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  1. I created a holder from carbon fibre below. It's not a work of art but took me 3 attempts to get it to work right. The next one will be much better made after the experience. In the background is the aluminium top with spherical bearing that the holder pivots on for collimation.
  2. Hi michele I think It's here somewhere but about 4 or 5 years ago? I'll try to dig up a link but know a lot of the pics seem to have disappeared when they upgraded the forum. It was just a thought and in no way saying it won't work as I'd been through it with trial and error myself rather than calculation and error analysis. I cant quite remember but my secondary weighed nearly 1kg? A secondary of your size must be in the region of 2kg+? Its a primary in itself hung up there.
  3. 9 years ago? I've never heard of a displeased customer myself. John gave up his time, hospitality and experience to help me finish my 22" F3.4. Not sure how many other mirror makers would do that. Easy I guess to post (2 posts!!!!) on a forum and Question an individual's reputation. You could always question the reputation of Zambuto, Lockwood and Bartels if you're thinking about their optics too? I'm sure there are various French mirror makers to consider as well as GSO. There are plenty of comments to read in this thread so I'm sure you will draw your own opinion and order accordingly.
  4. Nice work Michele I wouldn't have gone any thinner with the vanes as the weight of the 170mm minor axis secondary will create quite a rotational moment skewing the optical axis when the scope is nearer horizontal if you are not careful. My scope has a 130mm minor axis secondary which is 16mm thick on a 600mm dia upper tube assembly. I tried carbon fibre at 1.5mm thick but flex was a problem so settled on Steel 1.6mm vanes which are 120mm deep as they didn't flex I used carbon fibre to make the actual secondary holder which has worked really well. Packed with etha foam behind the secondary.
  5. Yes. Getting a bit better at them. I saw Galloway light house in there for a brief period.
  6. More the Maoam break dance. MAOAM That Whiskey is slippery stuff on the floor and stings when splashed in the eye . Just glad no one was injured.
  7. Better journey back by the sounds of it Calv. Glad you enjoyed it, shame the skies didn't play ball at the end of the week.
  8. Sorry I missed you Adrian but will be back in the spring. Sorry to hear it was a break, Dawn showed me the damage when I said my goodbyes earlier. Hope it heals quickly.
  9. Arrived home just after 7 so made really good time. Another great star camp over for me but hoping those still there get clear skies for tonight. Moon was on the way up as I crossed the Dales during a brief sighting between the clouds. Good laughs and great to meet new and old faces again. Thanks to Mike and Lesley/Ralph for a great anniversary bash. Here's to next spring.
  10. It was a good social event but poor for astronomy. James did a cracking job
  11. Finally an image release from mission control . Stunning image Derek.
  12. A long standing mystery has finally been solved when three members of the PSP quiz winning team attended October's Galloway star party. Calvins missing piece of the chocolate swiss roll from the winning spoils has finally turned up in the dark skies of the Galloway Drumroamin farm campsite. After 6 years the cake theft mystery has been solved and Calvin can have his cake and eat it.
  13. Morning on the campsite is a wet one today with the forecast being spot on. The warm room as Derek said was lively last night and set to be similar tonight with little chance of clear skies forecast. May get chance to ho over my notes today and put an observing report together for the four clear nights we've had
  14. Site has filled up quite a bit this afternoon so hopefully the skies will give some views. Cloudy at present but galloway always surprises so things could change.
  15. Ha ha yes the nemesis of the last four nights.
  16. 10 to 25 secs between shots, 15sec exp, ISO6400
  17. Weather today is bright and breezy and the campsite is dry Best night of the three so far as the skies were more transparent. Plenty of meteors but never caught one on both the time lapses I've done Yet to put in a viewing report but probably managed 100+ targets over the 3 nights. Tonight is looking o.k. but the wind has picked up so may be flying the dob later!!
  18. I don't need anything unless they sell sleep
  19. Mike at his happiest watching open heart surgery on his mount (again)
  20. Woke this morning to a heavy frost. I managed 4 hours last night but only noted 20 galaxies. Although clear most of the night the moisture in the atmosphere made viewing a mushy experience at best and most had put the scopes under cover around midnight. Unusual to see a military Lockheed C130 doing low flying maneuvers at around half 8 breaking the morning calm coming from the west and climbing over wigtown. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera to hand. The campsite is a relaxing sight to wake to and a pleasure to be at away from the hustle and bustle. Looking forward to tonight which is set to be better.
  21. Site is a hive of activity as the evening draws in
  22. It was a windy one with some clear spells Calv. Only had a night cap so up at just before 8am bright as a button.
  23. No worries David. Hopefully more to come tonight
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