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  1. Great advice, thank you! I hadn’t reckoned on the motion being so rapid.
  2. This shows is 3 hours of activity of the 'finger' prom, captured from around 9am - midday on the 31st. 1000 frames captures every 2 minutes, 50% stacked in AS!3 and sharpened in Registax. Aligned in ImPPG (what sorcery is this?!) then compiled into a video in PS Tal100r PST mod / Altair Hypercam174m / 2.5x Powermate Quite please with how this turned out Prom-30b.mp4
  3. Having been clouded out at home for weeks, it was time for a road trip! Morecambe bay has been a great site for long exposure terrestrial shots in the past, so since Clear Outside, Scope Nights and the Met office all agreed it was clear off I went I arrived and parked up for about 20:30 to wander down to the end of the pier and get set up. There were some clouds hanging about on the horizon, but I had reasonable hopes that the fairly stiff off-shore breeze would clean it up Sunset was 21:30: Since I was testing settings (it's a new camera, so it's the rules!) I tried out the on camera interval shooting in the hopes of catching changes in the light as the sun set... 19-07-2020 sunset from Morecambe.mp4 That seemed to turn out okay, so then the wait for the sky to darken. I took a lot of pictures of clouds, panoramic shots and long exposures of waves hitting pier stanchions etc to pass the time till the main event. So, Sony a6400 @ 24mm f/4. 4 second exposure: ...and a short time-lapse, because why not? Neowise timelapse 19-07-2020.mp4 Directly behind where I was shooting, Saturn and Jupiter played chase across the sky and the ISS wandered past to see what I was up to. I could have stayed all night, but at 00:30 my tea flask was empty and that meant time for home, cold but happy. Thawed out on the 45 minute drive back See, it's not always grim up north!
  4. This is an 11 panel mosaic, shot around 9pm on the 25th with a C8 & asi178mm. Seeing was mixed especially with heat from my house roof after a 30 degree day!
  5. Today was a little less windy here, so I was able to get a little time this morning to grab some data. This is 50% stacked of 1000 frames captured, Altair Hypercam 174m / Tal100 PST (x2.5). 2nd stack for 200 for the prom
  6. 500 frames captured every 3 minutes over 2.5 hours. Stacked in AS!3 and wavelets in Registax. 50 final frames coloured and aligned in Photoshop. Tal 100 / Altair Hypercam 174m Single frame shown below the video Enjoy anim 11-51 to 14-20 01-06-20 coloured crop.mp4
  7. Today's solar activity, captured with an Altair Hypercam 174m / Tal100r PST mod. The animation is 3 frames between 10:16 and 10:24 this morning
  8. Dodging annoying high cloud and haze all day, but ended up with some usable data: ZWO asi1600mm 1000 frame captures, 25% stacked in AS3!, then RGB combine and fettle in PS
  9. Sun gazing yesterday. A little bit of surface interest and a lovely flame shaped prominence. Very mixed seeing and some high haze
  10. Some glorious clear skies, occasionally splodged with the white fluffy menaces, so seeing some interest after a quick GONG check the scope went on and the roof opened ZWO asi178mm. 2 layer composite for prom and surface. Surface inverted and colourised. Starting to see a little of the grid patterning showing through, although it hasn't overwhelmed the image TAL 100RS Stage 2 PST Mod (still on loan from @Uplooker - thank you!)
  11. Thank you! I’ll try running the stacks again, now it’s 2am Some of the caps where a bit thin on quality, so we’ll see what happens!
  12. Last nights full moon at 100 megapixels! 27 panel mosaic Celestron C8 @ 2032mm. ZWO asi178mm with a ProPlanet IR band pass 642mn filter 27 x 500 frames, 20ms per frame. 5% stacked per stack. 18 gig captured Mosaic compiled in Microsoft ICE. Deconvolution and wavelets in PixInsight. Background cleanup and image balancing in Photoshop
  13. There are a couple I’d consider : The asi290 is blisteringly fast , and the asi174 has global shutter - but since the scope is only loaned, I’m not really looking to invest The asi120mm I have is faster, but lower res and nosier. I started there, and then swapped to the 178
  14. The 178 at full resolution gets about 30fps. It's the trade off for it being 6 megapixels. It's not the ideal camera for solar, but its the most suitable I own. ROI it will speed up, so I've been playing with that today, but high cloud has made it all a bit mushy
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