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  1. I got the NexYZ adaptor yesterday, but only had 10mins of experimenting with it due to clouds last night. I'm heading down the Mono + Pro mode route too, as I'm getting lens flare like artifacts using the RGB lens. I think it's due to the location of the laser focus beam between the top 2 lenses on the P20 pro. (got a passing 737 though!) ? Altair 72ED-R with 32mm eyepiece...
  2. Can I ask what settings or mode you are using on the P20 Pro? I've recently got one too, and am awaiting the arrival of my Celestron NexYZ phone adaptor, so I can hook it up to my Altair 72ED-R. I'm looking at getting a cheap Alt-Az once again, as since starting this thread, I have moved to the dark side and got an EQ mount, but I do miss the simple "drop and go" nights of Alt-Az. My ideal "instant astro imaging" setup will be Alt-Az mount, 72ED-R and P20 Pro, if the images start to come through ok. I've not used the P20 Pro in PRO mode or shot in RAW yet, but it opens up a whole new
  3. Wow! This forum just keeps rolling! Just popped back in the see how my baby is going. Love the images and the advice that is being shared. The long summer nights have kept my kit well and truely in storage, but I'm looking forward to the dark nights again. Might be over my affair with the dark side, as the issues I pointed out in the rules at the beginning do indeed hinder the fun at times. EQ mounts are amazing, but the number of nights I've wasted with poor alignment or set up issues is causing me to reconsider my move. Love the OTA, but might get a good old Alt Az again for "drop
  4. I got the astrophotography bug last year, after several years of mainly visual fun with my trusty Nexstar 6SE. I sold it and traded up to an EQ mount and small refractor. Best decision ever, but it's still a steep learning curve a year on from the change to EQ, so just be aware that nothing is as simple as it looks. Rush anything at your peril, especially with the rare UK clear skies. I've wasted several nights due to rushing to set up, then wasting the rest of the night taking images I can't use. Taking all that into consideration, don't aim too big too soon. I'm more than impressed with
  5. Wow, wow and indeed wow! After starting this thread all those months ago, I never expected so many comments and amazing images to be posted. I've picked up lots of hints and tips over the time, as I hope you all have too, as this was the main hope for my initial post. I have a terrible admission though, I've gone to the dark side!! I now have an EQ mount ?. I was right, AltAz is a lot easier, but the temptation grew too much and a member of my local Astro club offered cold hard cash for my Nexstar. Keep up the fantasic work.
  6. Looking at the shape and off centre blur on the stars, I'd say it was collimation of your secondary mirror. You'll need to adjust the small screws on the back of you scope (very carefully). Esiest way is to point at a bright star, then de-focus til you see a "doughnut". If you see the central "hole" off centre, then you need to adjust the screws until it lies in the centre.
  7. I've been getting more and more into Astrophotography (mainly planetary, with some DSLR wide field stuff too) but the DSO bug has got a hold of me since imaging the Leo Triplet, M31 and some Globular Clusters back in March, while under The Lake District's perfect clear, dark skies. I'm using a Nexstar 6SE, so I'm on an AltAz mount, so I know the mount will have to change to EQ if I want to get better results. I was considering an AVX mount and that was the issue sorted, but seeing the size of it, has me considering going in a different direction... Should I sell the 6SE and get a whole new set
  8. Thanks for first few bits of advice (as opposed to advise, as in my title... D'oh!!)
  9. The imaging bug has bitten and it's not going away... The piggy bank is (very) slowly filling up, with the intention of upgrading my Nexstar AltAz for Celestron AVX EQ mount. To speed up the purchase, I was thinking of selling the Nexstar and keeping the 6" SCT OTA, as I have a f6.3 focal reducer, dew shield, focus mask & SCT to T-Adaptor fitting and "Bob's Knobs" for collimating. A local dealer has recently offered me £200 trade-in for the mount if I purchased the AVX from them, but highlighted that If I traded in the entire set-up I'd obviously get considerably more and could therefore b
  10. Best thing I ever did was to manage my own expectations on what I could do with the kit I could afford. Yes, my images do not come close some of the things I've seen in the imaging section, but as I've not spent £10,000+ on my kit and don't live in a dark sky site, I just appreciated them for what they were. DSLR + 6" SCT on an AltAz mount... so I'm never going t I started a thread on Imaging "the no EQ DSO challenge" to see what other people could do and to pick up some hints and tips and although I am saving the pennies to eventually get an EQ mount, I have been very impressed with the resul
  11. Yes, 6.3 reducer used on M3 and the Leo Triplet images.
  12. It's actually M3, not M53. My bad! Need to start an observing log, as the memory is getting a bit rusty.
  13. They were beyond help, as the trailing / focus / collimation was poor on most of them.
  14. oops! Canon 600D attached to my Nexstar 6SE. ISO 6400, for 20secs. That's about the max I can get without star trailing, although I took about 20 shots of both targets and these were the best of the bunch. No flats, darks or bias frames subtracted from either, but I ran them through Photoshop to sharpen a bit and tweak levels.
  15. M53 Globular Cluster & the Leo Triplet. Single Light frames taken while experimenting under the dark skies of the Lake District, UK.
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