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  1. Aye I've noticed he didn't include that pink/magenta colour this time? He must've run out of that one?
  2. Ahhh the peace and tranquility that is Galloway star camp. Rest and relaxation
  3. Welcome to Wadas Steve I see Eric has replied already and gave you the heads up on the FB group. I use sutton bank more than any other site now and when the season kicks off again in late August I will probably head that way. A nice combination could be a star party. There are various advertised on here but in the current situation we can only hope some will go ahead. People are generally friendly and helpful with some really knowledgeable people in the hobby. I'm visual so cannot really help with imaging but a lot in the society are so please hop over to FB if you don't get a response here and pose any questions you may have. Damian
  4. Hi Eric I've been upto winscar a couple of times in the last 6 months. I had a couple of hours up there but the viewing wasn't good so decided to pack in. When I left I got to the top of the hill and could see quite a thick layer of mist over everything so explained why I had bad views. Last time I got there it was on the evening of total lockdown as I set off just before the announcement to do a dusk timelapse. All the car parks were blocked off with concrete blocks so I did a little with the camera but decided to head home. Sutton bank is where I head now as I have a good spot up there which I've used for years. Been some nice nights lately and with the lack of planes in the sky less intrusion from scattered light it's been nice even though no one can travel. Never been to towton but I'd rather travel that bit further and head for sutton bank. I still have your number Eric so will give you a shout the next time we get the chance to go out (not really sure when all this will be over?) But for me the season is over until August.
  5. Thanks for the info Derek and the phone call the other day. I hope all are fit and well and staying safe. It is only to be expected that this will continue for quite some time and life won't get back to 'normal' anytime soon. The star camp will continue here until such a time as we can view the heavens again in the glorious dark skies of Galloway. Mike o'Brien and Dave both flew drones at the camp a few years ago. They were impressive and it was good to see the camp from a different perspective. I personally didn't mind. Looking forward to catching up with everyone that is booked in but we must take the appropriate action to keep everyone attending safe. If that means cancelling then so be it. Best regards, Damian (Runner up in the pie munching competition)
  6. Just catching up with everyone Eric. Weather has been nice with some good nights of late even though astronomical darkness is short. I've not had the scope out as it's not really good skies whilst confined to home during these virus restricted days. Hope everyone is fit and well and staying safe. Damian
  7. Hi Gerry Just read your query on someones account of m81 and 82 being naked eye? Think someones having a laugh with that one or be looking through 10 year old eyes (even doubt that). I've seen them in a 9x50 quite a few times although even in the darkest skies never naked eye. The needle and whale easy spots in the finder but again I doubt anyone would see them naked eye.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Paul and fingers crossed this pandemic passes quickly with the least problems for everyone. I hope you get it sorted and all the arrangements in place. I doubt I will be there as I'm already booked for the dark skies of Galloway. I book years in advance.
  9. Sounds like a fun star party was had by most. I totally forgot this was on. I remember Storm Gonzales on the last big PSP at shallow grange. Blowing a proper gale and still trying to observe. It was a giggle to say the least. Cotterless is a good guide to the skies and glad the skies allowed him to pass on a few objects of note. NGC2392 and M51 at this time of year are perfectly placed. Good stuff guys bet you're already planning next years.
  10. Cheers Neil and good trail to follow. A few of us have observed with Nick and he's a knowledgeable chap if quite wacky in the best sort of way . Been some nice nights of late but the moon has been taking the glory. Good If you can avoid it for some viewing .
  11. God forbid you've not got any old paint to get off something
  12. Glad you both arrived safely. Shame we missed you but were probably in the Dale's by that time taking in some of the scenery on the way home. Hope it's not as windy as our stay but amazingly we didn't get rained on once.
  13. We managed to get to the top of the peak of benyellary 2350ft but decided this was as far as we'd go. Storm Ellen's winds were in full force on the peak (about 80mph!!!) and it was just too risky to continue. Views were stunning. The snow covered peak of merrick was probably another half a mile away along the ridge line. Just out of grasp this time About 5mins after this shot a hailstorm hit and it was like being shot blasted!! We made our way back down off the tops back on the lee side and the winds quickly subsided. As always stunning scenery and epic weather.
  14. Today's outing didn't quite go to plan. We decided to head for the peak of Merrick the highest in the southern scottish uplands. A few views on the way up. Ran into a couple of the locals
  15. Visited the mull of Galloway lighthouse today, scotlands most southerly point. The storm winds were at full strength whipping up a fair sea swell. Lighthouse is a testament to Victorian engineering Very similar in design to a lot around the shores of scotland.
  16. Hi Derek. Unfortunately it looks like we'll miss each other as we'll be on our way home. It's been good break but well blustery. Here's a couple more photos from last night. It was quite clear for about 3hrs but the wind was around the 50mph mark so had it low on the caravan decking. It's pretty much the same tonight except complete cloud cover.
  17. Just a couple more before the evening meal Will be out after hopefully
  18. Just a couple of Images from the start of tonight. It's officially a star party
  19. Arrived on site at 2pm. It's a bit blustery but the skies are lovely at present. Hmmm where did I put my scope, oh yeah back home in the lounge!!!
  20. Looking at the cloud cover forecast even a picture of the devils light bulb will be a novelty!!! Should be there around 1pm tomorrow all being well.
  21. Cheers for the suggestion Adrian. Fortunately Lesley has just let me know the Caravan will be available from Thursday so sorted
  22. Just got around to updating my plans on here. I contacted Lesley Monday and decided to make it a small break away for myself and Caroline. We will be on site for the friday and saturday night as the static isn't available until the friday morning. We will probably stop in wigtown thursday night as I've heard someone mention a B&B. See those attending soon and be good to catch up.
  23. Will give Lesley a call tomorrow Derren (Derek's irish moniker) about the weekend
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