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  1. they changed the link super recently, to update the site. There was a redirect on the old website, but it appears not to be working at the moment. Will give them a poke
  2. Let me know if you're thinking of selling! Many thanks
  3. I've been lucky enough to be sent one of these astropgraphs for review. It's a bit of a monster! I've done an unboxing on it so far...but hopefully when this weather clears I can get imaging and do a review eventually. Here's some shots so far
  4. So far, it's a bit terrifying haha. Managed to get the light pollution filter fitted yesterday. The original clear glass filter was jammed in solid
  5. The post man has bought me a few things lately. A couple of big things for review and a smaller one for just for some general maintenance on my kit (cheers FLO).
  6. Price and spec was posted in the altair group on FB today I think and is now up on the Altair website. https://www.altairastro.com/iOptron-GEM45-GOTO-German-Equatorial-Mount.html Looks interesting for sure, something else to add to the want list
  7. Low shutter count (approx 2.5k) . Comes with original box, strap, usb cable, battery and charger. . There's a tiny mark on the screen, but other than that it's in fab condition. Astro modified so more sensitive to Ha. £120 + £11 postage
  8. Wispy clouds here and there, leading to a couple of stacking artefacts...but pretty pleased with these shots!
  9. Of course, you have to make sure you get it right first time. No point in spending money twice. All I can say is I've imaged in a 53% moon and severe light pollution, I'm in bortle 6-8 depending on what direction I'm imaging. The AA triband (and I assume other triband filters would too) handled it very well. There was minimal moon glow/light pollution in my stack. In fact it was some of the easiest data I have ever processed. Coupled with the increase in productivity and efficiency , well with my osc I won't go back to seperate filters now.
  10. @Matzi a valid argument personally and this is my experience alone...I've had more fun and got better images since switching to the triband filter from two separate filters (a baader 7nm ha, 8.5nm oiii). It also depends on how you process the data. I've found the best results don't come from doing an integrated stack of all channels , but more like treating the data as though it is is from two narrowband filters. In astropixel this extract and extra stack doesn't take a lot of effort or time and yields great (in my opinion) results. But yeah it all comes down to personal preference...bu
  11. I haven't used the idas version, but I imagine they are very similar. The Altair offering is slightly cheaper at £215 for a 2 inch filter. It would have been nice for the band passes of the idas filter to be published on the product page too .
  12. Just a tentative enquiry to see if there are any out there, but if you have a ppb to get rid of let me know
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