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  1. Yawning Angel

    Jupiter 01/05/18

    Sky-watcher ED80, ZWO asi120MC-S
  2. Yawning Angel

    Moon, 01/05/18

    Quick and dirty moon. Sky-watcher ED80, ZWO asi120MC-S
  3. Yawning Angel

    Horsehead nebula in Narrowband

    That is absolutely glorious! Pops right off the screen whilst giving an impression of boiling motion. Lovely composition too, with the right side constrained by the clouds, and the left open to the void so your eyes fall into the centre
  4. Yawning Angel

    Iris Nebula - 20/04/18

    Thank for your detailed reply, Olly! I'm gathering the flats for this data at the moment, then I'll be heading back to process it again, with your comments in mind. I suspect it went adrift when I hammer it in PS, after been careful till then. Ian, thanks also. Hope the weekend was fun, even with only the Mk1 eyeball
  5. Yawning Angel

    Iris Nebula - 20/04/18

    The Iris Nebula, also NGC 7023 and Caldwell 4, is a bright reflection nebula and Caldwell object in the constellation Cepheus (so sayeth Wikipedia)- LRGB (L20x30sec + 10x2min, 10x2min RGB) Sky-watcher ED80 Captured in SGPro, aligned, stacked and fettled in PixInsight (scary software!). Spit and polish in Photoshop. Fairly happy how it is, especially as I’ve yet to add flats. Would love to grab some more data if time and the weather allow it. Wondering if there is any mileage in adding Ha?
  6. Yawning Angel

    Our beautiful moon

    Thank you! It took about -80% saturation to drop the CA below notice, then the radial mask cleaned up the rest - so it basically ended up mono
  7. Yawning Angel

    IC 1805 Heart Nebula

    Nicely done! My only tip would be to keep it up!
  8. For your consideration: Taken on March 24th, just after dark. Celestron Skymaster 15x70 binoculars / iPhone 6 Crop and tidied up in Lightroom CC on the iPad - Desaturated to reduce the slight purple fringing then a radial mask to remove some noise in the background. Finally a pinch of dehaze, dash of clarity and a sprinkle of highlights.
  9. Yawning Angel

    Lodestar 2 and OAG

    All the parts in my imaging train are ZWO, right up to the reducer, and it didn't all work correctly without some messing - hang in there! Keep the OAG as close as possible to the reducer. I strongly suspect it's lightpath is currently too long. My test should help prove that Before you sack the supplier - Do you know, or can the supplier confirm, the backfocus distance for the Scope / Reducer? Someone earlier mentioned it might be 73.5mm? My napkin maths says you're currently at maybe 91mm with the spacers after the reducer and the that ZWO adapter in place. (My estimates - your spacers look like 16mm or so, the Prism is 9.5mm insider the OAG, The turret is 33mm, adapter is about 20mm, SX backfocus is 12.5mm = 91mm) Looking at these rough numbers, you might get away with just dropping the spacers from the reducer, if you can. Otherwise, swapping the 20mm adapter for a slim one will bring it into the ballpark. It looks like it'll come together, in principal at least :-)
  10. Yawning Angel

    Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Aha, got it now. The light path to both sensors needs to be the same length, as governed by the focal reducer / scope spec . Looking at the photo, the 1600 is much closer to the reducer than the SX (my blue arrows). You might be assess this roughly like so (in daylight): Rack the focus in, as far as it will go to start Remove (unscrew) the adaptor, marked in red Extent the OAG prism turret down into the light path until it's basically flush with the top plate Hand hold the SX to the top plate of the OAG Move the focus out and see if you can get anything - it'll be hit and miss, but you should spot a roughly focused image It that works, you can look at replacing the adapter with a slim T2 to C mount...I linked one back in the depths of this thread :-)
  11. Yawning Angel

    Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Rodd, before you send it back, could you snap a photo of the imaging train please? There may be something easily identifiable that is not being picked up purely off descriptions
  12. Yawning Angel

    Lodestar 2 and OAG

    The distances are purely from the spec sheets. Can you grab a photo of the setup, please?
  13. Yawning Angel

    Lodestar 2 and OAG

    This should do the job, and for only 4mm TS-Optics ultra low profile T-2 to C-mount adaptor length only 4mm, T2-CS
  14. Yawning Angel

    Lodestar 2 and OAG

    The OAG comes with a 5mm T2 spacer, then T2 to 1.25” adapter for a nosepiece. My mistake when building it up was to include the nosepiece adapter, it adds far too much. Looks like it needs a T2 to C adapter where I’m using the 5mm T2, unless the Lodestar has something hidden for T2? One with the nosepiece (too long) one without (just right)
  15. Yawning Angel

    Lodestar 2 and OAG

    I’m running the ZWO asi1600 with both their OAG and Filter wheel, asi120mc guiding. It all stacked up correctly, although it’s a close thing on inward focus travel! For my own sake, I documented the setup, so maybe this could help. Note the back focus of the 120mc is 12.5mm

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