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  1. I may actually end up with a decent image. One can hope.
  2. Like a scene from The Fog here - loads of sea fret so unable to do a nice picture in the garden. The attic/home working office will have to do. Mounted on a Scopetech Zero and More Blue half pier. Vibrations seem minimal so think they will work together well. Prior to today we have had 4 cracking nights so another picture of the moon - finally managed to get a little colour. It's a superb telescope.
  3. First time attempting this. Quite pleased especially with Photoshop the automate function seems to work quite well. Untracked AZ mount. StellaMira 80mm ED and ZWO 120MC-S. 9 x 50 frames. Processed in Autostakkert and the resulting 9 images stitched using Photoshop automate / photomerge. I've adjusted the brightness slightly.
  4. May help those with a stainless steel tripod with a 3/8 screw. I bought a Manfrotto 120 tripod head converter. It fits a few mm into the recess so quite snug and seems very secure. Worked very well last night no slippage - silky smooth. Also waiting for the More Blue pier to arrive on Monday and can then compare.
  5. and matching socks https://www.firstlightoptics.com/stellalyra-eyepieces/stellalyra-30mm-2-kitakaru-rpl-eyepiece.html
  6. Thanks for this @HollyHound above is exactly what is happening. I'll have a little more time to play with this tonight and try the tips you mentioned. I'm sure it will be perfect. I've just bought the More Blue Carbon Fiber Half Pillar so may help too - i wanted this anyway for the AZ GTI, good job the pubs are still closed as spent a little too much the past few days. As to the clamp i noticed you mentioned this in a previous post so also followed your advice. Thanks
  7. Hello 2 questions for you clever people. I've just received a new Scopetech Zero and have actually read the instructions supplied (always a first) around the warnings of balance and potential damage i could cause. I've replaced the screw clamp with an ADM clamp. Loosed the nuts slightly as it was so stiff it just would not move in any direction. However it mentions potential damage when mounting the scope and appropriate guidance to avoid mishaps. I've added two images which show a gap similar to the instructional warning image. This is without a telescope being mounted. The gap seems
  8. Very happy chap today. Actually dithered quite a bit whether to buy the StellaMira 80mm (crayford focuser) or an alternative however circumstances deemed the StellaMira as the one to be. Ooh it's lovely. Plus a few other bits - Scopetech Zero, ADM clamp and a Baader finder shoe. Thanks to the contributors on the various posts at SGL as to suggestions for appropriate mounts and clamps.
  9. Thanks, I appreciate the advice and its suitability. Enjoy the incoming AZ100!
  10. Got one in the basket at the minute - just hanging on till Monday to see if one comes up in the for sale section. You never know.
  11. I think you really really should and i'll buy your scopetech zero - hope you don't mind but couldn't resist.
  12. Thanks Jock1958 and Stuart. It's a really good deal and i'd jump at the whole package. Will see if they will split. However a little too far to travel even without the current travel restrictions. If it goes to sale i'll be in touch with the interested parties.
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