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  1. Nice report John and I've had some good views through quite a few 12" dobs. Whale and hockey stick in the 50mm finder at Elan. We all saw them and were blown away by just how well they stood out. It's a good gauge of the quality of the skies. I'd really struggle with hickson 44 though and would have to use the big gun for those.
  2. Lovely report and a pleasure to read. Glad to see the family out there getting involved. A typo NGC3628 for the Leo triplet. Keep the reports coming as they're great to delve into especially bringing new targets to the fore.
  3. Nice read and such great targets in an hours viewing. The antennae and siamese twins are nice catches. I like the 17E as it gives great views and a nice step up from the low power views of the 21E. Must get out myself and will have a try this weekend if the brief spell of calm clear nights continues.
  4. Dai I'm thinking of going up before the event on the run up to the new moon so may be there the same time. Probably 24th on? Tbc
  5. Our club thread has been open nearly a year now.
  6. Nice Vic. Long time since I've seen it through my scope. Used a nice pair of apm binos (i think as it was dark ) at galloway and it was small but nice in those.
  7. Very nice is that Lee B proudly propping it up!
  8. Better than mine buddy. 19.35 . Usual viewing spot 21.45. Galloway star camp 21.92
  9. We had the same figures from borreraig Isle of Skye and yes they are magnificent. Nothing more than a chair and mk1 eyeball to see the milkyway running horizon to horizon. Anyone seriously into astronomy should visit. Fantastic
  10. It's a long way off but I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully the autumn weather will be kind to us and we will be able to make the 10th anniversary event something to remember for the astronomy instead of the stormy weather. Very little astro darkness left for this spring but hopefully I will be able to get out before it disappears for the summer. I will be packing the scope away in may until at least the back end of August. I'll then make a start on what may be my last winter of adding any sizable contribution to this forum. I wish everyone well and hope to read and catch up on your astro exploits until we all finally meet up again.
  11. As I said it's not that I cant afford it Stu as I could buy the best out there, but there are very few on this forum that can say they have put more into being a visual observer than me. I agree on both accounts Neil and as I said it is a form of observing just different from what I and most other people do. In no way would I discourage or dissuade anyone from doing it if thats how they wish to observe. Thank goodness for traditional posts though and just as an example I read Cotterless Nicks posts with awe and Inspiration and admire them for the depth of detail and knowledge he conveys. And with that I'm done. Cheers all happy observing.
  12. Reading the above has been interesting and something I have had to ponder quite a while before replying. Well done Lain for raising the subject. I have contributed to the observing section (and many others) many times as others posting here have too. I've enjoyed doing so whilst using an 8" scope upto the well documented 22" scope I have and use today. I class myself as a traditional observer and use my former observing reports ultimately as an arbiter of how the sky conditions are, how light pollution is changing the skies and how my vision is deteriorating whilst comparing like for like with other visual observers. Increasingly as with others I am seeing more reports from mainly the same observers using NV in the observing section which has really diminished my appetite for submitting reports to SGL. It seems worthless telling people what I can see through the eyepiece because we can now have a NV image of it in the observing section showing a (NV labelled) false view of what can be seen whilst out observing with equipment accesible to all. Yes I use a large dob but If I can say I can see the whale and hockey stick galaxies in a 2" finder then many people can relate to it as they have access to such an instrument. I do agree that NV is a form of observing and one that I am not against as it can be used to open the world of astronomy up in light polluted skies to some that need and can afford to. This is something that is well within my reach but to most that opportunity is not there and another reason for it's own section. I created a scope to see it naturally not use technology to see a false view of it like everything else around us. Does everything we do have to be through a screen or enhanced? Horsehead from the middle of London I'm sorry but with normal equipment like many have then this would be impossible. By the users own admission they agree. Coincidentally Peter Drew did touch on comparing NV use in a thread recently with high Definition Video astronomy which he had dabbled with for a while. To me Peter was spot on making a like for like comparison. Is it any more Niche than Video astronomy which has its own section? it probably has more contributors on here nowadays than that section? Have I read any of the posts in the video astronomy section and who else reading this thread has?? Admittedly I have read very few because it doesn't interest me. I think Stu has missed the point with his statement above as there are far more without night vision reading the "observing" section and not commenting than there are with. A lot choose not to post. Just in case no one has read this (I see all the above NV users posting in here) then I have pasted it in. Cloudy nights take on it EAA FORUM RULES 1) This forum is for the discussion of observing - and related images captured - with Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA) equipment. Also, the discussion of the EAA hardware and software, and how to use it for various applications such as outreach events. 2) Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA) is the use of a digital image capturing device replacing or augmenting the eyepiece for live viewing at the telescope. 3) Images of any amount of total integration time are permitted here, whether for the purposes of augmenting your descriptions of your live viewing sessions, illustrating your EAA equipment's capabilities, or getting assistance with technical issues. However, post-processing of these images is not allowed under any circumstances. 4) Posts with images must include total integration time and the software/process used for the “live” capture in their text. Those that do not conform will be removed without notice. Additional information to illustrate your techniques and equipment used, to assist other members, is encouraged and appreciated. 5) Tell the viewers the name or catalog number of the object(s) of interest in each image. I love the night sky and showing it to others, but my days of discussing what I see here are fading as fast as the non light polluted skies of the world. But wait here is night vision so why bother saving the dark skies as we can see through it albeit in a non natural way so throw away all that went before and embrace it like the concrete sprawl that is creating it. I do think AJG was right in one thing and we will have to wait to see if this is the way to go.
  13. Professor Kenny Did you try to link the AP stuff to the big screen behind with what it says on there?
  14. Booked for the above dates on leaving the spring bash. Probably alter my arrival a bit as the new moon is the 28th oct and really want to catch that.
  15. Apologies I missed Steve and Kat will catch up in Autumn
  16. Arrived home 20mins ago after an uneventful 4 hour drive. The weather steadily got worse the further down the country I got and it's grey and coming down in buckets here. Forecast looks good for Thursday up there but decided to cut my stay short as the forecast for all the other days looked terrible. Last nights winds really tested the tent pegs and poles. Julian wasn't as lucky. Hope he got home o.k. Hope everyone's got home safe and I booked for the 10th anniversary bash in the autumn as I left
  17. Arrived yesterday in dull but dry conditions. Uplooker helped me set up the tent but the scope remained in the car. The weather didn't improve so we resorted to sampling a few swallies to pass the hours. Up and about early to a damp but bright morning with a few clear spells. The forecast later shows a few clear hours after 6pm. Fingers crossed. Breakfast time
  18. Tuesday and wednesday night are looking good via metcheck
  19. I'm going to try to get it booked tomorrow or Monday. Looking at the 1st through to the 8th with the new moon being the 6th. I'll post when I'm booked and same as Ian be good to catch up with everyone and do some star gazing this year!!!
  20. Brilliant read and a fantastic remote location by the sounds of it. Crystal ball neb. Must try that one
  21. Enjoyable report Neil. Nebula can be elusive targets but as Jerry says once you get your eye in they can be very rewarding targets. Galloway for some of us at the end of this month. Fingers crossed the skies will be kind.
  22. Seems that way. Galloway at the end of this month although I've not even booked it yet!
  23. Excellent Vic. I screwed up as I'd arranged to go out for a meal but should've gone out with the scope and done the meal tonight! Hey ho another missed opportunity.
  24. Nice one Vic of the dlb. I've thought about getting out but my shifts are not conducive to astro at present. Nearly on the verge of calling it a day for this winter as I've not been out for 3 months!!!
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