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  1. If I could actually remove the clutch, it wouldn't be an issue as I would have ago at sorting it myself. I've given up now as I can see me throwing it soon and just can't be bothered trying anymore. Currently looking at other mounts to replace it.
  2. If only, it was one from the very first batch FLO got in so it is a few years old now. Would probably explain the QC issue as it wasnt really a problem when first released.
  3. I just watched a sa strip down on YouTube. No grub screw, he just gave it a little wiggle and it came out. Mine isn't shifting at all, afraid I'm going to do more damage. Already looking at a replacement
  4. Thanks for the reply. I can't get the RA gear off and looks like it's seized around the polar scope not allowing it to slide out of the casing. I'm going to have to send it off to be service somewhere.
  5. Evening all, I've just dug my Star Adventurer out after a good few years. I have only ever used it once and that was when they first became available so I can't actually remember much about it. The RA is very stiff to turn with the clutch released all the way off, even with the weight on, it bearly moves. Have these always been stiff or has the grease gone crappy just sitting there? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Before I buy brand new, thought I would ask here first. Anyone selling a QHY Mini Guide Scope? I do have a 50mm finder scope converted but want something smaller and lighter for the Star Adventurer. Many thanks
  7. That's a shame. I was think of Anglesey for next year's holiday and this would have been the final decider.
  8. Stunning captures. Does the bioluminescent plankton arrive at the same time every year?
  9. Stunning images. As I'm not working at the moment, I must get off my backside to see if I can see them as I've never seen them before.
  10. I have a Wimberly Gimbal head being delivered tomorrow. I had a go with one at the weekend and had to have one.
  11. Advertised elsewhere, just dropping it in here just in case anyone was after one. Sirui PH20 Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head Good condition, only the slightest amount of paint loss due to general wear and tare. This has had very small drop at some point in it's life and left a small dent in the larger of the 2 knobs (please see photo) Comes complete with case, mounting plate and everything else that you will need. £280 includes RMSD, UK mainland only please.
  12. Last reduction before it gets advertised elsewhere. £510. £500 for the lens and £10 for RMSD.
  13. You could go with a 24mm pancake lens on the cropped sensor give you the equivalent of just under a 40mm on full frame. Both the 24mm and 40mm pancake lens are very sharp for the money.
  14. This has been up for sale before but decided to keep it but it's back for sale as I purchased it last May (used) and still haven't used it. I've just purchased macro lens so I need to make some money back and I still need to get a flash gun. It's in very good condition, comes with original box, front and rear caps, lens hood and pouch. Looking for £510 including RMSD. I have no photos at the moment but can take some on request. Thank for looking.
  15. Still for sale. Not bothered if it sells or not, hasn't been used for some time. Just think someone else could benefit from it.
  16. Still for sale. Get it in time for spring when wildlife really comes a live.
  17. Sigma 150-600mm Sport Canon fit. Purchased in May last year from Park Cameras, not used since November. Excellent condition, comes with box, bag, upgrade tripod foot and I will also chuck in the USB dock worth £40. Due to size and weight, this is collection only from GU6. £1000
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