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Yawning Angel

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  1. Yawning Angel

    Setting suggestions for Time lapse

    That looks to have worked well! Nice one
  2. Yawning Angel

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Looking very smart! Something to be really proud of. I’ve gone with a quite dark gray, after some ‘discussions‘ Screening plants and there shouldn’t be too much of an issue
  3. Yawning Angel

    50/50 Roll off build

    All the stud is done, and the main roof rail supports are ready to fit to frame the warm roof. Looking building shaped finally
  4. Yawning Angel

    The moon

    Outstanding picture, well done! Subtle colour and pin sharp - love it!
  5. Yawning Angel

    USB Serial Adapters

    The Tripp Lite has a Texas Instruments chipset, so either should be fine as it gets away from the Prolific
  6. Yawning Angel

    USB Serial Adapters

    The firmware developer at Celestron posted that since Prolific updated the driver, they've been seeing issues too. He recommended this one instead: Tripp Lite Keyspan Usb High-speed Serial Adapter 230kbps Pc/mac Not the cheapest - but this is astronomy (If you get a TeamCelestron login, the post is here : USB to Serial adapters ) Hope it helps
  7. Yawning Angel

    Bright supernova remanants (north)

    /shrug You can sort by magnitude
  8. Yawning Angel

    Bright supernova remanants (north)

    DSO-Browser can filter it, I think : dso-browser.com/deep-sky/objects/tonight/type:supernovae/by:size
  9. Yawning Angel

    Setting suggestions for Time lapse

    The maths looks something like this: 500 / focal length = approx max exposure before trails (include the crop factor) 500 / (18mm x 1.6) = 17.36secs. I’d round that down to 15secs then balance the iso to suit Maybe one every 30 seconds? That’d net you 120 per hour which is 4 seconds at 30fps, and allows the camera to write the file and stay cool between shots
  10. Yawning Angel

    pixinsight combine

    I've had a play, and came out with this: As above for the RGB combine, but then I added in the Ha using the NBRGB script. Resized in PS, but no other processing Some odd dark spikes on the stars, but it's still a lovely image to see. Thanks for sharing the data!
  11. Yawning Angel

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    I cheated and bought an external door frame, including hardwood sill The build looks really well suited in your garden too
  12. Yawning Angel

    50/50 Roll off build

    Back wall done
  13. Yawning Angel

    50/50 Roll off build

    Oooh, you’re still winning Another frame up today, with plans to complete the back wall tomorrow. Underestimated for stud, so working where I’ve materials Starting to gather a quantities list for the roof, to get it all ordered up. Will be nice to have the rails and wheels on site finally
  14. Yawning Angel

    Lunar Mosaic

    Microsoft ICE does a really good job too, espescially as it's free. Maybe do a comparison? Microsoft Image Composite Editor
  15. Yawning Angel

    Lunar Mosaic

    Love it, and seamless! Nice work! I wasn't able to get out last night, so... Having no data of my own, I've pushed your image through Registax for wavelet sharpening then to Photoshop - "Camera Raw Filter", which allowed me to reduce the yellow CA a little with the green slider (settings below) There's a little bit of blue tinted diagonal banding running across the image, but I'm not sure the cause. It'd be worth seeing if it's in the stacked frames or if it's a processing artifact

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