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  1. Thanks for the update Derek on the site, weather and options. Will see what I'm doing and reply here .
  2. Nice read Gerry. The arps have some excellent and interesting targets. I've viewed 55 quite a few times and I follow the exact same as above. NGC 3735 is quite easy to find and way bigger than all 5 galaxies in the Hickson 55 chain. Probably deeper top to bottom than the full length of the chain! Seeing is really critical to pull out the cores and I've only ever confirmed 4. I enjoy the star hopping but at -30°C I'd definitely want to get there as quickly as possible. It's a wonder your eyepiece cup isn't frozen to your face . I went down to a 4.7Ethos but found the conditions best supported the 8E to pull out the detail. Sadly it's been a year since I viewed it. Work, weather and new moon opportunities have been seriously lacking. Looks like next weeks star party also cancelled although the weather again is going to be dreadful. Just give us some of that -30°C crystal clear sky and I'm there! (Down clothing essential) Hickson 61 (the box) also frames up nice in the eyepiece with 4 totally different galaxies in the view.
  3. Thanks for the update Derek. Hopefully Lesley hasn't had all this we've had over night as it's been horrendous. Looking forward to the camp and catching up with everyone.
  4. Brilliant report Neil enjoyed reading it. When things come together right the results are very memorable. I can count on one hand the number of truly transparent nights I've had. I have picked up the HH without filters several times although pristine skies always make if far better to trace the contrasting lines along it. I've struggled to get out this winter and have missed a few decent nights of late. Heading to Galloway SP next month so all being well the skies will be kind and I'll be able to submit a report worth reading. Keep up the viewing reports they're always good to read.
  5. Under a month now to get everything prepped up campers. Must check on my power tank and get some water repellent for the small tent leak I had in the torrential Thursday night at last years autumn camp.
  6. Ralph took a message and Lesley returned my call quite late. She said the field was wet at present although looking for some better weather next week. I assured her I'd be setting the tent up from the hard standing. Fingers crossed already stocked up on the warming liquid!
  7. I'll get both booked tomorrow all being well.
  8. Agreed. Structure is the easy bit in the scheme of things.
  9. Not a project to be taken lightly. 300+ hours went into mine and I had the help of a very experienced mirror maker
  10. Count me in I Will get it sorted Derek in the coming week.
  11. Hi Derek, Many thanks for taking over the reigns and organising the event. I wish Mike well and his hospitality, generosity and enthusiasm will be sorely missed. I had already booked off and was eagerly awaiting the dates. I'm there so let's just hope the weather is favourable. I'd definitely be in for setting the tent up without driving on the field as it wouldn't be a hardship for me. Cheers
  12. Me too, due to work and other commitments I'm struggling to get out. Looking at the coming forecast we have a week of cloud!! But I'm surprised it's not clear being near full moon. I've not even wrote a report for the Galloway Autumn star party I attended, although the transparency wasn't anything like what I've seen it in the past up there. Eternal cloud and barmy high temperatures for January? Weather is a bit odd at present? Hopefully the end of the month will show some clear skies for the new moon
  13. NGC891 has to be up there as one of the best to view. One of my personal favourites and I think the star hop from almach is burnt into my brain. Had some excellent views over the years, transparency is a must as it really gives up loads of fine detail when the conditions are right. Our skies over here are rarely that good though. The 22" picks up all the faint outer regions, I imagine the 24" and better skies is mind blowing. Nice read Gerry thanks.
  14. Seen it and it's really dim!!!!
  15. Nice session Nick, thanks for posting. Seems an age since my scope pulled in any starlight. Still keep reading the reports even though I've not made any contributions for this winter. Hopefully betelgeuse will brighten again but as yet I've not seen it due to clouds.
  16. Merry Christmas to all the galloway attendees and a happy and healthy new year for all. Here's to the next decade of Galloway gatherings
  17. M42 even from polluted skies normally gives pretty decent views. From dark skies it really does come alive with the nebulosity extendingvout quite a way. If you are in polluted skies sticking to the brighter dso's, planets and moon maybe the way to go. Keep trying as the more times you get out and familiarize yourself with the setup the more you will pick out.
  18. Nice read Gerry. The Eskimo appears more blue green to my eyes with the outer showing slight detail. I don't often use much more mag on it as I'm always flitting by it to look at something else. NGC891 is one of my favourites and on a crisp transparent night it floats and glistens in the inky black . The dust lane really stands out contrasting well against the core stars. Stunning on a good night.
  19. Brilliant as always Nick. Knew with the title it would be down that area of sky. Good weekend missed again due to work!
  20. It was just over 900g being pyrex. I was thinking your secondary would be 20mm thick so will be a lot lighter at 12mm which is a good move if it has enough support.
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