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  1. ASI183 new camera - spacing...

    Ant, just a quick update....the spacing seems to work, however: You'll need to remove the nose from the guide cam and the 1.25 adapter from the OAG, screw the 5mm spacer directly onto the asi120mm. With the rest as before, it focuses up nicely with a little adjustment of the guide camera on the stalk
  2. This should work..right?

    Well, it works in the daylight...on trees. Maybe I should image squirrels, as I see them more often than stars at the moment!
  3. This should work..right?

    Thanks Steve, I’m hopeful! Looks like the 1.25” nosepiece in the OAG was spurious, it measures up better without it. Now for some faffing in the daylight, to see if it’s even close...so far, I know the imagining can focus 👍🏻
  4. Stellarium + Teamviewer = Frozen session

    A few more things here: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/255122-team-viewer/
  5. Stellarium + Teamviewer = Frozen session

    Try it with Stellarium in a window - F11 I believe. Teamviewer might be grumpy about the overlay
  6. Hello, welcome to the money pit :-) You will likely need to consider a solution for guiding too. There are adapters to convert the standard finderscope to take a guide cam - and of course, the guide camera itself Maybe a good start would be to forget the 'scope for now, get the best mount you can, and top it with a DSLR. You can jump right in then, and see which scope suits you after a while? Have fun!
  7. This should work..right?

    John, Neat tricks! I tried a few things from suggestions dotted about on SGL, including two training shoe soles! What worked in the end was warming it on a radiator then spraying the inner threaded part with the liquid from a can of air-duster to freeze it rapidly - unscrewed like it was loose all along :-)
  8. This should work..right?

    Hello! I'm moving from a dslr to a cooled cmos camera (asi1600mm pro). Now all the bits and bobs have arrived, it's time to put theory into practice and screw everything together Question is, how does this look? I was a little vague on how the OAG's back focus is calculated, but this seemed to make sense. Since the photo, I've removed the 5mm spacer from the guide path, once I could actually grip to unscrew it :-) My best way to test it would be trying to focus both in the daylight, but I won't to opportunity for a while yet ZWO asi1600mm pro -> ZWO Mini EFW -> spacers -> ZWO OAG -> ZWO asi120mc-s (The build quality on the ZWO gear is impressive...instructions, less so!) All hanging off the back of an Evostar ED80 + 0.85 flattener Thanks for looking! and the number look like this:
  9. ASI183 new camera - spacing...

    Gah, of course! I'm waiting on the (out of stock) Ha filter so I can fully populate the wheel before building it up, as the 2mm spacer covers the top 2 screws on the EFW.
  10. ASI183 new camera - spacing...

    That's great! Without a filter in the path, I think you'd need 12mm, so you could use the 11mm T2 from the camera nose and the 2 flexible shim ring to get you to 11.7 (16.5+11.7+20+6.5 = 54.7mm total) alternatively you'd be at 16.5+13+20+6.5 = 56mm Under by 0.3mm or over by 1mm - I have no idea which is best, whilst you wait on filters
  11. ASI183 new camera - spacing...

    like so...I don't know which box the 2mm spacer came in, but was in with the EFW, OAG or camera
  12. ASI183 new camera - spacing...

    Hi Ant. I'm building basically the same setup, but with the 1600mm pro. My intended spacing, goes like this: Field Flattener -> OAG (16.5mm) -> 13mm spacer -> EFW (20mm) -> Camera (6.5mm minus filter allowance (1.9mm / 3 = 0.63mm) = 55.37 The 1.9mm come from the ZWO filter thickness spec Looking at the drawings, the asi183 is the same size, in terms of it's back focus, plus it also comes with the same 11mm T2 ring attached. I've used the knurled T2 to T2 (2mm) to make up the 13mm spacer - all assuming my maths is correct Hope this helps...or someone points out where I've gone adrift
  13. Star Adventurer/Orion 1st light

    Glad you're enjoying it and getting results!
  14. *WHAT* files?

    As above, setting the connection as 'Metered' is the most flexible, and allows you to turn on and off the connection without the fear that it'll suddenly upgrade everything. It stops Windows automatically downloading anything without you initiating it I find it handy as my connection isn't lightning fast, and Windows sometimes swamps my download with updates
  15. Hello folks! I'm looking for some advice please: on the suitability of ZWO ASI 1600MM-Pro USB 3.0 Mono Camera (filter wheel etc, bundle) when paired with a Skywatcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro and the 0.85 flattener. I've been having some success with my Sony a77ii dSLR, but the lack of PC control amongst other things, is becoming frustrating. From what I can glean they seem suited to each other, but since the dSLR is going in part to fund the new toy, I'm trying to 'get it right'. A secondary question would be how to power the cooler on the camera (if it's right!). I'm usually running the mount (AVX), dew heater and usb3 hub from a 17AH powertank, though it looks like the cooler in the 1600 has quite a heavy draw? Many thanks!