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  1. Hi All just be aware that some counterfeit batteries may cause irreparable damage to your camera ,is it worth the risk? Mike
  2. Olly,it would be a lot cheaper than the Fujinon`s +StarChair!!!!!!!!!!! Regards Mike
  3. Spare socks always an option,hope you need them,cold air coming from the North for the weekend, Mike
  4. Fancy forgetting who Derek is----------as if we could . Mike
  5. Try Hawke uk i have had great service from them,also Opticron uk are a good bet also, hth Mike
  6. Hi Haydn, looks well thought through,here`s hoping you get decent weather!!!!!!!!!. Talk soon, Mike
  7. Somebody got out the wrong side of the bed!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  8. Hi Damian, looking good,your talents show no end, it will really be a great addition to your scope,hope your keeping ok? Regards Mike
  9. Hi Ian, i`ve just had a wee dram and and far from it making the instructions clearer i`m as lost as you, not sure they are needed but if you email the creation team maybe it will become understandable,hope your keeping well, Regards Mike
  10. Deffo divorce!!!!!!!!!!! Mike
  11. I`m with Steve on this one, Neq6 are power sensitive, either fully charged battery or a good quality bench power supply,i always aim for 13.7 minimum, also use a good quality lead,such as the new Lynx Astro : HTH Mike
  12. Nowt to do with color----------- it`s a whisky wobble, tee hee! Mike
  13. Hi Davy, buy a Peli-case ,superb foam padding can be laser cut to perfection,at a cost! but for safety the cases are hard to beat, Regards Mike
  14. Well,once again i`m amazed at the dedication and good humor in the face of adversity of a group of astronomers who i can call friends. I was not at my best health wise and the conditions under foot did not lend itself to my lack of mobility at times,i appreciate all who made the effort to attend the Galloway Gathering and who make the organisation of the event worthwhile. Once again Lesley and Ralph did a sterling job of preparing the site only for us to inflict a bit of wear and tear, i know from previous events that have been wet (ha ha ) that the field will recover,Ralph will be hiring a roller to effect a repair,a big thank you goes as always to them,they always go the extra mile to make the events a success. I know the weather left a little to be desired but i hope everyone had a positive experience and the newbies got to see the potential of the Galloway skies,and i the hope to see everyone at the Autumn bash,to those of you who helped me personally THANK YOU all ( you know who you are). I was glad every one got home safely the road conditions left a lot to contend with. I think it might be useful to have a supply of wellies if it ever rains that heavy again,my boots took a bashing. Lets have more photo`s please the one`s posted so far are amazing, well done James,i hope you get permission for Nov! I`m looking forward to our Autumn bash and am sure of a great turnout, get your bookings in now for Scotland`s Premier Star camp,oh and there will most definitely be pies a`plenty. A big thank you to all. Regards Mike
  15. Hi All,back safely will post later, Mike