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    Analogue (live naked-eye) viewing and learning with binoculars and a 200mm Dobsonian mount reflector
    Looking for and finding 1) asterisms and constellations, 2) stars esp. coloured binaries/doubles 3) planets 4) meteors especially low and long ones 5) planets and planetary moons esp. Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus 6) Our moon esp. craters 7)DSO's (clusters, nebulae, galaxies) 8) ISS and Satellites
    Visiting dark skies 2) Alice Springs, Hawaii, North Norfolk and visitor centres like Keck, Leicester Space Centre

    Non-Astro: ESP32, Raspberry Pi, CAMRA Craft beer and real ale, FLAC audio, Jazz Rock, Krautrock, Ambient and Classical Music.
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  1. Thanks for the recommendations which I have added to my target list. I thoroughly enjoyed the colours of Almach and found it easier to split than Rigel with a 8".
  2. I think developing skills with inferior equipment is a much under-valued strategy. I try to avoid spending money until I have got the most from what I have. Well that's the theory! There are limits of course. The folk who spend hours grinding their own mirror have my utmost admiration but I am not in their league.
  3. And your wise words are very much appreciated so thank you. Interesting that you mention dew as a major frustration. For me it is ice and the effect it has on the lens of my finder. Well than and the frustration resulting from increasing years.
  4. Now that really is the challenge. Child in a sweety shop - Pick n Mix or do I just go for the box of Thornton Continentals?
  5. Yes I did the figure of eight dance in the garden - the neighbours probably think I am auditioning for strictly. I've not had the magnetic field warning apart from I had it running close to my desktop PC indoors.
  6. I installed as someone here recommended it. In non-goto mode I liked the list of targets currently visible but it wsas only once I started using in earnest as a Push-to aid that I developed an affinity for it. I would be interested in your experience of using it in this mode if you do get to try it. Last night, my straight-through finder froze up so SkEye it was my only navigation aid
  7. I think you have made a very good decision and keeping your 200P on target will be OK for you I am sure. I have the same telescope.
  8. Welcome and you have definitely some to the right place for quality, friendly advice. I have been pointing a lot of folk to SGL from the Facebook groups. There are a lot of people asking bginner questions and I believe generally the quality of advice given here is better than a lot of the FB groups.
  9. Possibly I just find the Stellarium app* a bit OTT whereas SkEye seems to get the important stuff without the pretty wallpaper. The developer is also quick to respond to requests so I have gone in that direction. * The desktop version is superb however.
  10. My favourite recommendations are the top 200 listed at http://users.compaqnet.be/doublestars I love the descriptions, **** ratings and colours. However I like to put all my targets into Excel so I am currently merging the data from the site above into the Saguaro Astronomy Club http://www.saguaroastro.org/sac-downloads/ double star database version 4.0 Direct link - http://www.saguaroastro.org/wp-content/sac-docs/ObservingDownloads/SAC_Multistars_Ver40.zip I have changed all the RAs from HH MM.M to HH:MM:SS and will create a CSV file for importing into SKEye I really
  11. Hi Steve

    I understand you are the organise of the StarGazine events? I'd appreciate a quick chat with you when convenient as I am considering an idea of facilitating something similar but not identical.



    Regards Brett

  12. I have given SkEye Indirect mode a couple of outings and I have been impressed so far. Indirect mode allows you to place the phone on the OTA (mine is attached to the finder) and align it using known targets. My comments sort of turned into the review...
  13. I have given SkEye Indirect mode a couple of outings and I have been impressed so far. Indirect mode allows you to place the phone on the OTA (mine is attached to the finder) and align it using known targets. As expected, I have became more proficient as I got used to the app and how it works. Key points I used a phone mount that I purchased for cycling. It attaches to the EP tube of my straight through finder. I have tried using the phone so that screen points upwards (as in picture) and also towards the eyepiece so it is facing me. The latter makes scanning a bit of sk
  14. Thanks AstroTim and yes I think the more interactive the better. I definitely am not looking to monetarise this if it comes off. I've DM'd one of the mods to see if this will be allowed and I will find out who organises the StarGazine events and discuss with them. As I said, I am keen not to tread on any toes.
  15. Thanks but I was thinking of something a little less polished and more interactive. Each event would have a theme that would appeal to those starting out or to someone experienced or both. There could be a guest speaker or perhaps more interestingly after the initial question is posed, contributions could come "from the floor". Think Question Time format. For balance and interest, contributors would be from all ranges of experience - stalwarts, intermediates and novices. Depending on numbers, questions could be posted in a chat window and the MC would direct these to the c
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