s support,and for that i thank you Regards Mike
  11. Demon Barber

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    What can i say............... At least it`s not raining! Mike
  12. Demon Barber

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    The forecast is improving--------- watch this space Mike
  13. Demon Barber

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Hello Dai, hope you are keeping well? Will be great to catch up with you,campsite presently very damp! Looks like we could get a break in the clouds around 10 ish. Will let you know dates when decide, Regards and clear skies Mike
  14. Demon Barber

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    After a grey day the place to be is in the warm room for a whiskey tasting session!!! Mike
  15. Demon Barber

    Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2018

    Cheap crap surprised at you dr brown hehe jimmy

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