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  1. It did turn out clear last night after all, so was worth setting up even if the Moon was quite bright and the seeing wasn't really 100%. Managed 3 hours on M97 Owl Nebula
  2. Some eBay traders simply increase the cost of item to an unusually high level if it's actually out of stock - I'm led to believe that they do this since it's cheaper for them than ending and relisting an item. They have 17k+ positive feedback so not really in 'rogue' category?
  3. I've set up tonight, but packed up and come in, it seems to be really hazy and not at all good for imaging - even though it's clear (no clouds) it's like a pea soup and not a patch on last night.
  4. My image from last night! M31 Andromeda Galaxy 2018.10.09 Skywatcher Quattro 200CF | Canon 100D 35x180s + F/D/B
  5. We have another event coming up on the 11th August. This one is at Swillington Farm. It is an event run by a company called This Green Moon, you can check them out on Facebook. It is an overnight event but we would finish at approx. 11pm. Soupy will do some presentations and we would also need some telescopes set up for observing. They also have a few pitches kept in reserve for speakers so if any members want to come and do the event they have offered pitches free for us to stop over. (They are currently selling these pitches for £50 for a small pitch and £100 for a large pitch). Please let Soupy know as soon as possible if you are able to attend, (and certainly by Wednesday if you would like a pitch) so he can liaise with Paul the owner. It promises to be a great night with darkening skies and early Perseids!
  6. WADAS solar astronomy outreach at RSPB Fairburn Ings Big Wild Sleepout event. Big Wild Sleepout [Solar] Location: RSPB Fairburn Ings (WF10 2BH) Date: Sunday 29th July Set up time: 08:45 onwards, ready for 09:00 Event Time: 09:00 - 11:30 Notes: Matt Gough will be attending with the society PST solar scope and ED80/Lunt wedge to show adults and children views of the Sun. Any other WADAS members welcome to come along too.
  7. MattGoo

    RSPB Big Wild Sleepout

    WADAS outreach at RSPB Fairburn Ings for their Big Wild Sleepout event. Big Wild Sleepout [Stargazing] Location: RSPB Fairburn Ings (WF10 2BH) Date: Saturday 28th July Set up time: 21:00 onwards to set up ready for dusk. Event Time: 22:00 until probably around midnight. Notes: Matt Gough will be attending, ideally could do with a few other WADAS members with telescope/binoculars to show & explain basic things in the night sky to a mix of adults and children.
  8. After a day of sunshine, clouds and heavy rain showers, we were actually blessed with a clear sky at RSPB Fairburn Ings for the Big Wild Sleepout event. Lots of families were able to enjoy views of Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, the Moon, the ISS, M31 Andromeda Galaxy & M57 Ring Nebula. Many thanks to Ben and Paul for coming along and making it a success! Ben took a few videos of the planets & Moon which he has stacked and made into a nice single image, and I tested my new (2nd hand) Samyang 14mm F2.8 lens on Cassiopeia. Sadly Sunday morning was a washout and no solar astronomy was able to take place
  9. A red Moonlite CFL 2.5" Large Format focuser for a refractor. Twin dovetail finderscope bases and a rotatable flange. Currently has an Altair 152mm Achro Flange attached, but you can buy other flanges from most Moonlite retailers to suit your particular telescope. Note: it only has a focus knob on one side - this is because it was used with a stepper motor-focus on the other side. It still works 100%, but for completeness you may contact Moonlite directly or a retailer for a another matching focus knob if you so desire. Collection available from Castleford area, otherwise 'signed for' postage will be around £15 at a guess. Payment cash on collection, or bank transfer/PayPal. £220
  10. I've acquired a Moonlite CF focuser with the motor focus option & I want to move the motor from it on to my other scope - which has a Moonlite CR focuser fitted. The actual motor & bracket were easy to remove, but I'm left with the black part (circled below) still left on the shaft. I've taken the grub screw completely out of it, but it doesn't want to come off. Didn't want to apply too much pressure on it in case it breaks, has anyone got any advice on how to remove it?
  11. Well, I've been out this evening - Nandos & cinema - only to return home to a lovely clear sky, which is absolutely typical! But it's proper freezing outside. Tomb Raider was pretty good
  12. You could always watch this 3 part series on iPlayer from Dr Helen Czerski if you've not already seen it? http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09rzqp3
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