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  1. A 1.5mm Wera Hex key to tighten the 4 screws on the diagonal as the eyepiece holder was starting to rattle. £3.04 the least i've spent in a long time. Surprised FLO don't sell something similar unless i'm looking in the wrong place. I'm starting to build up the set to replace the dozen or so IKEA keys i have.
  2. I like the TVs they go well with the baaders. Some bought from here on the for sale page. Would love to try other eyepieces such as the OVL etc without breaking the bank. Hopefully soon when the societies start back up.
  3. Hi May as well try and complete the set. If it's still available i'll take it please. thanks
  4. Hi Rob, Sorry i can't recall and couldn't advise on the bearing and tapping out. Hopefully the Grub screw is the issue that as been mentioned. Good luck.
  5. Hi John I'll take this please if still available. I'll drop you a PM.
  6. Four items for me the past few weeks during Lockdownmas. 8mm and 25mm Televue plossl and today the Berlebach caster mount and a dual camera adapter as in this thread for a push to. The eyepieces and mount items were sold by members of Stargazers lounge via the for sale section and must say everything arrives promptly, extremely well packaged and it shows how much care you lot have for items you use and eventually sell on. Must add some pics. Maybe not the ideal telescopes for the mount- however seems to be balanced very well. However one step at a time.
  7. Shameless bump. I’ll have a beer tonight and have and itch I need to scratch and will no doubt buy new from FLO so on the off chance.
  8. Agree with the baader recommendation. I have the 10mm and 18mm and I much prefer these to the BST’s and passed them on to someone who could appreciate them. Don’t know why, maybe I have dodgy eyes but they do the job for me.
  9. Hello In hope that someone has a Televue 15mm plossl in excellent condition they wish to sell. thanks dean
  10. should have said the postage included is Hermes next day which costs £4.98 (can't promise next day - but that's what they charge)
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