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  1. Absolutely superb. I really struggle with timelapses. I never get the interval right.
  2. Hi admin, could please remove this post, I'm withdrawing the ad. Many thanks.
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying. No, it's not modded.
  4. No problem. Good to meet you and look forward to seeing some of your photos with it.
  5. Provisionally sold.
  6. OK, I was way off. 9354
  7. OK, thanks for that. I will try APT this evening. I have no idea why canon hide it, it's stupid.
  8. Right, I've looked at the file number and it says 0675 and I know it's done over 10k so I can only imagine it's at 10,675. Still cheap at this price as I've seen worse condition ones and higher shutter count go for more than this.
  9. Good effort. I can recommend this book for some timelapse learning.
  10. Well, done. I forgot you can do that.
  11. Oops, sorry. Now amended.
  12. Oops, sorry. Now amended.
  13. In good condition, only a couple of very small scratches to the body but optically in excellent condition. Only selling due to upgrading to the mkiii which is more suited to the newer glass of the 100-400mm mkii. Collection from GU6. £175
  14. Canon 700D body only in excellent condition. I can't seem to find a shutter count software that works so I'm having a guess that the count is around 14K give or take a couple of thousand, hence the cheap price. No dust on the sensor that I can see. Comes complete with everything that you expect in the box from new, including an aftermarket battery grip, 1 genuine battery and 2 aftermarket batteries. Not used in a while after upgrading. Collection is from GU6. £250