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  1. CPC do a large range of it, in various sizes : CPC
  2. This stuff is nice to work with - it's like spiral wrap, but split like a zipper. Comes with a tool to zip cables in easily. Much easier to add and remove from the bundle and unwinding spiral wrap. You can break cables out wherever you need along its length 28mm Cable Tidy c/w Applicator - Black
  3. IT and cabling installs are moving along. The comms cabinet has all its main kit in Top down: 12v psu / network switch PDU bar, surge suppressed Brushed entry (tidy cables ) Network patch bar Alexa went in too, To run the show, or at least play Spotify
  4. It’s 50mm long, pointed. The hole in my adapter is blind, and around 20mm deep. With the 30mm stud connector on, the hex head is just below the rim
  5. Thanks, it turned out okay. Yes, it’s the 13mm OD connector - I was planning on putting flats on it, but it is rock solid for the range of motion needed
  6. I used a long M10 hex grub screw sleeved with a stud connector: But it sounds like the AVX has more space inside for this to fit
  7. If it’s out of the AVX’s stock tripod, it’s M8, rather than M10, I think.
  8. It has an OD of 13mm. I've one spare if it'll help?
  9. You could keep it contained in the adapter by drilling out the underside to take the head of an M10 cap head. A stainless stud connector on an M10 bolt, for ref:
  10. I suggested a stud connector to Stacey, but maybe, from your description, there isn’t the clearance to fit it? Another option is to grind a point on the bolt, like a grub screw, and let it bite into the aluminium bottom of the hole?
  11. Looking smart! Those adapters are beautifully made If you need more diameter for the bolt, try threading on a ‘stud connector’. They are either hex sided or smooth. Should be about £1 on eBay
  12. The twin and earth is in place - It wasn't too bad to pull except the obs was quite warm after a cloudless day.
  13. As @JamesF found, searching eBay for 'Drag strap' is a eye opener! Just to clarify, it's a DOOR-PULL-STRAP like you'd get in a stripped out car for closing the doors.
  14. So, I checked my ebay history....it's a pull strap, sorry! Link for anyone looking for similar DOOR-PULL-STRAP (Sorry it's too late to save your eyes, James!)
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