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  1. StaceStar

    orion nebula

    Thank you
  2. StaceStar

    orion nebula

    Thank you. I like to try and keep things more natural looking
  3. StaceStar

    orion nebula

    Took this last night in a rare beak in the clouds, still a work in progress and the moon was close. it was also a bit of an experiment on how my L pro max filter would help with moonlight, the answer is...quite well actually! the rest of the moon glare was mopped up in astro pixel processor. 55x60s, flats, darks and bad pixel map applied. stacked and processed in APP and final touch up in PS. Still a work in progress and i'll add more data as and when i can
  4. StaceStar

    AstroStace Astrophotography

  5. StaceStar

    Rosette RGB - first image of 2019 for me!

    most likely! its presented as a final image...but its not really...i intended to get at least 4 hours on it until more cloud scuppered my chances ha! thank you for the feedback
  6. Happy new year everyone...i never thought we would see the end of those clouds, however last night presented itself a small window to get some imaging done. It was a good night for me as i've finally got my set up to work remotely and i'm still getting over a horrendous cold/flu (so it was nice to be able to image from my lounge in the warmth) Anyway this is 50x120s, darks and flats applied. Stacked and processed in astro pixel processor and final touch up in photoshop. Equipment used: Altair 72edf deluxe, 0.8x reducer, hypercam 183c Pro Tec, 60mm guide scope with altair 290c camera, Skytech L Pro Max filter and a HEQ5 pro (rowan modded)
  7. £130 Ono ! Will calculate postage when sale agreed but I can't see it being more than £10 with royal mail Stellarmate imaging astrophotography computer. Based on raspberry pi . Comes with upgraded 32gb card rather than the standard 16gb. Included in box is hdmi cable and usb cable with power switch. This was an early Christmas present but is turning into a project I just don't have the time for. Works with anything that has an indi driver. https://www.stellarmate.com It's like the zwo ASI air ...but can be used with other equipment including zwo. Please note if you have Altair cameras the driver is still in development.
  8. StaceStar

    What did the postman bring?

    more clouds....
  9. StaceStar

    What did the postman bring?

    No more dodgy lead acid powertank!
  10. StaceStar

    Wizard hiding amongst the stars

    It is! But I kinda like it I was in Newbiggin in Bishopdale bortle 3-4 . Even managed to see the milky way for the first time ever
  11. StaceStar

    M45 The Pleiades

    Thank you, yes everything was dripping wet. All that rain we had over the weekend and it was all in the air. I'm dead chuffed though
  12. Here's NGC 7380 from my recent weekend in Yorkshire 44 x 120s, stacked in PI and edited with PI plus photoshop! Check out that star field!!!
  13. StaceStar

    M45 The Pleiades

    Spent a weekend in deepest darkest yorkshire!! Managed to get this 22 x 120s, darks and flats applied. Stacked in DSS and edited in Photoshop. This is one of my all time favourite targets. It's a bit glow-y due to the sheer amount of dew in the air, it was overwhelming my dew straps.
  14. Sorted now, got my hands on a 7nm ha and 8.5nm oiii

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