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  1. I usually do something like this: Stack in AS!3 giving 2 x Red, Green and Blue panels (asi178mm + 80ED can't quite do the full disk in 1 hit) Registax Waveletts all 6, with the same settings. Not going to 'crunchy' Stitch the frames in Microsoft ICE and save out the 3 mosaic channels Align those 3 in imPPG Open in PixInsight and convert them back to greyscale LinearFit the Red and Blue to the Green LGRB combine - This should give a reasonable colour balance without a distinct cast Curves Adjustment on Saturation to bring the orange and blue up ou
  2. Thanks Neil. The ED puts the colours together quite well, but there has been some worth removing some fine green and magenta fringes.
  3. My allsky managed to (just about) catch last nights meteor - Right side of the image, capture time was 21:54:29, Lancashire. South to the right, E to the bottom 11 sec exposure
  4. and a not so crazy version with the 80ED, in RGB
  5. I spend a pleasant evening on Saturday on a skype call, sharing the moon through my C8 / asi178mm and ended up taking a mosaic, because 'why not?'. 49 panels later, and we have this monster! Click through for the full view
  6. That's no moon! That's a...oh, it's a "snow moon"
  7. Surface / Planetary is how it stabilises the image. You want surface, and ctrl + click the green box so it covers a high contrast feature - the edge works well. Not getting any APs : This might be the minimum brightness setting, just above the Place AP grid button. Try lowering it to 10. You want the APs covering the lit areas. Dark low contrast features can confuse it - tune the brightness option until you get a good spread
  8. The almost full moon from the 25th This is a 2 panel mosaic in RGB with the asi178mm. It almost wasn’t colour, as the blue data was being a pain and had a noticeable band when merged. A careful restock and reprocess sorted it out Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Clear skies
  9. Would you be able to share a screen shot of AS!3, with the SER file loaded and AP's set, please?
  10. Today's daylight moon, 80ED + asi1600mm. RGB and Ha as luminance. 25% of 1000 each filter Stacking with AS!3, then Registax for some gentle sharpening. ImPPG to align the data and then PixInsight for RGB combine and colour balancing
  11. It's only had one outing, but (touch wood) it seems ok. 365 Astronomy provided a test report and a photo
  12. It does it's job very well and does make setting up a painless process. It pairs nicely with CPWI if you go into computer control As with a lot of kit, it'll depend what you want from it?
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