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  1. Nice report Gerry and good to see the 24 is living up to expectations. A nice smooth mirror under those skies must be a joy to use and as you say M51 has masses of detail in larger aperture when the transparency is there. Jupiter seems like a football in the eye piece instead of a golf ball! So bright.
  2. Wow Proper beauty Gerry and looks great. When will first light be? Look forward to reading how it compares with the 15" and how nice that mirror is? We're all waiting for the nights to draw in to get back to the deep sky stuff. Exciting times ahead
  3. Great read and a nice haul of fuzzies. Visited most of them several times and some great memories of being in that part of the sky, probably due to it being warmer viewing conditions.
  4. Nice purchase. As above it's a whole different view with the larger aperture. Globs are spectacular and hunting down those elusive faint fuzzies is great fun.
  5. Brilliant read Nick especially adapting the garden foliage to get southern views. Jupiter is low but really bright. Could do with a view of it but doubt I'll manage it with work getting in the way. A read is a poor substitute for actually getting out but a pleasure to sift through your views and remind me what I'm missing. Cheers
  6. Nice one Nick. It's that time of year
  7. Fantastic news Gerry and looking forward to first light. Have dob will travel. It would be nice to just step out of the house and view but travelling brings with it a sense of adventure, new friends, new places and lots of laughs. Eagerly awaiting the pics and reports under those seriously dark skies you have.
  8. Nice one Peter a lovely bit of workmanship. Saw it on youtube (I'm subscribed) before catching it on here. Keep up the quality work.
  9. Wish I could get out as often. Clear sky tonight over my way but as usual I'm looking at it whilst heading to work!!! Doubles in a sea of galaxies. At least you got a few of the faint fuzzies to note.
  10. Hi Neil The Medusa is quite a challenge at first and I'll have to look at my notes but can remember it's bigger than what you think it will be. Way dimmer than the rosette thinking back. Not sure which filter I was using though.
  11. Nick I was discussing a brief session on another thread and mentioned tge amount of moisture in our atmosphere at present. It affected the views really badly. The whale for instance, where it normally looks like a sparkling river running through it's centre was dull and mushy. The Leo triplet was far from pin sharp as it normally is. I could still pick the whale out in the finder but compared to other sessions it was difficult. Maybe just where I was but I couldn't see the hockey stick in there. Not many more chances to get out before I wrap the scope up for summer but I hope for some calmer drier weather to move in again.
  12. Nice one Neil NGC2371 I struggled with many years ago when I first got into the hobby with the 8" scope. Once I'd perfected star hopping it seemed a doddle. The Medusa Neb in Gemini is quite a challenge and a lot larger than you'd expect. Last night the clouds beat my rusty star hopping and I didn't quite land the eyepiece on the Eskimo but I was trying from memory. Next time I'll have it
  13. Apologies to Scarp as it wasn't my intention to hijack the thread into a LP discussion. Just to be clear it was the moisture giving mushy views. Back to Hercules and it's delights
  14. Seems to have been a lot of Moisture in the atmosphere for the last couple of years Stu. I've discussed with quite a few other visual guys and they all seem to tell the same story. The combination of this and LED lighting seems to just bounce LP around more. Having not been to the viewing spot I used for a good 6 months the light dome above middlesborough 40miles north has a distinct white hue to it whereas it was definitely sodium orange the last time I was there.
  15. Must be really bad as m13 stands out quite prominent in a 9x50 finder. I was out last night for a very brief session before the clouds put paid to it. Managed an hour. Both myself and mate Soupy agreed that the amount of moisture in the atmosphere made focus on targets difficult. Like looking through static on an old fashioned crt tv. Not a nice view or mushy as we put it. Still M13 and M92 impressed the propeller beimg a lot harder to discern. Shame the clouds yet again ruined the session.
  16. Seen the Prop every time the 13E lands on M13. Has a 3D effect to it and ngc6207 is great to get in the same field. A revisit is on the cards.
  17. In amongst the Virgo supercluster. Terrific report and reminds me of being in there. M51 is probably up there in my top ten. Best view frim Galloway in feb on a freezing sunday night. Well done on the run too and the dob dash. Miles and smiles all worth it ?
  18. Nice to get out Nick. Those hedgehogs can be noisey little critters especially munching on doritos in your tent in the middle of the night!!!! I will try to get down in this area when I finally get the scope out.
  19. Nice report John and I've had some good views through quite a few 12" dobs. Whale and hockey stick in the 50mm finder at Elan. We all saw them and were blown away by just how well they stood out. It's a good gauge of the quality of the skies. I'd really struggle with hickson 44 though and would have to use the big gun for those.
  20. Lovely report and a pleasure to read. Glad to see the family out there getting involved. A typo NGC3628 for the Leo triplet. Keep the reports coming as they're great to delve into especially bringing new targets to the fore.
  21. Nice read and such great targets in an hours viewing. The antennae and siamese twins are nice catches. I like the 17E as it gives great views and a nice step up from the low power views of the 21E. Must get out myself and will have a try this weekend if the brief spell of calm clear nights continues.
  22. Dai I'm thinking of going up before the event on the run up to the new moon so may be there the same time. Probably 24th on? Tbc
  23. Our club thread has been open nearly a year now.
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